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About a week ago we came across a free sectional sofa! After shampooing the couch and soaking the cushions with Oxt Clean it's almost like new. However, I have had the cushions out on the porch drying for about 3 days now and the "core" of the cushions are still wet. Any suggestions on how to get them to dry faster? I'm afraid that they will get mildew inside them. Can they be put in the dryer?

Any suggestions would be great!




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By (Guest Post) 05/05/2005

If the porch is not heated, the cushions should be dried inside the house. There could be humidity in the porch which slows drying.

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By ronsan (Guest Post) 05/06/2005

Use a hair dryer.

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By Joyce (Guest Post) 05/06/2005

If it is nice weather outside & sunny i would put them out there for the day bring in at night & put back out there the next day until they are dry.Works for me.

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By Allison (Guest Post) 05/06/2005

We had the same problem once. I bought an electric knife and sliced the cushions open but not quite all the way, kind of like a hot dog bun. Then I propped the cushions open over the a/c vents in the house for a few more days and they finally dried out. Cutting them open this way did not affect being able to sit on them.

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By it's.only.me 169 254 05/07/2005

Depending on the weather conditions, lay a thin towel or something like that on your car hood to protect it, and gently place the cushions. Make sure the car is in a sunny location. Turn them occasionally. Check with the owner of the car first, since some people don't like anything placed on their car. The hood of the car gets really hot in the sun, and anything placed on it will dry fast.

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By Lisa 2 08/28/2006

I am having the same problem and nothing is working any other suggestions??

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By Dia. (Guest Post) 01/31/2008

I put mine in the dryer on LOW head & check it every 15-30 minutes to be sure it wasnt melting... ;)
It was a tight sqeeze but it stayed vertical the whole time & air was able pass to both sides.
I was very careflu not to let the cushion contact the back of the dryer.
Then I flipped it every hour-ish so the other side would be closer to the heating element.

The water was forced to the edges from the constant rotation... and then it dried.

Took hours.. but it dried.

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By Rocky 1 06/08/2010

Well likely your cushions are too big for the dryer and the hood of a car will take just as long to dry, and slicing the cushion will affect the quality of the seat. I found poking a few holes in it then inserting a small straw works to help get air in the center.

A normal straw will be to small so I shaped thin cardboard straws then inserted them to allow the wind in them while they are outside. I've dried my cushions without the straws before and it took a 10 days. I've dried them with the straws and it took 4. Hope this helps.

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By Ric S. 1 09/06/2014

I'm more confused than ever

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