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Removing Crayon From Car Seats


How do I clean melted crayon from car seats?

By Barb from WY


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Archive: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

My children left crayons in the back seat of our vehicle. We live in the desert where it is 118 degrees, the crayons melted and now our back seat is a horrible mess! Please help! I have no idea how to remove the stains.

Rachel from Palm Springs, CA


RE: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

Put an absorbent cloth over the melted crayon and "iron" over that cloth. Hope it helps. (06/30/2008)

RE: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

You do not say whether your seats are fabric, leather, etc...however, nothing ventured nothing gained in trying the magic eraser. The original is from Mr. Clean and usually in the laundry aisle. They range from 2.00-4.00 or so, depending upon brands and quantity. The worst that can happen is you have to steam clean your seats (a small cleaner is about 30 bucks). You can also call dry cleaners, car dealerships and ask people at car wash places (do they have attendants anymore?) about their opinions.

Good luck. (07/02/2008)

By KLS8800.

RE: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

Scrape off bigger chunks of crayon, then use WD-40. Works great! (07/23/2008)

By Karen

RE: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

Scrape off any excess crayon with the dull edge of a knife or your fingernail. Be careful not to create more of a mess.
This step to remove the crayon even further: Iron the spot using brown paper bag, very absorbent towel, paper or unpainted cardboard, being careful with temperature of the iron.

To completely remove the stain, the best secret of all is to sprinkle baking soda over area, rub into stain, then vacuum and repeat the process. Use this for all stains. No one wants the smell of WD-40 in their car. (08/05/2009)

By Alan Blaize

Archive: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

How do I remove melted crayons from the fabric of my SUV seat? The sun melted them. Help me please.

By Connie from Lillington, NC


RE: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

Put a brown paper bag over stain and go over it with a hot iron. It worked for me when I spilled candle wax on the carpet. Good luck. (04/01/2010)

By karenw81

RE: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

  1. First scrape off most of the wax using a cold spoon. Place several spoons in freezer first.

  2. Next, take 3 or 4 paper towels at a time and stack them on top of the crayons then heat the area with a blow dryer and rub the area with the back of the metal spoon (which will get hot from the blow-dryer) or use an iron that is not too hot. Continually stacking clean paper towels on the area until almost all of the wax has been removed.

  3. To remove the last of the wax, use mineral spirits from the hardware store (in the paint area). Or fingernail polish remover made for artificial nails.

  4. Mineral spirits, paint thinner, and fingernail polish remover are extremely flammable, so clean this totally off using "Goop" hand cleaner (from the dollar store) and a toothbrush. Let sit for a while then use another cleaner (see step 5). Goop is made to clean greasy-oily hands and stains.

  5. Lastly, to remove any extra left over mineral spirits you can clean the area with a foam-in upholstery and rug cleaner or "Awesome" cleaner from the dollar store. Full-strength "Awesome" removes even tar from carpets and I have been told by $1 store employees that contractors and builders often stock up on case or more of this cleaner! Try to find this first, or use a "scrubbing-bubbles" type of bathroom cleaner in a spray can from the dollar store.

* Note: Before using any of the above products, check in an unseen area first for color-fastness! (04/02/2010)

By Cyinda

Archive: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

How can I get melted crayon out of the cloth of my car seat?

By Julie


RE: Removing Crayon From Car Seats

Go to: It is the "Crayola" website, the webpage to start if you have a problem with stains from Crayola products. (06/29/2010)

By Fortunately

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