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All-American Desk Sitter Kids

Dolls. My daughter Julie is volunteering this summer, teaching English to under privileged kids in Egypt (See her photo. She has blog, too: Julie's Egypt Blog).

She was looking for craft ideas, so I came up with these kids to sit on their desks. I had not used the little foam hands and feet before, but they are what makes theme so cute, and the fingers will bend around the flag to make it realistic. Since the hands and feet are in many sizes, you could make funny ones with great big feet, or whatever.

Approximate Time 20 minutes


  • wooden beads with large holes
  • pipe cleaners
  • twine, yarn, and raffia for hair
  • foam hands and feet
  • hot glue or tacky glue
  • fabric or felt scraps
  • flag picks*


  1. Bend pipe cleaner in half and insert bent end into bead. You may also insert twine at the same time to make the hair stand up straight.
  2. For dreads: pull pipe cleaner through hole, cut the bent part. Add two more little pieces of pipe cleaner.
  3. Add dab of hot glue to hold hair in place.
  4. Cut another pipe cleaner in half. Twist around upper body for arms.
  5. Make clothes as desired and attach with glue. Felt is easier to work with, but not as realistic.
  6. Add hands.
  7. Bend ends of legs and attach feet.
  8. Secure all with dots of glue.
  9. Add hair ribbons, etc. as desired.
  10. Draw on facial features with permanent marker if desired.
  11. Fold fingers around flag pick. Secure with glue.
    * Kids can also hold place cards with names or candy cups for birthdays; tiny treat bags with mints or chocolate kisses for bridal shower, etc.

Group of students and Julie. Julie at Giza pyramids.

By Cindy from Waynesburg, PA


By Pat Giles 958 07/22/2008

That is a darling idea, and one that they can design to relate to themselves! I hope you can come up with many more wonderful ideas for her. It's a great thing that she's doing. Thanks for sharing this with us and God bless you.

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By suzanne 278 750 07/23/2008

this is so cute !!

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