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Tile Trivets

Trivets or small hot pads made from tiles.

Approximate Time: 5 minutes


  • tiles
  • cork, or rubber pads


Purchase tiles of any shape or size to fit your decor. Purchase packs of cork, or rubber self sticking pads. Put the pads on the bottom of the tile and you have instant trivets/hotpads.

There are so many tiles out there now you can match any decor. This is also usually much cheaper than buying trivets or hotpads.

The first picture is my hotpad made out of a slate tile. This is the underside of the slate tile that has the pads glued on them. The second is the top side.

By Susan from Mulberry, FL



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By Andy06/10/2009

You can also use Faux Cork contact paper for this project. It is self-adhesive and looks like real cork!

Here is the link: ... t-Paper/Faux-Cork-Contact-Paper.html

RE: Craft Project: Tile Trivets

By tracey [16]05/06/2008

great idea!

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