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Why Do Potatoes Turn Black After Cooking?


Why do potatoes turn black after you have peeled them and cooked them?

By Connie from Bristol, TN


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By Bella Swan 30 28 07/31/2010

It is something to do with the starch; it oxidizes when the air touches it. To correct the problem, wash the potatoes with cold water when you peel or slice them to remove the starch.

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By Treana 2 3 08/03/2010

Sometimes it is the pot or container you use. Try using a non-aluminum cooking vessel. Immediately put potatoes in cold water while peeling remainder of potatoes. Cover the potatoes completely with water and rinsing with cold water. Do not use disposable aluminum pans to serve in if making for a crowd.

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By Nan Corpe 7 290 08/03/2010

When you remove the peel, the air turns the potato black. Place them in cold water after peeling. Adding some salt helps also. Other foods also turn black when peeled, such as apples, etc. Lemon juice or salt also prevents discoloration.

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