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Uses for Non-working Freezers


I have a huge chest freezer that no longer works. I hate to throw it away and was wondering if anyone might have some ideas on putting to use.

Witzend from Challis, ID



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By Emma 2 06/08/2006

Before we go away on holiday, we always put our important documents inside a ziploc bag in the freezer - I've heard that if there is a fire then that is the safest place for them, as the metal is quite solid.
Perhaps you could use the whole thing as a giant fireproof box? Use it to store photos, family quilts, etc

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By Marion (Guest Post) 06/08/2006

You could make a rootcellar out of it. I've seen people utilize old washmachine tubs that way. You layer your root vegetable and also cabbage in it. Although you would have to make sure that you would have some kind of ventilation, maybe a pipe? sticking out of the ground. If you do try this make sure you mark your barried treasure with a post so you can find it in the winter....I lived in Wyoming for many winters and the snow is tremendous...You might also drain all the liquids from the freezer. Good luck.

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By Alma Riffel 17 06/08/2006

You could also use it as a pantry for your canned goods, flour and sugar, etc.

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By Holly (Guest Post) 06/08/2006

Take the door off and use it as a shelving unit.

The biggest danger is the door trapping small children and pets, so if it is no longer on the unit, you have eliminated that problem.
I once had a cat that crept into the fridge while I was taking out the milk. I only found out 'cause I re-opened the fridge a moment later to put the milk jug back in. The cat was happy and cool (it was a hot summer day), but I was very upset at what could have been.

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By Chris Ellyson 2 82 06/08/2006

CAUTION: All fridgies and freezers are potential deathtraps for children who sometimes crawl inside to hide or just out of curiosity. PLEASE remove the door now and leave it off. Use the case for shelves if you wish, but make it safe first.

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By brenda thompson 1 30 06/08/2006

remove the lid first of all and discard it.
then..if you live out in the country with animals and have some place to keep it out of sight or to bury most of it, could be used as a watering tank.

it also could be used in an outside building for storage of items you want to keep from being harmed by animals or the elements, but i would be sure to put a lock on it just to be sure no chilren got inside.

and / or farm worms in it.

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By Cindy Kosloski 3 58 06/09/2006

a friend of my put her cleaning supplies in hers,

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By Judy TwoDogs (Guest Post) 06/09/2006

Why not store all the paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissue that you buy on sale in there?

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By carla bledsoe (Guest Post) 06/09/2006

you didn't say whether you own any land, but i agree with the root cellar idea. you bury all but the lid.
other uses are a gun safe (put a lock on it) paint it for outdoor use and fill with ice for big pic-nic parties (cold drinks and salads). take off the lid, bury it and use it for a "pond" fill it with dirt and plant in it for a raised bed garden. permanently lock lid, cut a hole, paint-viola! insulated dog house.

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By Michael Ruger 19 115 06/09/2006

If you keep you old non working Freezer filled with something,and locked there is little danger children could get in it. If you are still worried then just take off the door latch mecanizm and just use the Padlock.
Now lets see what would I do ith an old chest freezer?
How about A Bar ?
Get yourself 3 or 4 bar stools.
Take it up to hunting camp Store your can goods and dry food there away from bears when the cabin is vacant.
Use as a extra bed The lid of the freezer.
Use in garage to store paints and flammable mixtures.
Also maybe a workbench

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By Trooper (Guest Post) 06/11/2006

They make absolutely the best feed bins: airtight, rodent-proof, waterproof.

Post it on the bulletin board at your local feed store.

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By Cora (Guest Post) 06/14/2006

My father-in-law took his large nonworking freezer and filled it with some good soil. He uses it for a "worm farm". He raises night crawlers for bait to use when he goes fishing.

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By c. nelson 5 21 06/14/2006

My father-in-law filled his nonworking freezer to the top with some good dirt. Then he added nightcrawlers. He now has his own little "worm farm" handy for fishing bait anytime he needs it.

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By lou cheney 1 3 06/10/2009

If this is the chest freezer and not the up right kind, I would decorate it with paint and store all of my quilts and blankets in it.

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By mklh82 2 4 11/21/2013

In my area the electric company will collect it and send you a check. They recycle it then. They want to get rid of freezers and refrigerators that are old and use too much electricity. Call you electric providers. Ours usually has an ad in the Sunday paper. Recycle and get $. Now that's a great idea. We did it and received a check a week later.

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