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Craft Uses For Empty Wine Bottles

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I would like ideas for uses for wine bottles. Has anyone tried to cut them with a welding torch? Thank you.

By Sheilah


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By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]12/07/2009

I had a friend in Tucson that turned her's upside down and E6000 glued them to a table top and made a gorgeous end table out of them. She used that deep blue like the Crystole bottles are made of. It was gorgeous!

By Herman Jeroue [1]12/07/2009

I just threw away over 70 wine bottles that had been accumulating in my garage. Wish I had seen this post first.
Go to Michaels or other craft stores, they carry a cutting tool for bottles. It's a lots safer then using a propane torch to try to cut the bottle. Using a torch will make the glass HOT and, if there is any alcohol in the bottle it could cause a The safest way is get the glass cutter tool.

By Pam [1]11/29/2009

Someone made a wine bottle light for my mom. It's basicaly just a short string of christmas lights inside the wine bottle. The did drill a hole at the bottom for the electric cord.

By Carol Rodriguez [35]11/29/2009

I don't know about cutting wine bottles with a torch, but I have learned about Donna Dewberry, and her paints that are used for glass, etc. I love Donna Dewberry, and she is very decorative. Glass can be painted with a certain type of paint, and cured in the oven.

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