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Condensation Inside Refrigerator


Right now we have really bad heat and our refrigerator has everything wet on the bottom shelf. I put paper towels in there before and yesterday everything was soaked. So I put all new towels in and everything is soaked again this morning. Is there something that needs to be done with the temperatures for the refrigerator and freezer knobs? They both go from 0-4. Thanks for your help.

By Vicky from Canadensis, PA


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By mcw 80 1,753 07/16/2010

GE Refrigerator Condensation Problems ... rigerator-condensation-problems.html
Or try this website:

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By cettina 78 392 07/20/2010

Had the exact same problem a few years ago. The guy who came to fix it said that I was putting in too much heavy stuff in the door of the fridge which made the fridge door "drop" a little out of alignment and wasn't sealing well. He just tightened the door and told me to keep heavy things in the fridge and not on the door shelves. Never had a problem since.The cost was only for his call out which wasn't much. Hope this helps.

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By Grandma J 54 1,041 07/20/2010

You need to balance the freezer section too and not pack it too full. Air needs to circulate. Wipe the fridge out with vinegar and baking soda water. Do weekly. You can grow fungus easily if you don't. Make sure to wipe the seals clean too.
Make sure you vaccum the condenser area and keep a space a ways from the wall for air. A hard working fridge is a short lived fridge.

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Archive: Condensation Inside Refrigerator

Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my refrigerator? It keeps getting a lot of water on the shelves. It isn't very new and I was wondering if I need to get a new one? I put paper towels on the bottom shelf and another shelf last week and in no time the towels and shelves were completely soaked with water. Thanks for your help.

By crochet1-half from PA


RE: Condensation Inside Refrigerator

I had to defrost mine over a 24hr period to make sure it was completely ice free. It worked great for about 7weeks and just started with the condensation again. (08/27/2009)

By hera48

RE: Condensation Inside Refrigerator

We had the same problem with a frig that was barely over ten years old and we just bought a new one as the problem wasn't permanently resolved, re: condensation build up. I've also surfed the net to find out why this happens and couldn't locate an answer. (08/27/2009)

By Lorelei

RE: Condensation Inside Refrigerator

Are these fridges self defrosters? If they are, then it's possible that the defrosting hoses are clogged up.

Look on your fridge's back wall, usually up high, but also can be below the veggie drawers, you will see an opening. Pour some very hot water thru it (a turkey baster helps) and see if the pan underneath the fridge collects the water or if it just bubbles back out of the hole.

It is a good idea to pour a little hot water with a few drops of bleach into it a few times a year to keep it clear. You can look up your fridge online and see where these hoses are and see how often you are supposed to clean them.

Normally the heat from the motor underneath keeps the water evaporated in the pan. If your freezer suddenly freezes up and it is a frost free then it is usually the defrost control timer going out and it's not hard to replace yourself. (08/27/2009)

By wolfbytez

RE: Condensation Inside Refrigerator

Maybe the seal isn't tight. You could probably test it by closing the door on a piece of paper and trying to pull it out. It would only take a few minutes to try this all the way around the door and could save you a lot of trouble. I'm sure it would be a lot cheaper to replace a seal than to lose any food. (09/02/2009)

By Goldie2

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