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Help for Sluggish Dishwasher

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Hi There! Lately my dishwasher will not rinse all of the soap out of the soap dispenser during a wash cycle. It has water, but acts like the spray action isn't strong enough. I feel like the dishes aren't getting clean...any ideas? Thanks. :)



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By Larry (Guest Post)08/15/2008

My dishwasher had gotten to the same point. I was In Wally World one day and noticed that they have a dishwasher cleaner that you place on the silverware rack and run a full load with this in it--alone on hi heat. Once this has cycled thru, it has remove any calcium, lime or any other deposits that may be clogging up your machine. It worked on my machine. Mine is working like it did 10 years ago!

By Viki [15]11/09/2007

Check to see if food particles are clogging the holes.

By Warren D. Lockaby [2]09/28/2004

My ex-wife was a sluggish dishwasher. There was no help for her.

(Sorry folks, I just couldn't resist that one).

By Carol Smith [5]09/07/2004

I have to spin my dishwasher arm counterclock wise to free it's movement. If I don't do this every few days, my dishes are not clean, and just like yours the arm doesn't spin fast enough. Worth a try.........Mine is many years old.

By (Guest Post)08/08/2004

I have heard to try running Lemon Kool aid in your dishwasher to clean the pipes. tk##

By Rosalie (Guest Post)08/05/2004

First things first.

Have you checked the water shut-off valve to the dishwasher? Is it open all the way?

Do you have hard water? You may need to clean the connection into the dishwasher. Sometimes they have little screens. That could be clogged too.

Are you in a semi-rual area running city water? If there is a lot of construction, the water pressure may have dropped. Not sure what you can do about that.

Just some things to think about.

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