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Can you use a cookie sheet with a rim instead of a jelly roll pan?


Can you use a cookie sheet with a rim instead of a jelly roll pan? I have always wanted to try making a pumpkin roll and see it says I need a jelly roll pan. My husband does not like pumpkin so this might be a one shot trial deal, so I don't want the expenditure. (Plus can't afford it anyway, lol.) Has anyone tried using a cookie sheet with a raised rim and how deep was the rim? I guess using a regular roasting pan would not work either. I see they sell non-stick jellyroll pans and wonder if that is a key to a successful jelly roll? Thanks to everyone one responds.

Lori from Marion



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By Linda Jo (Guest Post) 11/01/2006 Flag

Try turning the cookie sheet upside down and use like a jelly roll pan. Should work for the one time for you to test.

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By Mary Ellen (Guest Post) 11/01/2006 Flag

I've used a cookie sheet before. I line it with parchment paper so the cake comes out easily. The cream cheese filling with win your husband over. NO body doesn't like Pumpkin Roll. It's my husband's favorite.

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By June Odom 5 3 11/01/2006 Flag

Yes. I just made one the other day. I made it on a cookie sheet that has a rim of 1/2". The cookie sheet was about 15 1/2" x 11. It did just fine. I didn't want to buy a jelly roll pan to make just the pumpkin roll. I put the pumpkin roll in the freezer for Thanksgiving.

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By jean (Guest Post) 11/01/2006 Flag

You should be warned that pumpkin rolls are addictive and hopefully you have excellent will power..Jean from MI

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By marlene (Guest Post) 11/01/2006 Flag

To me, jelly roll pans and cookie sheets with edges are the same thing. I've often used edged cookie sheets for things other than cookies

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By Patty 7 68 11/01/2006 Flag

Jelly roll pans are supposed to measure 10 1/2 by 15 1/2 by 1/2 inch, and they always have sides. Cookie sheets sometimes have sides and sometimes don't, it just depends on what you are using them for. A large cookie sheet with sides will probably work, but you may have a thicker or thinner cake layer, depending on if your cookie sheet is larger or smaller than a jelly roll pan. If you don't have parchment paper to use in the bottom of your pan, just use waxed paper and grease the top of it. Your cake should come out easily. Just peel the waxed paper off after removing the cake from the pan. Jelly rolls are a easy dessert to make, and they make a spectular presentation. Have fun, and may all your jelly rolls be light!

P.S. Did you know that if you use shiny cookie sheets with no sides, your cookies will rarely burn? Yup. Learned that in college Home Economics class, and it has proven true every time!

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By (Guest Post) 11/02/2006 Flag

I often use a cookie sheet. If you don't want to use/buy parchment or wax paper.... foil, greased works great.

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By Jequettea 2 1 11/03/2006 Flag

Yes my son has been doing it since high school.They taught him to use a cookie sheet with lip around it.And he has done other cakes,even angel food cake and iced them after rolling.Here's sending (SUNSHINE) in your heart and soul today and love always.
Jequettea TN

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By penny (Guest Post) 11/12/2006 Flag

i bought an expensive jelly roll pan and found out that I like the cookie sheet much better. I usually line the cookie sheet with wax paper. It cooks much faster and more uniformly, I think.

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