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Hair and Well Water

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I moved recently and now have well water. I have brown hair and blonde highlights. After using the well water my hair is such a bad rusty color where the highlights were. Can you please tell me if there is anything I can do to get my hair color back? Thank you much!

Kimmy from Joliet, IL



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By zanzan01104/09/2013

You need to get Ion hard water shampoo. It will take that iron out and leave your blonde there.

RE: Hair and Well Water

By jlc16306/14/2009

It probably has nothing to do with their water, your washing your hair or any effort you used. Unless you live in a very arid place, the atmosphere in Las Vegas is different from where you live. I live in Humidity Central and have severely wavy hair. When I went to Las Vegas, my hair had volume, was absolutely straight and stayed in place without a fight.

By Robin06/14/2009

The only thing you can really do, and I have to do it every time I wash my hair, and it is a bit of a pain but it is 100% reliable. I purchase a few or how ever many gallons of distilled water you want to buy at one time, and use one or two of the gallons when you wash your hair, (depending on your hair length) and put them in the bath tub, or kitchen sink and fill it about 1/4 of the way up the gallon jug/s with HOT water and just let it sit in there.

Make sure you shake up the gallon/s of water every now and then to distribute the water evenly so it wont take so long to get it warm enough to not freeze your head! LOL Also you may want to change the water once or twice with HOT water. Then I just get one of those huge cups that you get from a convenient store to fill up every time you need to get hair wet, & rinse it. etc. It sounds like its more trouble than its worth, but it really only takes about 20 min. or so to make it the right temp. and you wont end up with orange hair. Good Luck!

By Jan [7]01/30/2009

I know what the cause is. Well water has much more iron in it than other water. We had water from a spring for a very long time, then switched to a well. It was different, but not terrible, then drilled a new well with more iron in it and it's horrible. We've tried the water conditioners and water filters and nothing works. My water has even stained my sink and bathtub. I have to use a scouring pad to get it off my tub, sinks and toilet. The best thing I've found is vinegar and baking soda. Just mix it together and put in an old shampoo bottle and put on hair. Also try using a clarifying shampoo along with it.

By bethany (Guest Post)01/22/2009

I'm having the same problem. Help!

By judie (Guest Post)03/29/2008

I went to las vegas and after washing my hair I noticed I had more body and volume to my straight color treated hair. How can I get the results without converting to a water softner tank? Is there products I can rinse with to get the same effect?

By Deb (Guest Post)11/25/2007

I have been working on the same hair problems with some success. You definitely need a water softener --- a Malibu gel treatment before you color your hair -- as clarifying shampoo to use once a week to help keep the build up of minerals down. You can also put a filter on your shower head - they have them at Menard's that screw directly into your shower for around $16 and you change the filter 1x per year. Finally if you are still having hair problems you need to rinse with bottled or distilled water. It is a huge pain!

By Kathie [23]02/25/2007

I live in a city (So. Portland, Maine) and my shower nozzle is red stained now. It was new 2 years ago. I also keep getting a reddish color to my hair about a month after I color it. Does this mean the city has hard water? If so, how would I soften the water? It is a townhouse development and we have no access to the basement. Thanks for any advice on this

By Marge Mayhew [3]02/22/2007

You mentioned using baking powder but then also mentioned baking soda. They are two different products. I figure it was just a slip of your typing fingers...........happens to me too.........but I just wondered which one to use. Thanks!

By (Guest Post)02/22/2007

My hairdresser recommends Malibu2000 products. (One of the stylists at the salon had the same problem. ) She gave me some samples the last time I was at the salon and it really seemed to work well.

By (Guest Post)02/22/2007

Yes, you NEED a water will save you not only money on all the hair treatments, but if you don't...the water will ruin your plumbing, your pipes your toilet tanks, etc. Believe will be WAY worth the money you need to spend. You either spend it now, or lots more in bits and pieces over the ensuring years.

By Judy (Guest Post)02/21/2007

Before washing your hair, mix about two to three tablespoons of baking powder with water to dissolve and pour over your hair, then wash with a purple shampoo for blonde hair, leaving on for three to five minutes, do not rinse the baking soda out before putting the shampoo on your hair. My stylist told me to do this, I am on well water, too, and I do this.

By Lily [11]02/21/2007

We had that. Everyone in this neighborhood has had well water for many many years. The only way to stop it from turning your sinks tub toilet and your hair red is to get a water softener. Meanwhile - since i know it costed us alot...... we only drank bottled water and cooked with it... we used 'The Works' to get the rust off the sinks toilet n tub.... and as for your hair well i hope a beautician can help but if not go to a friend neighbor or family members house to wash your hair. Good luck hun - been there done that and i know its awful. - smells too! lol

By Trica Roekle02/20/2007

You probably should invest in a water softener. I'm assuming you have "hard" water. You could consult your beautician, they should have some tips for you too.

By (Guest Post)02/20/2007

yes, i am a stylist and our salon has a treatment called Malibu. If you go to your salon she should know how to handle the removal of the coloration without damage or redoing anything chemically. our salon charges around ten bucks and a tip if they please.

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