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Looking For Free Junk Website

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Sometime in the past few months I came in contact with a website with state and county breakdowns of 'free junk from my house to you' .People go there and state what they want to get rid of. You can have it if you come and pick it up. Do you have any idea of the web address I'm speaking of ? I lost the address. Thanx for any help.

Shirley C.



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By David N.02/12/2014

By cmanning06/03/2013

By Andolopolus [4]02/20/2012

I was searching for the free junk sites when I happened upon the Junkforyou site and the only choice for States were NJ and NY. That wasn't going to help me in Florida. Looking further; I found This is a site that will give you sign-up credits to get started bidding with. If you win the auction sometimes you have to pay shipping and sometimes it is free. You are not obligated to buy anything and you can use Paypal.

By enlyt02/19/2012

Another site that is very simple to use, where people are giving things away is:

You can search by state if you're looking for something in particular or post items that you want to get rid of yourself.

By Hudson V. (Guest Post)01/14/2009

Check out I think its better than all the rest.

By Tony (Guest Post)10/15/2008

Also check this free classified site for junks

By craigslist guru (Guest Post)08/16/2008

Actually for being such a craigslist nut I am starting to really love No spam and much easier to view all listings.

By bigboy (Guest Post)07/28/2008

My fav is

By Heather (Guest Post)07/20/2008

You should try the Freecycle Network. Google it, and then you can check the for your state. After you pick your state, pick the city that you live in. You have to apply for acceptance to get in, but its not hard. Make sure you read the rules and regs. They aren't too hard to follow and pay attention to how you give stuff away and accept stuff. I am hooked. I love it and am a part of 4 different city freecycle groups. If you have questions or problems email me: SlimnTrouble(at)gmail(dot)com. Enjoy!

By Don P. (Guest Post)06/14/2008 -- free items all over the country.

By Wanda (Guest Post)12/30/2007

I think you're looking for

By Ariela [33]10/28/2007

Im leary of .. be sure of who u are dealing
before you go. I heard of somthing bad that happened to
a person after dealing with somone on there. Think twice
before you deal with sites like that. Just saying what CNN/FOX reported. Be careful!! BTW-- I just heard this TODAY on TV!

By (Guest Post)03/12/2007

By nonienae (Guest Post)09/14/2006

craigslist is what your looking for I believe

By Katie [13]04/27/2006

Freecycle is great for that, and if you search other Yahoo groups you might find more groups like that in your area.

By TrueBlue (Guest Post)04/27/2006

Theres Also
ive gone on there and found usefull things, and gotten rid of things i dont want any more, you can also put up ads to sell things of value, cars and such

By Michael Carter [2]11/11/2004

Wow! I'm glad I subscribe to the newsletters! I just signed up now to start my own local group (since they didn't have one in my area)! BTW, it's, not .com ;)

By Doggy (Guest Post)11/09/2004 is a truly wonderful site. I've given away a myriad of clutter, and have gotten bricks for my garden, lovely clothes, houseplants, and made two wonderful local friends in the bargain : )

By Judy Edgington (Guest Post)11/09/2004

Probably what you're looking for is

By Linda L. [33]11/09/2004

You must be looking for There are local groups here and its a yahoo group. I give and get stuff all the time.

By sarah_bellum (Guest Post)11/09/2004

If you join, you have to give away an item before you can ask for one, but it says that on the website.

I love it!!! Its been a great way to get rid of stuff!!!

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