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Gift Ideas for My Wife


I want to give a special gift to my love, my lovely wife. She is turning 25 on May 10th. I don't know what to get her. Can someone please help me? She is in Canada and I'm living in the US. It would be if someone could give some good online shopping online ideas where I can buy and ship the gift for her to her address. Thanks.

By naeemhoque from NY


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By Meemaw 57 115 04/30/2010

I say this from experience not to be critical. I swear my husband and kids shock me sometimes at the lack of knowledge they have about me. They don't listen to clues, they are not interested in what I am therefor my interest must not exist. And they swear I am the hardest person to buy for- not if they would listen to me or at least open their eyes to what interests me. It is wonderful that you care enough to ask around what other ladies would like or ideas, but look for clues: what does she do in her leisure, when she is on the computer what does she look up or is she a member of any club. Your attention to what interests your wife is the best gift you could ever give her! Then when a holiday comes up you know exactly where or what that would thrill her.

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Sorry don't have pictures, my husband is a truck driver so we are apart a lot and it's especially not nice on birthdays. But for my last birthday he had a personalized gift made for me called "pages from the heart" which arrived by post the day before my birthday. Handmade gifts made from old hard back books that she paints and decorates with pictures, poetry, paper flowers and other lacey feminine bits and pieces. Don't think I've made it sound so nice but mine is really beautiful and very sentimental and something I know I will love always.

It's made by a lady who lives in Canada near Niagara falls (was on a little insert with gift), don't know the web address but you can get to her site via She has lots of designs so your bound to find one to suit. The one I got from my DH was gift book 0001 but with different words than she shows on the website. My husband had her make it with the words to a song that he used to sing to me all the time when we were dating. These are super sentimental gifts that any wife would love to have. I'm going to have one made for my mom's birthday.

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Is it at all possible to make a surprise Birthday visit? I know I would love it were I a long distance wife! If you can do it maybe you could wrap a bow around your neck and maybe a simple flower bouquet in your hand :-)

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 05/07/2010

NotWrong is right. I know, because I'm in the same situation. Ironically, though, my niece who lives in the next state has me pegged. She thrilled me by purchasing a gift certificate to my fave online store. She didn't realize at the time, but she financed the new talking watch I'd needed for over a month!
To make a long story short, if you know your wife's preferences and her favorite store or shopping site, why not buy her a gift certificate?

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