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Touch Up With Nail Polish

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Sometimes the difference between expensive-looking and cheap-looking can be in a detail. I just bought a pair of stylish Jackie-O dark sunglasses - but the gold colored metal side pieces looked cheesy - So I applied some metallic gold nail polish I keep around for such things - and wow! the difference. No one can tell I spend 99 cents on them now. (You can do the same with metal buttons and junk jewelry.)

By pam from L.A., CA



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By KARYN DAVIS (Guest Post)07/23/2007

I figured someone else was doing this aside from myself! I bought a cheap, elastic bracelet at the thrift store. The beads were obvious fake turquoise and so ugly! I got out all my different nail polishes and painted every bead a different color, including yellow, blue and green. It is now the prettiest bracelet that I own.

I have touched up many things with nail polish including antique and vintage items that need a spot of color. I also use "furniture pencils" to touch up old picture frames or wooden jewelry and magic markers are invaluable for small touch-ups or completely changing the color of something. Then I love to sit around and look at my improved item and pat myself on the back for being so clever and talented. Lol

By Ramona Louise Newton07/14/2006

Thank you so much for this suggestion, I love it!

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)07/14/2006

Thanks for this wonderful idea. I'd seen similar things done on HGTV by using a metallic pen. HOwever, the pens at Michael's were around $5. Yours is a much better solution. You can use it for chandeliers or anything.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]07/14/2006

Wow, this is a great idea!

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