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Puppy With Blood in its Stool

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Photo of a sad puppy laying on the floor.

There are a number of reasons your puppy may have blood in its stool, some more serious than others. This is a guide about a puppy with blood in its stool.



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Question: Puppy With Blood in Stool

Why is my 2 week old puppy pooping blood?

By Bryce


Best Answer

By Cheryl [3]02/17/2014

It could be worms, or more devastatingly, parvo. Take your puppy to a vet immediately!

Question: Puppy With Blood in Stool

I have a 6 week old Pit Bull mix puppy. She was the biggest of the litter and is huge compared to her sister. Since yesterday I have found blood in and around her stool when she goes to the bathroom. She is still energetic and playful. Shes eating and drinking OK. What could be causing this and how can I make her better? She is my daughter's puppy and it will destroy her if she comes home and it's dead. Please help.

By Crystal


Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]12/11/2012

Are you feeding it red meat or dried liver? - as this could be the cause - a vet would be the best option.

Question: Puppy Has Blood in Stool

My 6 week old puppy is pooping blood. He just pooped and a little blood came out with some gel like liquid. I just took him to the vet like 2 days ago for 6 weeks shots and for some reddish spots he has on his skin and the vet said that over all he was in good health. He is on medication because of the red spots he has. Could the medication be causing this?

By Karen S.

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]11/26/2013

Talk to your Veterinarian.

Question: Puppy has Blood in Stool

I had my puppy to the vet yesterday. This visit was for her second round of shots, and he checked her for worms. He said she was clean. Today she has blood in her stool. I was wondering if it could be caused by him checking her for worms?

By S. Hicks

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]10/19/2013

Ask your vet how they checked her for worms. If you are not happy change your vet.

Question: Puppy with Blood in Its Stool

I have a 10 week old Maltipoo puppy. I noticed on Friday (could of been there before that, but that was the 1st time I saw it) that she had blood in her stool. Her stools have been loose, somewhat watery. Not all the way runny diarrhea, but not hard easy to clean up poos either. The blood is not a lot, yet it is still there and scaring me!

I got her 2 weeks ago and she was eating Royal Canine puppy food. The breeder gave me a little baggie of it. I got her some Nutro puppy food and mixed them. She didn't want it (more than once she wasn't going for it.) I took the Nutro back and got Science Diet puppy food.

So at this point I had 3 kinds of food mixed together and have for probably the last week got her on just the Science Diet. She does not seem to care much for it still. I have been also putting a minimal amount (heaping teaspoon maybe) of some wet food in it to get her to eat it. She does like my adult dog's dry food though!

So she does have an appetite, she is definitely "not" lethargic, and she can be megaplayful at times during the day. She is drinking water too.

Oh yeah, also, she had her 1st round of shots almost 2 weeks ago and her 2nd deworming.

I don't have the money for a vet! Please help.

By Lori from CA

Most Recent Answer

By Kelly02/19/2011

I just got a puppy shes 8 1/2 weeks old. I had her since Thursday Feb. 17 2010. The lady was feeding her her own brand of dog food, never gave us any to bring home. She wanted us to pay 18 bucks for a bag that had corn wheat, hay in it all the stuff dogs aren't supposed to have. I brought her home no problems and then yesterday night she started with the diarrhea, wasn't bad and then it got worse. Now it's really running and very very loose. Then I noticed she had blood in her stool and then the throwing up started.

Now, no vets are open here until Tuesday so I tried Pepto Bismol. A small does didn't work. then I tried to bump the dose up a bit, didn't work. Then I tried Imodium that didn't work, and then Gravol childrens for the throwing up. Didn't help. I tried a little bit of cheese that didn't seem to help. Shes not lethargic and is drinking lots anyone know what I can do until Tuesday? I am really worried. Please help. She did have her 1st set of shots and her de-worming Feb. 8th and I got her Feb. 17 can it be from the de-worming or from the long car ride and stress?

I am feeding her blue buffalo Dog food supposed to be all natural with no corn, wheat all the other crap that dogs aren't supposed to have.

RE: Puppy with Blood in Its Stool

Question: Puppy Has Gel-like, Bloody Stool

My 12 week old puppy has stool with a gel-like look and blood in it. Can you tell me what that is and the cause?

Gigi from Oberlin, OH

Most Recent Answer

By (Guest Post)11/10/2008

Sometimes it is because of new food. My puppy eats my older dogs food alot and at first he had bloody stools too (not very nice to clean up either). And the same for the older dog he ate the puppy food. They were fine after a few times. But it may not be that.

RE: Puppy Has Gel-like, Bloody Stool

Question: Dog With a Little Blood in Stool

In August 2012 my Bishapoo had puppies. On 10/30 they got their shots. I have given the pups to 2 of my friends. This morning 1 of them called me and said they took the dog out to walk. The dog had a solid bowel movement and then continued to walk and tried to have another bowel movement and nothing came out. It was still walking and my friend noticed that there were blood drops (a little) coming out of rectum. I said bring the dog to me. Now I am going to watch and see what's going on. What do you suggest if I see some more blood? I have a mobile vet, but would first like to see what's up and if it is something I can do without having to pay the vet. The dog is still very active and has a good appetite and is very playful. We have play days and he comes and plays with his mom and dad once a month. His gums are bright pink.

By Kelly

Most Recent Answer

By wsissell12/18/2013

I've had 4 different dogs that had blood or something that looked like it in their stool. The 1st was a golden retriever that had chewed on a stick when she was outside as a 5 month old pup. They had me feed her only oatmeal & small amounts of pepto 3 times a day.

The 2nd was an adult Shepherd/Rot mix. I had changed his dog food to a brand my vet said was about like feeding him cardboard & made him very sick. He had to have antibiotics, cooked boneless chicken & only oatmeal for 8 days, but was fine. I believe there's a way to order the correct one online through the right site for an intestinal infection & if that's what it is they do not behave the same. You can tell they're sick by how they act & will have tender spots in their stomach when you gently press & feel it for hard spots, but you have to know what to feel for. Your vet might show you.

The third is a 9 month old pug that got into something & it looked like blood, but it wasn't. It wasn't anything dangerous, but it gave her an upset tummy. She had to have small amounts of pepto, oatmeal & her food with each meal.

The 4th is an 11 week old designer teacup pup that spent her 1st night in the bag I carry her in when we go for car rides to stop her accidents. Since that was the first time she was stressed since I've had her (only whining a little because she was still next to me), I'm changing her dog food, & her stool is loose, I'm giving her oatmeal sweetened with sugar. She doesn't act ill & still very playful, but I'll keep a close eye on her to see if she needs to go to her vet. It will likely only be a phone call to him after my exam of her. He'll have me bring in a sample if I can't find anything in her stool, but given my experience & what to do first, I'll wait until later today if she needs to go.

I've trained dogs for just over 7 years. I've learned that knowing the dog, knowing the changes in food, water, or environment is very important! I've kept some of the dogs I've trained & all that I've rescued at my home. If you do change dog food, do it very slowly! The water doesn't have to be changed slowly unless it's from well water to city water, but even different well waters need to be changed at a pace.

If you have a close relationship with your pup, you'll know if the pup is acting sick. The first thing to do has always been to feed them old fashion oatmeal cooked slightly & sweetened with sugar if they won't eat it without. It helps coat their intestines & pass things. Always trust your 1st gut instinct or act if you even question whether they need to go to the vet or not!

As for the negativity you feel has been put on here, the individuals that I read the responses to are their opinions, but it's your dog. You should know it well enough to know when to seek medical care for it. I think you asked a great question! If people ask those questions & get the answers they need, they will help someone else too! If someone doesn't ask the questions for someone educated enough to answer the person asking could lose their best friend (dog) & others don't get the information either. Great question!

Question: Puppy Has Blood in Stool

My 6 month old puppy has had blood in his runny stool after 5-6 times eating some pan fried pork with his dry food (not sure if related).
Because he is as playful and energetic as ever, I'm not worried that he is seriously sick. Also I'm not worried about Parvo as he has been vaccinated for it.
I fried the ground pork after I noticed him throwing up every bit of raw ground pork he eats, but now I notice blood in his stool.
Any ideas what could be the cause of this "bloody diarrhea"?

By Ken

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]01/03/2015

First of all, don't feed any animal raw pork. Raw pork has parasites known as "pork worm" that need to be killed by cooking. This may be the source of your problem. Take the puppy to the vet for a stool sample culture which will no doubt identify your problem.

Solutions: Puppy With Blood in its Stool

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Archive: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

Our 7 week old pup has diarrhea and has blood in her stool. She is our first pup and I think she maybe homesick although she gets a lot of love and affection. Can you please help. For any advice Im grateful!

Thank you,
Eimy from ROI

Editor's Note: If the blood in his stool persists you should take her to a vet as soon as you can.

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

Are you giving her rawhide treats? Some dogs are really sensitive to them and the rough rawhide does damage to their intestines. Rawhide treats are everywhere and they are really cheap, so a lot of people use them. My dog had that problem (lots of blood!) and I stopped with those treats...the blood stopped the next day and never returned. (07/02/2006)

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

I bred hunting dogs for a while and saw this when food was introduced too early. That may not be the case with your dog, but even if it IS, the puppy needs vet attention to help with this! (07/02/2006)

By Kahvella

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

Get your puppy to a vet ASAP! This may be Pravo diesease and you can't do too much to help her other than give her fluids, she needs antibotic shots ASAP! Puppy mills are the most cause of this, yes they look cute in the pet store, but where did they come from? You can't truly rely on what the store tells you, even though they quote "Vet checked". (07/05/2006)

By Streatch

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

Don't try to guess what the root of this problem is -take your darling beast to a vet right away. (07/06/2006)

By Claudia-MD

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

This baby is too young to have left the litter. Never take a pup less than 8-10 weeks from its mother. It also could be parvo, which is often fatal. To the vet, ASAP-and tell them before you are coming that she could have parvo, so they are prepared for isolation/gowns/gloves/etc. as this is highly contagious. (07/06/2006)

By Linda

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

Your puppy could very well have Parvo! Get the puppy to the vet at once! Parvo is deadly! (07/06/2006)

By Robin

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

It could also be just a change in diet, it gives people runny stools too. Just give your dog regular dog food, and don't spoil her with "treats". Some people will even give there dogs chocolate as a treat, which can be very bad for them. Dogs are dogs, give them dog food, not people food, and his tummy should settle down. Call a vet, ask what they think, they may ask to see the dog if he thinks it is more serious. He will be able to ask you all the relevant details we do not have to make a snap judgement. Good luck to you and you pup, and let us know how he goes. Don't feel bad about him being so young away from his mother, you didn't know, and will next time. Mothers milk is the best, but then some human babies never get mothers milk either. You just need to give them the most appropriate replacement. I think there may even be puppy milk out there just for that purpose. I know there is kitten milk that can be bought from the supermarket. (07/06/2006)

By katvn

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

I raised chihuahuas and i never seen this problem in any of my pups but they stayed with mom until 6 weeks. I gave them puppy food alone with moms milk. Also, don't give your dog bones to gnaw on either. They can splitter off and cause trouble in the intestines. Has your puppies had there parvo shots. You can give them to them, you dont have to go to a vet to get them. (07/06/2006)

By jbaby7162000

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

I just want to say that walmarts has kitty milk and puppy milk, it's in the area with the dog stuff. (07/06/2006)

By jbaby7162000

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

Please keep us posted on the condition/progress of this young dog. Again I'd like to remind everyone--No puppy should leave its mom before it's 8 WEEKS old.

Early separation causes health, social, emotional, and temperment problems. The mom has the best food (plus immunity properties) and training skills for the puppy.

Eight weeks is the ideal window of time for a puppy to leave the litter and learn about the tall, pink, hairless beings he will live with the rest of his life.

The period between 8 and 14 weeks is a critical learning window when the dog learns what his new world is like. He is irrevocably short-changed temperment, health, and emotion-wise if removed from his mother and litter mates too soon. (07/07/2006)

By Vicka

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

my puppy Daisy is very affectinate and beautiful, but everytime I take her outside for her daily rutine she poops a little blood towards the end with a jelly form of a clot of some sort towrds the end diaharea is occasional not an everyday thing. the last time I checked her stool it seemed to have worms in it. what should i do? she has an appointment on thursday a 6:00pm oh i hope its nothing wrong. I already had my first puppy die and I can't bare for this one to have the same out come. (08/16/2006)

By Karla Moreira

RE: Puppy With Blood In Its Stool

Hey it's Karla again thanks for the advice my puppy daisy was drastically losing weight and had gotten so scared, I couldn't wait any longer so I took her to the vet as all of you adviced. The vet diagnosed from a stool sample that it was only hook worms that were passed on by her mothers milk. The Vet gave me three pills to give to her and I did as he said, needless to say Daisy is now eight months old happy with her new "kong". She's right on track with her weight now. Still I have a new problem, She's learned to poop on her puppy pad, but doesn't seem to care where she pees. Got any advices? (12/26/2006)

By Karla Moreira

Archive: Puppy with Blood in Its Stool

My puppy is 4 months old and has had all her shots and this morning I took her out and she has blood in her stool.


Archive: Puppy with Blood in Its Stool

My seven week old puppy has not yet had all her shots. Now she has bloody stool why could this be?

By Marceia from Darby, PA

RE: Puppy with Blood in Its Stool

Do not vaccinate. You never vaccinate when not well. It is likely the pup has worms. Food grade diatomaceous earth will do beautifully if that is the problem. Diet, raw. No grocery store canned and bagged poison. Read what is in commercial dog food. Build immune system do not tear it down. (11/23/2010)

By muttmom

RE: Puppy with Blood in Its Stool

You need to have your dog checked by a vet ASAP. (11/23/2010)

By patches

RE: Puppy with Blood in Its Stool

Please get to the Veterinarian ASAP. Blood in the stool is an indication that your puppy can possibly have parvo, which can be deadly. Good luck. (11/24/2010)

By K9cats