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Removing Gasoline Smell on Skin

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Pouring Gasoline from Gas Can

Gas can get spilled on your hands when filling your auto or power equipment. It has a very strong odor. This guide is about removing gasoline smell on skin.



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Question: Gasoline Smell on Skin

How can I get gasoline smell off of skin?

Janis from N.E. Pennsylvania


Most Recent Answer

By Dru06/13/2008

Yeah, or just poor hydrochloric acid on your skin to take the gas away! (DO NOT DO, I am being sarcastic).
Vinegar and lemon juice on a burn will mess you up even more and cause more pain. The solution is lots of luke warm to cool water on the skin in the shower and some of that "orange goo" you find in auto shops to take grease off the body, or just regular soap.
Remember, lots of cool water & treat it as you would any other burn.

Question: Gasoline Odors on Hands

Can someone please tell me how to rid your hands and skin of gasoline odors?


Solutions: Removing Gasoline Smell on Skin

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