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Paint Color Advice for Kitchen With Dusty Rose Counters and White Cabinets


My counters are dusty rose and my cabinets are white. What colour should I paint my walls?

By Debbie from Telkwa, B.C


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By dede smith 19 222 11/08/2010 Flag

Assuming the rose color can go there, go Neapolitan! As in the ice cream. Chocolate brown if the room is big enough, and cream if not. Then accent with the pink, chocolate, and cream colors. You could do seat covers for the chairs in fun fabrics. Cherry accents would not be out of place either! Fun!

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By Kendy 5 130 11/08/2010 Flag

I think dedeswrkshop's idea was right on the money, I couldn't agree with her more!

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By Louise B. 6 2,497 11/10/2010 Flag

I'm not a big fan of Neapolitan ice cream, but that is a novel idea! My thought was grey, as that is a very popular color these days, at least on the decorating shows on TV. Another thought is to find curtains or fabric to make them from with some motif that you like that matches the pink (roses, geometric, stripes, dusty rose apples, whatever you find and like), ant then choose the wall color based on whatever else you have in the curtains. I could be beige, tan, brown, maybe green, dark blue, depends what the fabric is like.

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By Pam Griffis 10 102 11/10/2010 Flag

My sister recently purchased a house with a pink tiled bathroom. The decorator recommended a pink floral on a medium sky blue background wallpaper. The colors looked great together. How about using a a soft blue?

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