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Cat Pooping In The Bath


My adolescent male cat keeps on pooping in the bath, it is starting to get rather annoying. He was a stray and turned up on our doorstep about 5 weeks ago (you know the old saying "cats choose you not the other way around"). I have tried bleach cleaning the bath in hope that he has no smell to go back to, the garage door is always slightly ajar so he can come and go as he pleases morning or night. I would shut the bathroom door, but I'm scared he will just find a more disastrous place to do his nasty business. People have said rub his nose in it, but I won't because I believe it will just make him anxious, and I think I would not like my nose rubbed in the mistakes I have ever made. Does anyone have any helpful advise for me to use?

Jonty from New Zealand



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By Joyce (Guest Post) 04/27/2007 Flag

I use to have a cat that did that everyday.I also had a litter box but he would still poop in the bath tub.One day I decided enough was enough.I fill the tub with water.I came home to a wet bathroom and cat but it stopped him for good.I did this a couple of weeks just to make sure he understood.He never pooped in the tub again.

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By Sharylesley (Guest Post) 04/27/2007 Flag

Bleach actually attracts a cat as it is like ammonia - I would suggest something with orange oil in it to detract it. Is it desexed at all - you may need to look at that aspect and provide as clean litter tray - once you show it where it is he may just start using that instead of the bath

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By Leann 7 111 04/27/2007 Flag

This could be bad behavior, but it could be he has worms or parasites or something else. Cats are smarter than we give them credit for. He may be trying to call your attention to his stomach problem. It would probably be wise to have him checked by a Vet. If nothing is wrong, then I would advise the water in the tub, and keeping him pinned up in a room with his litterbox, so he could get the idea again.

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By kidsNclutter (Guest Post) 04/27/2007 Flag

Place the litter box in the bath tub until kitty is accustomed to using it. Show him how interesting it is by scratching your hands thru it to give him the idea. Confining kitty in the room w/ the litter box might help also. Then you can slowly move the box to the place in the house you wish it to be. Move it SLOWLY, a little at a time each day. Read this in a book.

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By Joseph Raglione 29 36 04/27/2007 Flag

I have two female cats who read my signals and vice versa. They know exactly what I want or don't want and I know exactly what they want or don't want.
We often have a battle of wills and sometimes I let them win. Other times I will grab them by the scruff of their necks, show them why I am angry with them and escort them out the door. This usually works...or not ;-)

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By (Guest Post) 04/28/2007 Flag

Thankyou guys

I will give each and every one of your suggestions a go, Ill let you know what happens.

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By (Guest Post) 04/28/2007 Flag

well, do NOT rub his nose in it...they have no idea what you are doing that for they can not make that connect, their brains are simply not wired for that kind of thinking.
It is quite possible that where he lived before his liter box was placed in the bathtub, to keep the mess off the floor. Not a good idea, but people do some dumb things. I agree, put a little water in the tub, or put the litter box in there. Also, you can try shutting him in a room with the litter box.
Now you can train him by aversion training, but you have to catch him in the act everytime and spray him with a water spritzer...or in my cats' case crumble a plastic bag. Their brains can make that connection.
My mother had a cat that one day after 5 or 6 yrs. decided to forgo the litter box and pee at the top of the stairs. She eventually had to move the litter box to that area. Good luck

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By Cathy (Guest Post) 04/28/2007 Flag

You could also crumble some tin foil and place it in the tub, with newspaper on top. The idea is to make the cat feel safe with the newspaper, then, when he steps on it, the crunchiness of the crumpled foil, he can't stand it. One book I read suggested using those tiny mousetraps, set and then covered by the newspaper. Again, making a "safe" but scary environment out of your tub. These ideas would work in any place, and I used them to keep my cat out of a particular windowsill that he would climb over the couch with nasty paws to get to.

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By Janice C. 18 710 04/28/2007 Flag

You sound like a very wonderful, good-hearted person. No wonder the kitty chose you. If you fill the bathtub, I think you'd want to be home for the kitty bath, just to be on the safe side.

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 06/12/2007 Flag

Remembering that cats like to poop in one place, urinate in another, for some odd reason. Spraying is marking "new" territory, so the cleaner it is, the more it will mark it. I'd wash all but a tiny amt. of the spray off, hopefully it will satisfy the cat? Also,
cats don't like green bean juice, lemon ju., or orange scent. Try those fragrances as odors to discourage the cat? Make sure that the cat can get to the "private" cat box, that it is changed often, and
that the floor is clean around it as well. God bless and help you. : )

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By Shera 4 45 07/10/2007 Flag

Cats will mark their territory with poop as well as peeing. Neutered or not. Only males in my opinion but I am not totally sure. Maybe something has happened to make your cat uneasy. You maynot have noticed but it might be a big deal for him.

I had high hopes for a product called Feliway which is supposed to make them feel safe and secure. I see they even sell a plug in diffuser now. I just have too many other male cats in my neighborhood.

I dont know if it will work for you. But it's a suggestion. ... m&DocID=7&POS=5&Key=null

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By T J. (Guest Post) 03/25/2008 Flag

I had the same problem with my male cat. He just one day started to pee in the bath tub. I tried everything from cleaning out the tub as best as I could, putting plastic in there to scare him away and finally I put the litter box in the tub. I let it stay in there a week or so and then moved it right outside the bathtub. That didn't work either. I finally put the litter box in the hallway and closed the bathroom door. When I started to open the bathroom door again he used it again. I finally put a piece of wood over most of the tub. There is still an opening he can get into the tub with but he doesn't try. Good luck!

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 06/20/2012 Flag

I think only one person specified this, so I am saying it again ... Don't rub his nose in it. He has no clue why you are doing this! Also, if you decide to put water in the tub, only use about an inch ... just enough to wet his paws and not enough to scare him to death!

Personally, I would just line the tub with newspapers and stick a litter box in there, as you never know where he will decide to poop if he can't use the tub! The tub is easier to clean than your closet, your bed, or other places he can find! I took in a family of stray cats and the big male, who is about 3 years old now, will only pee on the boot tray by the front I just keep washing it off, and bought a shoe rack for ME to use! Good luck, and good for you for adopting a stray!

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