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Yellow Bleach Stain on White Counter


I have a white laminate counter top in my kitchen. I used bleach and water to clean it and something happened. The spots on the counter turned brow. I can't get them out. Does anyone have any ideas?

By Joan from Morristown, NJ


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By freshgreengrace 9 02/05/2010 Flag

Try: a few drops of glycerin on a cloth. wipe over the area. Leave for 20 minutes. Clean off with white vinegar.
(or white vinegar and bi carb. rub while it's fizzing)

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By Laurie 2 5 02/05/2010 Flag

Try a mixture of baking soda and water until it forms a paste and scrub with old toothbrush. Good Luck

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Archive: Yellow Bleach Stain on White Counter

I was trying to remove a stain from my white bathroom counter and used bleach. The stain is gone, but I have a big yellow stain on my counter from the bleach. Is there anyone that can tell me how to remove bleach stains from a bathroom counter?



RE: Yellow Bleach Stain on White Counter

Try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I have been having great success with them. I just took gray stains off my countertops that I thought were there for life. Cheapest place to find them is at Wal-Mart, in packs of two, but Sam's club offers a pack of 8, that figures cheaper than a two pack if you think you'll use them a lot, like I did. (08/24/2004)

By Lisa

RE: Yellow Bleach Stain on White Counter

I just tried the Magic Eraser on a yellow bleach stain. It works pretty well, considering. Couple days ago I had my blue wet shirt on the bath tub and left it there overnight, tada, instant dye runoff on it. Freaking out, I put some bleach on the tub, which washes off the blue stain, but left yellow bleach stain instead. Until I read this post it never occurred to me that the Magic Eraser can do it. There is still a little stain, but it's way less noticeable than before. Thanks for the tip. (08/25/2004)

RE: Yellow Bleach Stain on White Counter

Try hydrogen peroxide oral rinse. I had yellowish brownish stains on my bathtub from cleaning with bleach. Used a little hydrogen peroxide on a wash cloth and it disappeared immediately. No scrubbing, just one wipe and it was gone.

This was after I tried every other product and even more bleach, nothing else worked. I tried the hydrogen peroxide by chance. It was sitting on my bathroom vanity and it thought why not try it. I already had tried everything else. It was a miracle. (07/31/2009)

By ingraffia

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