Sew Two Twin Blankets To Make A Big King Sized One

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Need a big King size blanket that won't fall short of keeping you and your husband warm? While looking for an affordable (less than $90) King sized electric blanket, I was in a quandary. "How do I find one before Christmas?" Problem is, we have an Eastern King, in a California King state. Our bed is wide. Unless I spend a gajillion dollars on some fancy schmancy sheets or blankets (which I might only gain a few inches on each side), I'm in trouble.

But then, while wandering through Wally World, I came upon Twin size Electric blankets. Ping! (that's the light bulb going off.) Buy 2 and tack them together, silly! I get separate controls still and instead of the standard 108 inch (or so) on a King size electric blanket, the Twins are 62 inches each so 124 inches. Not only that, but for 2, I paid $50 and I didn't have to order them and wait for them to come after Christmas! I tried to give them a long running stitch on my machine last night, but it wasn't happy with the fabric. So a few tacks with some heavy duty thread and we were set to go! It hangs over nicely on both sides and we were both content.

Now, I can do the same with other blankets, I am forever hunting for blankets that are wide enough. I've already told him this year I am buying a few twin sheets at Wally World (the thread count doesn't matter since they won't be on skin) and sewing some "tucking" strips onto our sheets, then there won't be the "I have nothing on my side" fight! Why not take a pretty twin quilt or bedspread (almost always cheaper to buy 2 of those than 1 King, not to mention some stores don't even carry King, let alone CA King), sew it down the middle and add a nice ribbon or detail on top of the seam (if it shows). Why didn't I think of that earlier!

By Michawn from Morgan Hill, CA



By Michele (Guest Post) 01/12/2007

This is such a great idea! I don't have a King size bed, but my sis in law does and she's a sewer too! I will pass on this information!


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By Sheila Saey 8 141 01/12/2007

What a smart lady you are!!! I have a King sized bed. I've been searching for just the perfect comforter and sheets for it...have been seriously unhappy with the choice, etc. This idea is soooooooo good cuz I have definitely found lots and lots of twin sized ones I loved!

Thanks for the idea!

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By Janice C. 18 710 01/12/2007

Great minds run in the same direction. Forty-some years ago, my mom found baby blankets on clearance. She bought 4 of them, as I recall, and sewed 2 of them together (twice) to make 2 twin-size blankets for our kid-sized beds.

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By Kim 8 80 01/13/2007

This is a great idea! I too have such a problem finding a blanket that will fit over the sides of the mattress. On both sides, plus the bottom as we don't have a footboard. I have returned too many because they just didn't fit. Don't companies realize the object is to have something that works? I didn't want to change my whole color scheme of Navy blue with flowers, so I ended up finding 2 navy cloth tablechloths and sewed them to the comforter, making the ends hang over our bed beautifully.

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By Pamela Melon 1 67 01/13/2007

Wonderful! This idea should win a "hints and tips" contest! Thanks for sharing it with us all!

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By CC (Guest Post) 01/18/2007

If you are planning on making a bedspread for your king sized bed out of 2 twin size ones, cut one in half and sew to each side instead of just sewing them together. That way you won't have a seam right down the center. You can use any kind of seam binding or a pretty ribbon to cover the seams and they will disappear! I have done this and it looks really nice and is big enough to hang over the sides of the bed generously and doesn't look skimpy.

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By Kathy 3 15 01/18/2007

Great idea!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this and also for taking the time to write the instructions in terms everyone can understand!! Thanks again!

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By Frances Joan Resch 13 01/20/2007

What a great idea. We have the California king and I keep ending up with sheets, etc. that are too wide and not long enough. Maybe with a bit of thinking I can figure a way to make the fitted bottom fit! But this will sure take care of the blankets that do not seem to be wide enough for us even when they say they are "king size"
Thanks for sharing!

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By Grace 4 3 01/22/2007

I read about using two twin blankets to make one king size one great interest. We have a king size waterbed and the king size blankets are so expensive. As I was reading this it occured to me that I might have an idea to offer. I hate waterbed sheets. They don't stay stay on the bed as they should. When I used them, I had to remake the whole bed every day. I started using kind size sheets on the bottom. They tuck in and stay tucked in a lot longer. On top I use king size sheets in the winter and king or queen size in the summer. Hope this helps someone.

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By Jackie 1 05/22/2007

You are a genious! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea!



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By Dee W. (Guest Post) 12/11/2008

Instead of tacking two twin sized electric blankets together, sew strips of velcro along the joining sides. This way, you can easily take them apart and wash separately.

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By Frances Adams 11 557 05/06/2009

I didn't sew our twin electric blankets together, for our king bed. My husband is such a covers hog, so I just left them separated. That way when he rolls up into a sausage, I am not left uncovered and cold.

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By Tina 3 6 03/18/2012

Truly ingenious! We all wish we'd thought of it!

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By LeeAnne67 4 105 03/18/2012


I am always too hot at night and hubby is always cold. So we have a ton of blankets on the bed to keep him warm, and I always try to uncover my side so I don't get so hot. I definitely am going to try the twin electric blanket trick so we'd have our own controls. Now, why didn't I think of this?

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Very clever and a great idea in a pinch!

I know this contest submission is five years old now but I have to mention that even back then in 2007 you could have easily found what you were looking for at JC Penney with "dual comfort controls" for under $90.00 (both sizes of king) and if they didn't happen to have been available in your local store they were/still are available via catalog (first hand experience speaking - LOL). Even with prices having raised sharply in the past years they are currently about $95.00 and have a five year warranty.

Just a heads up for those who might be looking for king size bedding now ;-)

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By Cheryl Wedler 4 03/19/2012

Great idea, will be sure to give it a try. Thanks again for the great tip. Cheryl

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By Kay 4 18 03/19/2012

I do similar with towels that have holes or frayed edges; cut them down, hem the raw edge, and you've got hand towels from bath towels and fingertip towels from hand towels - and if it's just one of two of your set, they'll all match. (And if you have old linens that you just don't want, please wash them and give them to your local animal shelter!)

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