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Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

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What kind of tool and template is used to make holes in fleece material so that a crocheted edge can be made?

By Mary from Eagleville, PA


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By Joyce02/02/2011

Go to and take a look at their blades. They work great and can be used with a 45mm rotary cutting tool. This sure does save a lot of time. No more punching holes and this blade makes evenly spaced holes for crocheting edges.

By Bridgemont01/10/2011

Take a look at

These are templates to aid making the holes evenly and you can punch through 4 layers at a time so that it is quick.

By Janene Amador01/07/2011

Go to and order a skip stitch rotary blade that works wonders on punching the holes. I have tried all different methods and this works the best. I have all the ladies at my work using the skip stitch blade also.

By InStiches01/02/2011

My mother used to use a sharp metal needle.
If you want a more uniform look try threading a yarn needle with your your yarn then blanket stitching at regular intervals all the way round. 1/4 inch is good for most crochet with yarn.

By Joan Dykes [14]12/27/2010

I haven't tried this yet. You know spiral ring school writing notebooks, when you rip off a sheet of paper, use the strip with holes as a measuring device spacer, mark holes-use metal crochet hook, the holes will be evenly spaced. Hey, free. joanie

By cettina [74]12/23/2010

I've always used those large bbq forks. Just insert the fork in the last hole you make and carry on all the way round. They are evenly spaced and a perfect size.

By Joan [13]12/20/2010

I have a sister that crochets handles or whatever they are called on terry dish towels that you hang them on a cabinet handle with, and she doesn't use anything other than the hook she is using for the crocheting.

By mcw [79]12/20/2010

If I were to crochet an edge on a baby blanket as shown in the photo I wouldn't bother with a special tool or template. I would use a small crochet hook to poke the holes, plus crochet the edging as I was going around the edge.


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Archive: Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

What is a good way to crochet an edge around a fleece baby blanket?


Archive: Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket


Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket
*** This picture is on the ThriftyFun website. I'd like to know the pattern and stitches used to make the border of the blanket. Thanks.

By Jeanne from NY

RE: Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

Go to the youtube website. Click on videos and type in crochet edges around a fleece blanket. (12/15/2009)


Archive: Crochet Edge Around a Fleece Blanket

I would like a pattern to crochet around a fleece blanket.

By Jean from Volga, IA

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