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Many Uses For Dental Floss Containers


When your dental floss is gone, don't throw away the square plastic container it came in. It's useful for many things. It makes a great take-along sewing kit, spice shaker, tea bag and toothpick holder, etc.

To make a tiny sewing kit simply pop off the insides with a fork prong. There's just enough room for several bobbins of thread, sewing needles and a needle threader. To cut the thread, use fingernail clippers. They also make a perfect holder for those hand and face wipes. For on the go, dental floss containers hold 2 - 3 bags of tea. Next time you go camping, they make great take-long spice shakers. Simply pop off the plastic insides, fill with herbs and spices then pop the insides back on to help with shaking. (don't overfill or they can pop open. When storing spices, wrap with a rubberband) These containers are perfect to store hair clips and pony elastics in. (No more digging to the bottom of your purse!) They make great toothpick carriers too, as well as a place to store your vitamins for taking after meals. My friend uses one to keep his guitar picks in.

Can you think of any other ideas for these handy containers?




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There was a recent article in Family Fun magazine that you can make purses for Barbie dolls out of them.

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Yes, that is exactly what I was going to say. They were the cutest little purses, fixed up in different styles. Great craft for kids.

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