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Redecorating Room With a Dirt Bike Theme

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I am redecorating my 7yr old boy's room. He wants to have a flame/dirtbike themed room with lots of chrome. I need any ideas out there on how to do this on a budget. I am into using any props as he does not have much in the way of funiture but we do have lots of dirtbike stuff. Please help with any ideas we are doing this over Feb 9-14 while he is away!
Leanne from Lake Country, Canada



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By jeni370501/23/2012

Still in the process of doing my son's room. took pics of him riding his 125cc and uploaded and ordered a 4 ft by 6 ft fathead to put on his wall. Just an idea....

By Stef (Guest Post)04/28/2008

Make a valance and on the end of the rod put dirt bike handle grips.

By (Guest Post)01/20/2008


By mszmom (Guest Post)01/16/2008

Visit they have a few different bedding sets, curtains, pillows, sleeping bags and a lot more. Good Luck.

By Lisa (Guest Post)03/26/2007

forward me any photos of your completed mx themed room @ awickedwahine AT Mahalo for your ideas

By Amber (Guest Post)02/26/2007

Smooth Industries makes comforters, sheets, pillow cases, garbage cans, curtains... etc. Anything you can think of!!

By Carlos (Guest Post)08/29/2006

Does anyone have any pictures of their kids dirt bike themed rooms? If someone knows where to get dirt bike fabric, I can make the bedding.

By laura (Guest Post)03/19/2006

I found diamond plated tool chest at sears. Stack-on brand. It looks great and is durable. There is a monster bed collection but is very pricy.

By tasha (Guest Post)03/09/2006

i need help finding stuff to iwant to do his walls yellow

By Jean (Guest Post)01/28/2006

I am an artist that specializes in custom art and I am in the middle of creating canvas motocross murals if anyone is interested. My 5 year old is racing this summer and will be seling custom dirtbike murals at the races.

By Lindsey (Guest Post)01/20/2006

Thanks to all your feedback i can do my sons room. I thought i was alone tring to find dirt bike room theme stuiff

By Tammy (Guest Post)12/12/2005

There is No Fear and Smooth Industries that have everything you could want.

By Tammy (Guest Post)12/12/2005

I downloaded pictures of dirtbikes and copied them. Then I printed them out to make a collage on his wall, I am also in the process of doing a diamond plate chair rail aroun his walls. There are comforter sets out there from Smooth Industries and No Fear. Good Luck!

By Karen Edgar (Guest Post)12/10/2005

Anybody know of any good web sites for buying dirt bike bedding ??

By Jackie (Guest Post)12/07/2005

I'm doing the same thing in my son's room. I found a site (below) with some things I thought were cute. They have bedding but I am going to decorate the room and leave the bedding plain as I haven't found dirtbike bedding I like.

By Stacy (Guest Post)10/09/2005

Leanne=Good luck I am doing the same theme in my son's room. There are some great ideas here. I found a really cool ceiling fan on ebay. I am having a terrible time finding bedding what are you doing for bedding? Let know at materialmommy (at) adelphia (dot) net. Thanks

By ktm 155 (Guest Post)10/02/2005

black paint on dirbike tires can make the walls very interesting when you run the tires along the wall once you have applied paint. this can be time consuming but is well worth it. it looks great when done well. use a tire for a 50 or 65 cc bike for smaller tire marks.

By Kelsey (Guest Post)05/17/2005

I want to redecorate mine and my little sisters' room.we want something like we where out side.we need it to be really cheap because we're moving and my mom and dad wont be working for a while. we also need it to be fast and easy.

By Gabe Berkland (Guest Post)05/09/2005

I also suggest splotching brown on the bottom of the wall to make it look like dirt. In the background could be mountatins and dust

By Cheryl from Missouri (Guest Post)02/09/2005

Using mud colored paint you could "splatter" paint a wall. You could also mount the front portion of a bike on the wall like a rider is "breaking through the wall".

By Marn (Guest Post)02/09/2005

Paint the walls deep red. Using one of his dirt bike tires, brush dark gray paint on half of the tire, transfer the tire design to his walls. At the bike shop, purchase chrome front wheel sprockets and hang on the walls randomly. Purchase solid dark gray curtains and use new bike chains as tie backs. Hang one of his old motocross riding jerseys on the wall. Take black-n-white pictures of his dirt bike, enlarge to 8x10 and put in silver metalic (chrome) frames. (try; you will see a flame red and yellow comforter that reverses to yellow). If he needs a dresser, go to Home Depot and purchase a HUSKY Black Tool Tower
Model 92-2752-6BK Store SKU # 526 558; $299.00. It is a tall Tool Box with drawers. It comes in black. One last thing, again at the bike shop, purchase a
Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand to use as a chair/stool.
Hope this helps!!

By Camilla North [16]02/09/2005

I think you can get chrome spray paint (if you don't find it in the hardware section, look in the automotive section). If you have lots of dirt bike spare parts, maybe you could make some furniture with them. Maybe a table or even a lamp (you can get the kits to make a lamp at most hardware stores). You could also frame old an old dirt bike jacket for wall art. Another option for wall art is to scan a picture of him with his dirt bike and use some simple photo editing tools to enlarge and modify it for a "pop art" action look. An old helmet might make an interesting lamp, with a store-bought shade. You could cover the shade with flame-patterened fabric to go with the room's theme. If you can't find dirt bike or flame patterened linens and/or curtains (or if they're too expensive), you could get some fabric to make your own. I hope that gives you some ideas!


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