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Shih Tzu is Chewing Its Paws

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My Shih Tzu is chewing its paws. What could be wrong?

Josh from Henderson, TN



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By (Guest Post)09/07/2008

I have a pug and she licks and chews her paws constantly. We have been giving her benedryl for the last 3 weeks 2xs a day (Vet recommended) plus some neo-sporin or hydrogen peroxide in her paws. She gets really upset when we mess with her paws. She has even bitten me! Never before has that happened. It was not hard but hurt a lot. So I know she is in absolute discomfort. Please help. She is a 9 year old pug.

By Melissa (Guest Post)12/27/2007

Most often paw chewing is a sign of allergies. I would try a food that does not contain corn or wheat first. After that if you find she is still chewing her feet, try some proteins... you could sample a fish and potato or venison and potato food. I know many dogs who suffer from severe allergies, every one of them start with the feet and sometimes have rash or extremely runny eyes. I work in the pet industry, so I see this ALOT! You can also ask your vet about Benadryl doses for your dogs weight. Human Benadryl Allergy (only allergy!) can really help relieve the itching and discomfort.

RE: Shih Tzu is Chewing Its Paws

By (Guest Post)12/27/2007

What you should do it get used to it. This is virtually unstoppable. My dog did the same thing, despite repeated treatments and $$$ to the vet! I really don't think they truly know. They just keep giving you "try this" and taking your money and nothing stops it anyway! My dog did this for years and years and now the new one does it as well. I personally believe it is a habit, like people biting their nails, or twirling their hair, etc. Some do it and some don't and it is hard to break the habit!

By Louise (Guest Post)12/26/2007

Please have your dogs tested for Canine Diabetes.I had a Lab puppy Smart that chewed his paws a lot and my Vet[which is a wonderful Doc] treated him for an Allergy..he finally found that the dog was chewing his toenails more than his feet and took blood ,did his tests and sure enough the dog had Canine diabetes.we gave him shots 3 times a day for 11 years.he would go unconsious and we'd have to feed him Karo syrup until he came to himself again.. it got so bad that we finally had to have him put to hurt so bad it was like letting go of a child,but from the looks in his eyes one morning,he was begging me to help and the only thing I could do was ease his pain..I know Smarty is in Heaven and I know now he isn't hurting but it was hard to see him suffer and even harder to give him up.have your dogs checked right away and make sure they DON'T have's more common than you think.

By Robin (Guest Post)12/26/2007

Chewing paws is usually a sign of an allergy. You should check with your vet.

By khilde [11]12/26/2007

My shih-tzu does the same thing! We have never had her tested for allergies, although the vet did tell us that she has a skin condition and we have to wash her once a week with special shampoo. I sometimes think that my shih-tzu licks/chews her paws out of habit, too. Kind of like humans who chew their fingernails. If your dog is licking other places, then you might ask your vet if there is a skin condition going on. It's nice to know that my dog isn't the only one, though!

By Elaine (Guest Post)12/26/2007

You might have him checked out for allergies. My dog has them and chews on his paws. Allergy meds help but don't do the trick completely. Might be worth checking out for you.

By Me (Guest Post)12/26/2007

It also sounds like an allergy. One of my dogs has warm weather allergies from something outside & she has chewed her paws to the point of me having to put some prescription cream on them to calm them down. She didn't have the paw problem this year so I have no idea what she's allergic to.

By michaela [1]12/26/2007

my dogs ( jack russells ) do it in between groomings I think that their toe nails are to long for them as long as its not hurting its self I wouldn't worry too much about it


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