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Why Does My Dog Rub It's Butt On The Ground?

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My dog was rubbing his butt on the ground, then he went outside and went number 2. Well it was runny and weird looking. What does that mean?

Kelly from Swartz Creek, MI



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By Anna04/14/2011

Mine's going through the same thing. Is yours 'neurotic' about food and following you around?

By shanna (Guest Post)01/14/2009

I just wanted to know what it meant when she kept rubbing her butt on the ground. She just starting doing that I know of.

By Renee11/08/2008

My dog rubs her butt on the concrete, carpet, grass and even gravel what does that mean? She has also been spad but likes to hump like a male dog what would cause this?

By Renee/Huffman, Texas (Guest Post)11/08/2008

My dog rubs his butt on the concrete, grass, carpet what ever she can find why do you think this is?
Also our dog is a female and like to hump anything she has been spade. why would a femald dog do this type of thing

By alison (Guest Post)03/20/2008

My dog also rubs his bottom along the floor. The vet expressed the glands about 3 weeks ago but my dog is still rubbing his bottom. I have also wormed him twice recently and treated him for fleas. I dont know what else to do. Does anyone have any advice?

By ellen [2]02/16/2008

I am a vet tech. 99.9% of the time it is not parasites that are bothering your pet...but overfull anal glands.
Anal glands are 2 pouches at 4 and eight o'clock positions just inside edge of the anus. Each time your dog has a bowel movement a bit of this liquid from the glands is excreted onto his movement. This marks it as "his". Oftentimes the glands fill up and do not empty as they should and they become uncomfortable and itchy much like a hemorrhoids feel for humans.
Please visit your vet and get them expressed. I have a dog that I must do this for on a regualr basis as she becomes uncomfortable about every 5-6 weeks. I hope that this is helpful to you. ellen

By sandy [63]02/12/2008

His anal glands are clogged. The glands normally unclog when going poop, but in some dogs it is very common to not unclog. The liquid is very stinky.

By Carla (Guest Post)02/12/2008

Having a pet means having vet bills. It is part of the animal being part of the family. Take your dog to the vet. Don't try to treat your dog with opinions and speculation. I have a dog who periodically has this problem. It requires a vet's care as the "itch" or "whatever" has been due to a clogged gland. She's 6 and it has happened 2 times.

By suzanne [240]02/12/2008

Anal glands are clogged.

RE: Why Does My Dog Rub It's Butt On The Ground?

By Keeper [57]02/12/2008

Panda does it every so often and to the Vet we go.Never been do to worms.There's a gland that fills up w/?? anyway it's an awful odor when the Vet cleans it out.Sorry I dont have the right termanology But Panda will be 13 on Valentines Day so she's been to the Vet a time or two.Hope this helps..Keeper

By Nazley [1]02/12/2008

I've heard that that kind of behaviour is due to worms. You should get de-wormer for the dog. Some you just throw over their food and have them eat that tablet. If not you shoud take them to the vet for probably a shot or something


By DEBRADJ. (Guest Post)02/12/2008

Sounds like worms or parasites to me. You need to get a sample to the vet and tell him what you are seeing.


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Archive: Why Does My Dog Rub His Butt On The Carpet?

Why does my dog rub his butt on the carpet and the grass? Sherry from Martinez, GA

RE: Why does my dog rub his butt on the carpet?

My dog is always rubbing his butt on the ground. Does that mean he has worms? Nope, not usually, that is an old Wive's tale. It usually means that the anal glands need to be emptied. Have your vet check the anal glands and show you how to relieve these glands every time you shampoo and the problem will probably never reoccur. I found this on a dog web site I thought that it covered your question it may help if you contact your vet or maybe an animal hospital and ask the vet assistant they like to help. (08/01/2007)

By dpool from memphis

RE: Why does my dog rub his butt on the carpet?

He probably has worms. If a dog swallows a flea that has the larvae he developes pin worms. You can see them at night. They are white and are around his anus. You will have to get worm medicine from your vet. (08/02/2007)

By Jackay

RE: Why does my dog rub his butt on the carpet?

Since my dog goes to the groomer, I long ago learned that rubbing his bottom across the floor meant it was time to go to the groomer. My groomer always "expresses" the glands, as these anal pouches are called. Not all groomers do this, so check to be sure it is included in the grooming. This is less costly than going to the vet, and you get a clean dog at the same time. (08/02/2007)

By the Oracle

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