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Tiny Black and Orange/Yellow Spotted Bugs in My Clothes


I have been finding tiny black and yellow/orange spotted bugs in clothes. They are small like a sesame seed, but a little rounder. They appear flat and do not move. I have found 3 in various places. I considered bed bugs, but they do not look like the pictures I have seen and they do not scurry to try to get away. I need help!

By Monica from Atlanta, GA


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By Ben Watson 1 03/09/2011

I'm fairly sure that what you're describing are ticks. Have a look in Google Images for ticks to confirm.


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By Lilian 106 03/11/2011

Could it be bed bugs

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By Debby Tangblade 3 30 03/11/2011

What you describe is definately Carpet Beetles and they can create severe damage to your home. They eat cloth and fiber.

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By The Bug Dr 5 03/16/2011

Carpet beetles are not that small or flat. I'm thinking bed bugs as well. Can you post a pic?

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