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When Should You Replace a Washer and Dryer?

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Do I need to replace my washer and dryer? They are still working, but around 20 years old. If one goes out abruptly then I'm at the mercy of the salesperson and can't wait for sales. I need your opinion.

By Betty


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By elva [1]08/05/2010

Only when it stop working. My dryer I just replaced it was about 15 years old, and when I got my new dryer I had to buy an electric plug for it, boy was I pissed, they tell me now that dryers do not come with electric plugs, that is consider extra. It is a ripple off. And the sales person who sold me the dryer failed to tell me this. I did not find this out untill the dryer was delivery, and I notice that there was no plug. I called the manufacturer and they informed me that the plugs are extras!!! I have been using gas dryer for years. I decided to buy an electric one. the electric don't dry as good as the gas dryer. I am going to buy another gas dryer in a couple of months when I save up the money.

By cdoss [10]08/02/2010

I would keep them until they die. But, since you know that may be sooner than later, shop around to figure out what you'll want to replace them whith and what a good price is. Be sure to check consumer reports - most libraries have the hard copies if you don't want to pay for an on-line subscription. This way, when they do die, you can walk right into the store and say "I need brand x model y" and then if the price isn't the lowest you've seen, you can tell them and they will most likley work with you.

By Betty [104]08/01/2010

Thank to all my ThriftyFun friends. I've about decided to take most of your opinions and just keep on using them till they go out.

By Marg [16]07/31/2010

Lucky you! Hang on to them as long as possible.
Marg from England.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]07/31/2010

I would say just keep using them as long as you can. I've had washers and dryers that have lasted a really long time. I have seen good prices on appliances at Home Depot and sometimes you can buy a floor model for a reduced price. Also people sell used in the paper. Perhaps while your present washer/dryer are working for you, you could be putting aside a little money each month to go towards new when the time comes.

By susan [5]07/31/2010

I agree with everybody else. Since an appliance goes out when you are using it, it always seems to be an inopportune time. In reality of this economy, I'd use them until they give out. I've questioned the same thing about my refrigerator. An owner of a mom & pop store told me to keep using it, it was made to last a lot longer than newer models. He said that the extra money I would spend on a newer one would not be recouped because of their shorter life cycle, most people who buy new energy efficient appliances, will never recoup the extra money during the life of the appliance, even with the energy savings. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do! By the way, that was 3 years ago, and my fridge is still going strong.

By Anonymous [848]07/30/2010

You are blessed to still have a running washer and dryer for twenty years and when the working time does expire for one or both you'll only be without one or both for a week or two. As the others said you can always purchase second hand. You can also buy new and no one, whether buying used or new, is at the mercy of a sales person. Personally, I would wait until they stop running and just go to a couple of appliance stores and choose the least expensive, most efficient you can afford.

By Frances Adams [11]07/26/2010

Newer models will be more energy efficient than the ones you have now, but if they are working and not causing a problem, then I would keep them. You could contact local repair businesses, and see if they have second hand appliances that they sell, when you have need for a replacement, rather than just buying new.

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]07/25/2010

I bought a very nice three year old top-loader washer and electric dryer at a used appliance store. Both of them were delivered and installed.
If you ever have a break down, you could temporarily use a laundromat if you live near a town or city.

Since our economy is extremely poor you will not find customers beating down the doors of many of the local businesses. There are so many people out of work in this country and they just are not buying consumer products like they used to years ago. So don't concern yourself about being at the mercy of a salesman. When you really stop to think of it, they are actually at your mercy, not the other way around.

To prove my point, I recently made a purchase for more exercise equipment. By talking to the salesman I bought an exercise bike from G&G Fitness and had $100.00 knocked off the price, and the store wasn't advertising a sale.

By Suntydt [75]07/25/2010

You should do to keep your current washer and dryer. If you are concerned about when they should stop working then consider buying a used washer and/or dryer at an auction or yard sale that isn't quite as old. Craigslist is another good option. If you have room to store extra appliances (like a garage, shed or basement then you could store the replacements till you need them. If your washer and dryer were built 20 years ago they are built better than most appliances made in the past 10 years. It may be worth just paying for a repair and have them last another 20 years.

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