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Assistance for Low Income Senior With Denture Expenses

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I need help to pay for new dentures. I'm a low income disabled senior. I will appreciate any info.

By Diane from Weatherford, TX


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By marion [6]03/02/2012

Expensive hearing Aids. I need help paying for this and I know there is an organization that will help. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Thank you.

By pam munro [447]03/18/2011

I don't know if this will help but I put my root canal on CareCredit, a special credit card only for medical/dental expenses. Perhaps you will qualify. Or you could present yourself as a "cash patient" & ask your dentist for a discount based on that. Ask if they can just make temporaries, out of plastic, not enamel, they actually can last for a long time, I have a "temporary" flipper that I have had remade twice & they are not supposed to last at all. The dentist can take an impression in the office & not send them off to the lab, perhaps you can make something like that do. I think there are even diy kits available online? Then you can compensate with dental cream & dental wax and treat them with great care, etc. until you can afford a real set? Just some weird suggestions. Also shop around for a dentist, their policies vary considerably & although you are not "supposed" to be able to shop for a better price, in fact, you can if you are persistent.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]09/09/2010

If you're a veteran, you should qualify for help through the local veterans' medical services. You'd need your DD-214 and probably other paperwork like proof of income and expenses.
Failing that, if you don't have a dental college within driving distance, ask around to find a reasonably-priced dentist who would let you make regular monthly payments. If I had to self-pay rather than Medicare covering my dental work, my dentist would do whatever necessary once half the total cost of the work was paid.

By xintexas [28]09/08/2010

I am lucky to have a local dental school. It does take longer to have anything done but you can't fault the price. Check to see if you one one nearby or 50 miles away still would be alright for what you would be saving on the cost of dentures.

By Della09/08/2010

Look up Donated Dental and see if they are in your area. It could take awhile, because you are put on a waiting list. But my name finally came up, and I was blessed with a wonderful dentist, and got a full set of dentures.

By debra whittaker [4]09/08/2010

Try Affordable Dentures, I don't know if they have it in your area or not. I live in Ga. and went to Florida to get mine. Its a one day service from impressions to dentures. There are 3 different prices, Economy-$275, is the most used, I'm sorry I can't remember the other prices, but the more you spend the better the quality, The economy lasts for 2 yrs. The other 2 (custom or premium) lasts 14 yrs. Go to Affordable Hope this helps.

By Melanie Jackson [1]09/04/2010

I wish I knew, my mother is in the same situation, and I'm not in a position to help. :(

By Joan [13]09/04/2010

Where I live the dental school will only do exams and cleaning.

By Cathy09/04/2010

I am also a senior on a fixed income. I went to the free dental clinic but all they would do is pull teeth but they did tell me I could go to the local teaching college to get the teeth made for a lot less.

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