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How Do I Display Children's Aprons at a Craft Market?

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I'm looking for a way to display children's aprons and chef hats at my local market day. I looked into buying a mannequin, but they are very expensive. Is it possible to make one? I plan one having my daughters modeling them. I just don't know how to hang or display what I have for sale. Thanks in advance.

By Kristina from south TX


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By Ann Winberg [282]05/06/2010

If you want a head shape blow up a balloon cover it with paper mache, several layers, let dry, let the air out of the balloon. Paint a face on or cover with a cloth. Watch second hand stores for stryrofoam wig stands also.

From personnal experience, too much variety confuses customers, stick with a couple of related items and have a nicer variety. Poor But Proud had great ideas about shipping and ease of handling your product.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]05/05/2010

I have sold vests and they hang very nicely on the edges of the awning you will (most likely??) have to use. They sway in the breeze and attract attention.

You also asked about keeping the "line" of items the same. This has been successful for others, but that does not mean you can't make some cards and let people know you can and do make other things as well.

In business, just keep this in mind..."fast nickles are better than slow quarters". If you items are smaller, you save time and money making them, and the buyer saves money buying them.

Also, and this is just me, I like to sell things that are flat or can be for ease in shipping. You may not have to ship, but keep in mind, a lot of your customers will. Having a product you can put in a quilted envelope is a real selling point.

Good luck and do display what you are selling?? We would all love to see it!!

Poor But Proud

By Amy3e05/05/2010

I made hats for my daughter's bridal shower and hung them with clothes pins on garland across my window and then clothespinned the rest right onto the curtains. I am thinking you could find a way to do it on ribbons or cord or rope between two tables. The clothespins made it easy for the guests to take them down to look at them.

By Kristina Gonzales [6]05/05/2010

Thanks wild irish. I hadn't thought of two dimensional mannequins! Easier to transport and I can make them myself and decorate them to match my booth. Cheap too! This really helps :)

By Vi Johnson [237]05/04/2010

I have seen displays using folding tables with them piled neatly and a few hung on a short clothes line with old fashioned clothes pins. GG Vi

By Melanie Jackson [1]05/04/2010

You might try making a two-dimensional "mannequin" by cutting the shoulders of a child out of something like foam board, and putting it on a post of some sort or hang it from a wall display.

If you have some pegboard, you could even just put them on hangers and hang those from hooks on the pegboard.

I hope this helps!

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