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Change the Color of Metal Trim

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We are updating our master bathroom, and have come to a roadblock. We have a very large, custom shower door. The metal trim on the shower door, and the sink fixtures are all that really shiny brass color. I really don't like that finish. I am wondering if there is some chemical or something I can wipe on the brassy metal to change it.

My preference would be to make it look more silvery, but honestly anything would be better than brass to me. We looked into just getting a new shower door but to replace ours is really expensive because of its size and that is has to be custom. Please help if you have any tips or tricks.

By Freblame from WI


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By mark Gadsby05/23/2009

Yes you can change the color of metal trim. You need to find a chrome shop. They can do what is called anodyzing. It is a process whereby they take of the old finish, and place your aluminum framing in a bath with different chemicals that will change the color. Yoiu can get a shower surround done in the neighborhood of 250.00 which is cheaper than buying a whole new surround. The other way to change the color is too have your aluminum framework powder coated. Again about the same price. Look up Anodyzing or Powder Coating in the phone book.

By dakota [4]05/23/2009

You can spray paint the metal around the shower doors. Go to a good paint store and ask what to use. Cleaning the metal and preping are the key. Never heard of painting faucets, but why not?

By Patricia Taylor04/13/2009

I don't know what they're called, but there are people that do chroming. But the item must be sandblasted to remove the existing finish and then they would re-chrome it. I'm sure it would cost a fortune, though. Might be more that you'd be willing to pay. Pat T in Nevada

By OliveOyl04/07/2009

There is no way to change the color of the metal finish on the shower door and plumbing fixtures. I have the same problem. I can't spend the money to change this just for cosmetic reasons. I don't like the brass but I overlook it and live with it. It's not the end of the world.

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