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Tiny Silver Gray Bugs Under Cat's Water Bowl

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When I picked up my cats' water bowl to clean, some tiny gray bugs crawled out from underneath. I flipped the bowl over to inspect it and found what appeared to be thousands of them.

They don't have wings and they jump like fleas. I was afraid they were fleas at first, but they're much smaller and not the same color as fleas. Their bodies are rice-shaped and they're just gray all over, almost silver. They're so small, I would have easily missed one if it was by itself.

I washed every inch of the the entire bowl, dried the underside thoroughly, and cleaned the floor where I keep the bowl. What are these things and how do I keep them away?

I have a Drinkwell fountain:

By Amy from Brooklyn, NY


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By Tanya [4]10/23/2010

I just read in a different post that wrigleys spearmint gum sticks have been keeping these tiny bugs at bay. Get a package and unwrap each stick of gum and put them underneath your cat's bowl. If it doesn't help, it can't hurt.

By Amy [4]10/21/2010

It turned out to be springtails. Last night I found them crawling around the bowl again so I sprinkled diamataceous earth underneath and around the bowl. I read that I should use Windex or a pesticide with residual but I don't want to use that stuff on my cats' water bowl.


By Marg [16]10/19/2010

Don't think silverfish jump.
Marg from England.

By Grandma J [46]10/18/2010

I was going to suggest silver fish too. Your pets' food could be contaminated, whether from the store, factory, or your home. Always keep pet food in a sealed container (like tupperware). That way if it is contaminated, it is confined and you see it immediately. One thing, when buying treats for your pet, inspect them and the bag. Should never have anything like crumbs in the bag. Yet cute bisquits are gotten, and plenty have bugs.

Change out the kind of food and water containers used. Simply use non porous type, like glass. It could be the oils in the plastic bowls, etc creating issues too. We use glass/china, etc and pop them daily in to the dishwasher for cleaning.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [424]10/18/2010

They might be silverfish. Did they look like this photo? If so, you can find out about them here. ... qi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
Good luck.

RE: Tiny Silver Gray Bugs Under Cat's Water Bowl

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