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50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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50th Wedding Anniversary Party

A 50th anniversary is a very special event, so you will want to plan a memorable party. This is a guide about 50th wedding anniversary party ideas.



Here are questions related to 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas.

Question: 50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

My parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I'm an only child and my mom's large family is expecting a party. I'm looking for ideas that won't break the bank (since I have no one to share expenses with) and satisfy everyone. Please help!

By Jody from Midwest


Most Recent Answer

By Colleen Stuchal [4]06/21/2010

For a family reunion we did this-one family provided the chicken, one the pasta, one a large meat tray, one buns, etc. Pass around a list and divided into categories, and ask everyone to choose what they want to bring. Or in the invitations put in it please bring a dessert of your choice in a few of them, salads in a few, etc. We had a great response to them all.

Question: Activities for a 50th Anniversary Open House

We're having a fairly low-key 50th wedding anniversary Open House for my parents. About 40 people will be attending. I am looking for fun ideas as people mill around.


By Jen from Los Angeles


Most Recent Answer

By Pam Griffis [4]02/25/2011

How about a party memory book? This could be done ahead of time or as the guest arrive. Have everyone send or bring photos of themselves with the guests of honor (or separate pictures of each couple). Along with the picture(s) have them write a heartwarming or amusing story about the couple and themselves.If you like, some of these could be read aloud by the donor(s).

Question: Beverages for an Anniversary Party

I am planning a 50th anniversary party at a church, in the afternoon. We will be serving appetizers. Should we have punch, or tea, coffee, and lemonade.

By Bobbie from Belleville, IL

Most Recent Answer

By April [185]01/11/2015

I would serve either punch or lemonade, tea and coffee. Also, I would have ice water on hand as well. If you have diabetics in attendance, they will want the tea, coffee or water. Kids and non diabetics will probably prefer the punch or lemonade.

Question: 50th Wedding Anniversary Guest Gift Ideas

We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. We would like to give our 150 guests a gift. We need some ideas.

By Leo C.

Most Recent Answer

By Elgie [4]07/21/2014

For our 40th anniversary we purchased candle tapers and attached a card with ribbon, thanking them for how they had added light to our years. Since this was 15 years ago I can't remember exactly what we said but you can get an idea from this. If I mange to remember the phrases we used I will send it later. Since it was our ruby anniversary we chose that color. We later heard how many used them for their Christmas candles (our anniversary is the end of November). It was easy to have a basket full to hand out.

Question: Planning a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

My cousin and I (the granddaughters) were chosen to help plan the party. It is going to be a surprise. We are 13 years old. What should we do?

By Laurel D.

Most Recent Answer

By Lilac [18]07/18/2013

Help plan or help with? You are both too young to decide much because you probably have not been to many of these parties. First you can find out the couple's favorite colors and food. Then you can see what they might need in the way of presents. All this must be done very secretively. Let the older people decide the part that requires budgeting.

Question: 50th Anniversary Party Invitation Wording

We are having an anniversary party at a buffet. We will not be paying for the meals. We have the room so we can all be together. What is the best way to word this on the invitation?

By Yvonne Shaffer

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My parents are getting ready to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in a few short months. While my siblings and I would like to have a party for them, we're all strapped for cash.