Dog Scratching But I Don't See Any Fleas

My dog is acting like he has fleas, but I do not see any. He has white tan fur, and I should be able to see them (I would think). He keeps acting weird and looking at his tail and behind, and stands up and then sits down fast to see what is on him. He has a major fear of bugs. He is now hiding under my computer desk and shakes. I changed his food over 2 weeks ago to Moist N Meaty, because he is so picky. He is acting weirder then normal lately. Any ideas? Could it be the food? He itched before, that is not new. But the hiding and acting like things are crawling on him is so sad.

Lisa from Westland

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He could be allergic to something in the food or he could have skin allergies. I had a cocker spanial that had bad allergies. You probably should take him to the vet and have him checked out. They can give him medicine for the itching and spray too. That way you will know what is wrong with him. Good luck to you both and I hope he feels better.

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Maybe he has an allergy to something. You could always go the safe route and apply Frontline just in case it is something like fleas or ticks. But if he's acting extra batty, you may need to take him to the vet. If it's his hind end that's giving him fits, it might be worms, too. That's easy enough to fix. Good luck!

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Dear Beth, It may be that your dog is suffering from a severe INTERNAL itch and that is why he is doing the "sit down, get back up again" thing. You might want to check his stool as it is possible he could have a slight case of worms or maybe a mild infection just inside his rectum. Check to see if his rear end is red and watch for any signs of discomfort when he's doing his thing outside. Hope this helps.

Good luck,


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Dear Molly, I would get an appointment with your vet as soon as possible because allergies can turn into a Staph infection pretty quickly. My vet could find irritation when I couldn't. He sounds like he is really mserable, The best to you. I know the vet bills are expensive but sometimes our four legged friends have to come first. I rescued two cats in January and one has a severe allerfgy either to her food or the cat litter--I am afraid to change either now. The brand Innova has food for both cats and dogs that has no grain. It is called "Evo" and that is what I use. I found it at Petco

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Your dog could be suffering from fox mite. Befoe you exclaim ;But there are no foxes around here!" It's just the name, you- or dog.. don't necessarily get it from foxes. My daughters cattle dog had a similar itching problem, and when she said Fox Mite, I went 'What??"

Get your vet to check your pet, fox mite is able to be cured.


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My Baby, beagle dog, Buster, was acting very much like yours. A trip to vet revealed it was his anal glands, which needed expressed. Now I know when he's running, playing, etc., and suddenly stops as if something is biting him back there, or if he tries to lick in that area, it time to have them expressed again. This will come more often as they grow older.

It's not painful, but instand relief.

I strongly suggest you check this out.

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My Baby, beagle dog, Buster had similar symptoms a while back. A trip to the vet revealed it was his anal glands, which needed to be expressed.

Now, I know when he suddenly stops as if something is biting him, or when he licks more in that area, it's time again. As they grow older it's more frequent.

i'LL LET YOUR VET EXPLAIN ANAL GLANDS TO YOU, but I'm sure this is your baby's problem, from my own experience.

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It could be skin mites, but most likely its either worms or his anal glands need cleaned.If you care about this animal you will get him to the vet ASAP. Good luck

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Your dog needs to go to the vet, even if it is just fleas you need meds from your vet to really get rid of them safely.

But if you want to know how to look for fleas, look for "flea dirt". Flea dirt will look like black flecks in your dog's fur. If you are unsure, smear some of the stuff on a wet paper towel. If it is flea dirt, it will turn a dark red. Flea dirt, is flea poop, so what you are seeing is digested blood.

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Thank you for the advise. He is not licking or acting like it is his behind. It is the area above his tail in the middle of his back. I have look for flea dirt and nothing. He is just an itchy dog. I think from what the vet said it is just a habit he has formed and I would like to get rid of it. He scratches so often, and when he does his ears they become red and sometimes bleed. I don't have the money to take him to the doggie allergist, that would be about 800.00 just to see him and more $$$ to treat.

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Also, forgot to mention, I can not use frontline or Revolution on the dog. It makes him scratch more. It dries out his skin horrible.

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My dog will not stop scratching. I have had him to the vet and the vet checked for fleas and he doesn't have them. I look where he scratches and there is nothing there but sometimes I see a little dark area on his skin. The vet has him on an antibotic. He has been on this for about 1and half. I have noticed that it is not working very well aymore.

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My terrier, Ruby, has a food allergy to artificial colors. For example, dog treats that are colored "red" to be "meat" type treats. Any dog food that has red dye in it causes her to itch terribly. I only feed her Lamb and Rice formula food (the cheapest stuff from Walmart works just fine) and treats are homemade, so I know exactly what is going into them. Unfortunately, she is so cute that other people like to feed her treats, and not knowing of her allergies, feed her goodies that will affect her itching problem. It was so bad the last time, that I had to take her to the vet, and she was put on Prednisone (not sure of the spelling) and it made her eat ravenously (she even ate birdseed under the bird feeders!) and she gained weight terribly. No matter what questions you may have, call your vet and ask them; your pet is too precious to take a chance with their health.

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He really needs to be seen by a vet - maybe they can give you a payment plan. That he's scared and shaky would scare me - he doesn't have to have fleas to be itchy - he could have allergies. I wouldn't put anything on him without a professionals advice. It really could also be his food.

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I think he might have allergies but if he shakes have the vet just do an exam. At least he can diagnose the problem. My dog (cocker spaniel) has a habit of standing up and staring at her backend too, then sitting down. I had her checked for worms (none). It turns out she is prone to urinary issues which come and go and dry skin.

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Sometimes you can't see the fleas but they are there use a flea comb to check for sure you will be surprised. My dog suffered from non stop itching, licking,scratching, chewing , infections and she smelled terrible, & losing her hair for the past 7 yrs. She also had ear problems. I lived at the vet he said it was air born allergies,and flea dematitis, he was giving her cortizone shots and I had to bath her 2 times a week with special medicine at $18.00 a bottle and it never worked. I looked it on the internet and it said it could be food allergies. I asked my vet he said it could be only 15% chance that this is what was causing it.(They never told me that this is what could be wrong with my dog).He told me he didnt think that was the problem after I questioned him about it. I put her on this new diet that contains NO Beef or Beef By-products,Soy,Corn,Wheat or Glutens.

You have to read the ingredients very carefully on the dog and cat food. You can get the food from the Vet or Pet Stores,Wal-Mart, which is a little cheaper, Its expensive but well worth it. Theres not to much of a choice but I found some that she likes. Its been over 3 weeks now her hair is growing back and no more scratching,etc. she also lost 3 lbs which is good she was a little over weight. My dog is now looking great. I also gave her a bath with liquid Dial Anti Bacterial soap this healed up the sores immediately. Another important thing not to do is give them table food because these ingredients could also be in there.Dog treats as well. READ the ingredients first before you feed it to them. As for the fleas I had a major problem I no longer use the flea control med it wasn't working tried them all, I have 3 dogs and 5 cats, I vacuum everyday empty it into a bag tie a not in it and put in outside in the garbage.

I gave the dogs flea baths at first, then sprayed my couch, and carpeting with Adams flea spray it lasts a long time(months) and I combed them all with a flea comb every day at first and keep my grass cut short, it took about 2 weeks to get rid of them but I am now flea free, besides I am also saving a lot of money and no more aggravation.

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Believe it or not for some reason dogs with lighter hair get skin disorders easier than others. One flea bite could cause his entire body to react, changing his food often is a real no no. How often do you bath him and if you do use baby shampoo instead of the non working flea shampoos that have all the chemicals, put some olive oil and an egg in his food every now and then. But the first thing I would do is really check for the fleas, like I said it can take only one to cause his poor misery. Imagine if that was you and you couldn't do anything about it.

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