Preventing a Dog From Peeing on Carpet and Rugs?

June 24, 2007

Dog Standing on CarpetMy dog keeps urinating on my rugs! He pees repeatedly on my 2 shag rugs which are 5 ft. X 8 ft. and these are not easy to clean since the yarn on the carpet is so long! I tried hanging them outside and spraying them down with the hose. Nothing seems to deter him! Please help how can I clean my shag rug and help potty train at the same time.


Jennifer from Slatington, PA


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Can you wash these rugs? If so, add a cup of vinegar to the rinse water. It usually helps to eliminate the odor of the urine. Once an animal urinates somewhere they will go back to the odor to do it again.
If you can figure out when your dog goes to the bathroom, take him outside to the area that you want him to use as his bathroom. Do this until he starts going there on his own. This doesn't usually take too long once the urine smell is established in that one area.
This is how I have always potty trained my dogs and it always worked for me. You just have to watch closely to figure their potty times at first. It's wise to feed them at the same time each day to get them on a schedule. Good luck!

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Made from nature's safest and most effective X-O ODOR NEUTRALIZER

I have cats but I'm down to only 2, I found X-0 about 25 years ago it works, it is a bit pricey but it will last a long time, the directions on the bottle says to mix it 50/50 with water but I put 1 oz per cup of water and This works just fine.


I had a friend borrowed my spray bottle because someone threw a dead cat in the church dumpster in the summer, she sprayed the dumpster, it totally eliminated the odor, the dumpster wasn't picked up for 4 days after she did not have to spray again. Both my mail and female have a tendency to spray, if I catch them at it I can spray immediately
(Because I know where they sprayed) there is no odor.
Since Im not always sure where they sprayed I mist everything from my knees down every now and then and I have no smell, I even spray outside.
ingredients: extracts of herbs, fruits and cereal grains in pure deionized water.

X-O neutralizes all odors on hard and soft surfaces. Effective on ALL odors. Safe for skin contact, avoid the eyes.

Totally non-toxic and bio degradable, this concentrate works directly on areas for odor neutralization, or even on the air in a room. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Can be used directly on the animals, if necessary.

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I take my 2 little dogs out before bed time, and always tell them to go wees, it works all the time, so matter where we are I just tell them ;go wees. Now I don't have any more problems with them.

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Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community.

January 18, 2008

We have just had to move in with my in-laws, they have 3 inside dogs. I have a 20 month old daughter. These dogs are 10 yrs old and up, so there is no trying to train them to go outside. They pee everywhere and we step in it. The whole house smells awful.

They have a really nice house and very expensive furniture, but it doesn't seem to bother them. My grandmother told me that I could mix ammonia and water and spray it lightly on the carpet, that the dogs won't pee where I spray it! Is this true, if not is there something I could spray without hurting my daughter?

Ashley from Gadsden, AL


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Avoid using ammonia based products to clean dog urine. One of the ingredients of dog urine is ammonia and he may well be encouraged to re-offend in the same area. Remember, your dog's sense of smell is a hundred times better than yours. I would suggest vinegar and water, something to neutralize the smell.
Here is a site I found for a homemade Dog Urine Smell and Stain Remover. I hope this helps.

By Pam (Guest Post)
January 20, 20083 found this helpful
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I'm sorry but if it's in carpet unless you replace it you might as well forget it. You could rent a steam cleaner and use vinegar and water in it before the solution a couple of times and use the other attachments to do the bottom on the furniture also take the whole cushions to the laundry mat and wash the whole thing (don't take the foam out) *and let them air dry on a really hot day. I don't know how long it would take to dry the in the dryer.


And as far as the dogs put them in a crate and try to be persistent if you can stand the whining they will probably do. You'll have to be on a routine taking them out like 6am, 11am, 3 pm, 8 pm, etc. and reward them or put baby gates up maybe separating them in an area where there's a wipeable floor. There's no easy answer. I am sorry. I assume at one time they were trained, but I have had the same problem. A doggie door to a porch, a place in the basement a big circle where they can't get out where they can play and where the parents and the dogs can see each other (maybe in the crate) so even if they messed it would at least be in the crate. Good luck!

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November 6, 2019

I cleaned my carpet and soon after my house broken dog started peeing on it. He is a Yorkie and he is 8 years old. I don't know what happened to him. He has been checked by a vet and no sugar diabetes, no bladder stones, and no urinary tract infections. He can't go in the living room at all.

He doesn't pee anywhere else except on the carpet we cleaned. We thought it was the cleaner we used. So we had Chem Dry come in and clean it with special stuff for pets. But he still did it, so he is confined to the kitchen. I need help to stop this.


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November 7, 20191 found this helpful
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The dog was used to his smell on the carpet before it was cleaned. Now he only smells the products used to clean the carpets. He is marking his territory and making the room his again. Older dogs are not use to changes and they do not do well at times when things like this happen. Until some of the orders are gone in the carpet it may be necessary to keep your dog confined to anotehr room where he will not pee to mark his territory.


You can also check the local pet stores to see if they have some products you canuse to cover up the carpet smell and stop him from peeing there again.


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November 7, 20190 found this helpful
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Use a black light on the urinated carpet and see if traces of urine remain. Pay closer attention to the dog to know when she's heading into the room and get her outside quickly if possible. Perhaps if you take your dog outside more often, you may get better results. The dog's age is a factor too. Our older girl dog can not hold her bladder for long anymore and needs to go outdoors more often. The vet says it's normal and she's healthy for her age. Otherwise, I would get her washable doggie diapers that have a place to insert a feminine pad.

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March 4, 2017

We have just got our rescue dog, she is 2 years old and in season. She keeps on peeing on my rug. I take her out lots of times and she always has a wee or two. I can't understand why she still pees indoors, please can you help?

Kind regards.


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Make sure your dog doesn't have a urinary tract infection or other physical cause for the incontinence. You will need to reward her for peeing outside and crate her for accidents.

March 4, 20171 found this helpful

If you just got her, are you sure she was fully trained already? She may not have been. Is she marking her territory? Are their other dogs around or does the rug smell like another dog?


She may not be fully adjusted to her new location yet.

April 23, 20170 found this helpful

You could just get dog training pad to pee and you see that it needs to pee grab a treat as possible before the dog pees and let the dog see the treat and take the treat in the training pad and the dog will pee in the training pad

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Spray some diluted alcohol or vinegar and she will stop.Amonia also works great

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February 3, 2015

I have just lost my older dog, who had bladder problems. I had to have her put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. I know my Yorkie Poo has grieved for her. Now all of a sudden she has peed on the rug just like the older dog would do, although I got a new area rug. Could this be the reason? She has always been trained to use puppy pads and has been very good about it. Your thoughts please?

By M.V. Adams


February 6, 20150 found this helpful
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The yorkie has made a mistake. She thought the old dog was peeing on the rug for a reason. She did not realize it was a medical condition. Now that he is gone she has taken over the peeing on the rug duties. You should be able to train her out of this, but she might be confused for a while.

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April 22, 2015

I have a 15 yr old blind Maltese that is peeing on my rugs. Is there a spray or something I can do?

By Laura


April 23, 20150 found this helpful

Keep the dog on a leash so she has to be with you at all times. Be sure to get her outside plenty of times. At 15 she may be losing bladder control. Once her scent is there to her that's the place to go.

April 24, 20150 found this helpful

Your dog may need dog diapers. This is probably old age incontinence.


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April 24, 20150 found this helpful

Have your dog checked for diabetes if she is urinating a lot more than usual and/or drinking a lot more water. It is easy to treat and they feel much better.

May 10, 20150 found this helpful

We had a female Labrador once who lost the ability to properly control her bladder. We had a doggy diaper and everything. Then the vet put her on oestrogen pills. Problem solved.

June 15, 20160 found this helpful

Treating the diabetes does not help with the peeing in the house. My 5 year old malti-poo pees on our good wool area rug regularly despite constant trips to the vet, insulin injections twice/daily and special foods. The peeing inside has gotten worse since the diabetes and the volume of water she drinks and urine she pees is huge. Our vet said not to use the doggie diapers on our female because it would encourage bladder infections.

July 19, 20160 found this helpful

The problem is NOT medical related. Most of the time dogs that were once potty trained (like my maltipoo) can randomly abandon that training out of jealousy or other emotions... That's the situation that I'm experiencing too. It's annoying and nothing seems to work... I want some sort of spray that repels our discourages dogs from peeing on my rugs

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February 7, 2014

How can you stop your dog from peeing on rugs in your home?

By D Robertson from GA


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February 7, 20141 found this helpful
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To know how to prevent it would require more information. Your dog may be having physical problems that require a Vet. That is usually the best place to start. Does your dog require more training, or need more walks and better access to the outside. Is your dog stressed from other new dogs in the neighborhood or stressful situations within the home? There are a lot of posts on this site that deal with specific situations like this that give more detail. Do a search. Good luck with your dog.

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May 12, 2012

Should I smack my dog when she pees on the rug?

By Kimberly


May 12, 20120 found this helpful

Absolutely never hit a dog. Clean it up with white vinegar, take it out more often and be diligent in your potty training. Consider wee wee pads when you're not able to be home.


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May 14, 20120 found this helpful

No offence but are you kidding? Never ever hit a pet for any reason or even rub their nose in their accidents! As already mentioned it's up to you to be more diligent about their poddy time needs. There are oodles of articles regarding pet poddy accidents and poddy training here at ThriftyFun and also online in general.


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May 14, 20121 found this helpful

Look hard at whether you are holding up your responsibilities towards your pet. Is your dog fed and watered on a schedule that encourages her to potty when she is taken outside? Is she taken outside frequently enough? Is she exercized enough that she does not have a lot of nervous energy? Does she have any medical issues tht might interfere with regular elimination (urinary tract infections)?

Perhaps answering these questions will help to determine who needs correction. Smacking your dog will teach her to fear you and not listen to you, and you will be worse off than when your started.

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February 16, 2020

I have an eight-year-old Yorkie who has been trained on a P pad since she was a pup. Now all of a sudden she is pooping and peeing in another room on a rug. What can I do?

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March 4, 2019

My daughter just got a new puppy and it keeps going in my closet and peeing and pooping. Will using crushed red pepper deter a dog from peeing on my carpet if I sprinkle it on heavily?

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May 4, 2017

I have two standard Poodles. Both are well house-broken. I just bought a new 8 x 11 jute rug and my female keeps peeing on it. How can I stop this?


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May 4, 20170 found this helpful

Jute is a material that holds on to odors. You will have to spray the rug with Nok-Out. It must absorb the urine crystals completely, or the rug will retain the scent and your dogs will keep returning.


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May 4, 20170 found this helpful

Yes, you must completely get rid of that scent or your dog will mistake it for its place to "go" all the time

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January 15, 2015

My six year old Golden is potty trained, but she has a thing for rugs, my drum pad in particular. It only happens once in a blue moon and never when I am around. I think it is the feel, like grass on her butt. Is there a way to stop this problem?

By Sue M.

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March 2, 2016

I have a 2 year old Morkie who is trained to go on the wee wee pad. We recently moved to a new apartment with carpeted floors where as the previous apartment was hardwood floors. Now instead of using the pad she likes to go on the carpet.

She won't use the pad at all and I tried buying the attractant spray. I also tried placing her on it to remind her and she still wants to go on the carpet instead. What should I do?

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December 8, 2015

Our 10 year old Shih Tzu, Paddy, pees on the rug outside our bathroom door. If we leave the door open she will pee on the bathroom rug. No rugs, no pee. What is her problem?

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April 11, 2015

I have a 5 year old Yorkie who is pad trained. She has never had an issue urinating on the pad until a few months ago. Now she goes on the carpet sometimes in our bedroom. She does it when we are home and when we are not. She knows it's wrong as soon as she does it. She has been checked by our vet and there are no problems. She only does it in our bedroom, never in other parts of the house. How do I break her of this?


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December 27, 2014

My sister's 2 beagles have a doggy door right next to my niece's play area, but they insist on peeing on the rugs she buys to put down in the area. This will be her 3rd rug from Home Depot. It is always light colored carpet. I read somewhere they like light colors?

By gvargas


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December 27, 20140 found this helpful

The beagle's vet has much knowledge and experience in canine behavior and can help with suggestions to help the dogs learn the correct behavior.

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December 18, 2014

How do I stop my dog peeing on my rug? It's always the same corner. I have a dog flap, and she only does it when I have a rug.

By Jen D


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December 18, 20140 found this helpful

The information you provide about your dog's behavior is not enough to suggest an answer . He may have a medical issue or a situational problem. Please take your dog to your vet for help. The vet can help with medication, if needed, and can provide suggestions to help you help your dog improve his behavior.

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November 15, 2013

I'm fostering this lovely dog from a shelter. She will go outside and do her thing, so no problem there, but she is in the habit now of going upstairs and to wee on a rug in the hallway. I removed the rug and now she did it in our bedroom. Do you know why she does that and what can I do about that?

By Saskia H


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September 29, 20140 found this helpful

Put up a baby gate across the stairway and close bedroom door so the pet won't wet in these areas. Keep the dog outside longer and walk it around so it eliminates all.

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November 14, 2013

I have had my dog for 4 years. In that time he has not done that and now he has done it 3 times. He was 4 when I got him. He pees on the carpet in front of the door. I also need help on a different note. This same dog barks at my TV. What do I do?

By Sheli from Lisbon, IA


January 2, 20151 found this helpful

I think the reason your dog might be barking at the TV could be a high pitched noise he might hear from it. Or relating to the colors being displayed if its on.

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March 20, 2013

Is there a solution, either store bought or homemade, that I can use in my steam cleaner that will prevent my dogs from urinating on my carpets?

By patricksgirl from MO


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March 22, 20131 found this helpful

I don't know if you can use it in a steam cleaner, but equal parts of white vinegar and water sprayed on the area where the dogs have urinated will stop them from going there again. I would check with the manufacturer to see if it's safe to use vinegar in the machine.

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