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This page contains information and advice about dogs and dog ownership, including behavioral concerns and training.

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Dog Standing on Carpet

Preventing a Dog From Peeing on Carpet and Rugs?Preventing a dog from peeing on the carpet, especially repeat performances, can be a frustrating process, but there are solutions to this problem. This is a page about preventing a dog from peeing on carpet and rugs.


Senior dog laying on wood floor in home, looking sad

Old Dog Peeing in HouseThere are many reasons a previously house trained dog begins to pee in the house, including advancing age. This is a page about old dog peeing in house.


A puppy hiding under a bed.

How to Prevent Dog From Hiding Under Bed?A new dog or a rescued abused one may feel afraid or insecure and hide under furniture such as your bed. This is a page about how to prevent a dog from hiding under the bed.


Feeding a Dog Chicken

Feeding a Dog Chicken?This is a page about feeding a dog chicken. Some dog owners like to supplement their pet's food with cooked meat, such as chicken.


Small dog looking sad next to a red bowl of dog food.

Dog Won't Eat After Being Spayed?This is a page about dog won't eat after being spayed. Spaying is a major medical procedure. Your dog may not be very interested in food after the surgery.


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Can a Pit Bull Have Long hair?Does anyone know if a full blooded pit has long hair like a Lab? One has been hanging around my home. It has all four white paws, tail is tipped white and it has a beautiful masked face. But, she has longer red hair.



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Older Dog Has Started Running Away?I have a very old dog and just yesterday she has started to run off. We have to chase her down because she will not stop for anything. She has never run off from us before, as a matter of fact she is always at our side when she is outside.


A got having it's hair cut by a groomer.

Dog Is Itchy After Being Groomed?This is a page about dog is itchy after being groomed. Grooming products or shaving are potential reasons your dog may be itchy after being groomed.


Portrait of a female golden retriever.

When Do Dogs Stop Going Into Heat?This is a page about "when do dogs stop going into heat?". Many pet owners may wonder when their intact female dog will enter a doggy form of menopause and stop going into heat.



Caring for a 5 Week Old PuppyCaring for a puppy that is younger than typical weaning age can present its own challenges. This is a page about caring for a 5 week old puppy.


Dog In His Own Bed

Dog Pooping In His Own Bed?This is a page about a dog pooping in his own bed. Occasionally a well trained pet will begin to have potty accidents in unusual places.


Chihuahua puppy.

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Chihuahua?This is a page about, "Is my dog a full blooded Chihuahua?". It is sometimes difficult to be certain that your dog is a pure bred just by its appearance.


Puppy Smelling Flower

Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo?Parvo is a very contagious disease, the virus can remain active in your home and yard for some time. This is a page about getting a puppy after losing one to parvo.


Dog Being Scolded for Urinating on Rug

Dog Urinating in Other People's Homes?This is a page about a dog urinating in other people's homes. A number of things could be causing a house trained dog to begin urinating in someone else's home. It could be that they are marking their territory because they smell the odor of other dogs. It could also be due to anxiety of being away from the familiarities of home.


dog bathing

Dog Still Smells After a Bath?This is a page about when a dog still smells after a bath. If giving your dog a bath does not eliminate a bad smell, you will need to try to determine the cause.


Poodle standing on top of a closed toilet

New Dog Not Going to The Bathroom?This is a page about new dog not going to the bathroom. Dogs may become stressed when they move to a new house or family. This can translate into problems going pee or poop.


A dog eating chicken and rice from a dog bowl.

Feeding a Dog Chicken and Rice?This is a page about feeding a dog chicken and rice. There are a couple of reasons you may feed your dog rice and chicken, one is when they have an upset stomach. However, in lieu of pet food you may want to supplement this diet with a few other foods.


small dog

Dog Diapers Won't Stay OnThis is a page about dog diapers won't stay on. Whatever the reason you need to use dog diapers, it is maddening when they won't stay on.


A Pomeranian peeing on a neighbor's lawn.

Is It Rude for My Dog to Pee on Neighbors' Lawns?Urine can kill grass and other landscape plants, so it is best to not allow your pet to pee on your neighbors' property. This is a page about, "Is it rude for my dog to pee on neighbors' lawns?".


Close up image at face level of a yellow labrador retriever laying on it's back on a bed with blue sheets

Dog Pooping in My BedThis is a page about dog pooping in my bed. There are a number of possible reasons that a house trained dog might start pooping on its owner's bed.


6 Week Old Puppy

Feeding a 6 Week Old Puppy?A six week old puppy is a bit young to be away from its mother. Feeding it in lieu of it being nursed, may require some experimentation and special food for awhile. This is a page about feeding a 6 week old puppy.




What Is My Chihuahua Mixed With?There are many sizes and colors of Chihuahuas. Your dog may may or may not be mixed with another breed. This page is about, "What is my Chihuahua mixed with?".


sad dog

Dog Not Eating After Other Family Dog DiedThis is a page about a dog not eating after other family dog died. Pets can also experience a sense of loss when another pet dies.


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Can I Give My Dog Canned Soup?Can I give my dog canned soup? For example Habitant beef, chicken, or vegetable soup. Maybe giving 5 or 6 tablespoons and mix with the 2 cups of dry food I give her.


Skinny German Shepherd Laying Down

Skinny German ShepherdThis is a page about a skinny German Shepherd. Having a very thin dog can be disturbing. Trying to determine the reason your pet won't gain weight is an important step toward getting your pet up to a healthy weight.


Bowl of plain scrambled eggs.

Feeding a Puppy Cooked Eggs?Feeding your dog an occasional cooked egg is fine. They usually really like them. With a puppy, any new food might be given in small amounts so that they get used to it. This is a page about feeding a puppy cooked eggs.


A Chihuahua laying in its bed.

Dog Peeing in Its Own BedThere are a number of reasons your pet may be wetting his or her bed. This is a page about dog peeing in its own bed.


A tan and white pit bull.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is a Pit Bull?Several dog breeds resemble each other. Determining the breed of a dog can be tricky. This is a page about, "How can I tell if my dog is a Pit Bull?".


dog laying on a white couch

Dog Peeing Inside When Lying Down?This is a page about dog peeing inside when lying down. It can be alarming and frustrating when a trained dog begins to have accidents in the house. You will need to determine if it warrants a trip to the vet or other action.


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Using Benadryl Spray on Dog's Paws?My little dog has been licking his two front paws to where now they are swollen bigger than the average size. He licks underneath them. I got some Benadryl antihistamine spray and sprayed them; was that OK?


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Getting Rid of Mange in the House?Will bleach work to kill mange mites in my carpets?


A Golden Retriever in heat.

How Long is a Dog in Heat?This page is about how long is a dog in heat? If your female dog still has her reproductive organs she will go through phases of fertility.


Pit Bull

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?This page contains questions and responses to the question, "Is my Pit Bull full blooded?". Trying to determine whether their dog is pure bred is something many owners attempt. While a DNA test will determine the breed definitively, there may be some characteristics of the breed that will help.


Sad puppy laying next to a plastic dish - one paw in the dish.

Puppy Won't Drink Water From a Dish?This is a page about a puppy not drinking water from a dish. Young puppies, recently weaned, may not want to drink from a dish without some coaxing.



Puppy is Not EatingThis is a page about puppy is not eating. It can be disturbing when your puppy refuses to eat.


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Advice for Owning Four Dogs?I was given 2 huskies, one male and one female. I have always wanted them so I couldn't say no. The problem is I already have a 5 month old pit which is my 9 yr old daughter's and 5 month old lab mix which is my 6 yr old son's. Can I make this work and how?



Golden retriever with puppies.

Dog Not Eating or Drinking After Having PuppiesHaving a litter of puppies can be a tough on a dog. Your dog not eating or drinking after having puppies is mostly normal, but keeping her food and water nearby will make it easier to get to when she is ready.


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Do Fleas Cause An Odor?My dog has an odor. I gave her a few flea bath and a week or two later, she still stinks. Plus she still has fleas. Would fleas have anything to do with her still having an odor?


Feeding a Dog That is a Picky Eater

Feeding a Dog Who is a Picky EaterThis page is about feeding a dog who is a picky eater. Just like other animals, some dogs do not want the food you have fed them.


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Keeping Dogs from Peeing in My Yard?I live in town, work in my yard a lot and get many compliments. But there are lots of people who walk their dogs and let them use my plants for their potty place. Of course, male dog urine is a plant killer.


Dog Jumping

Keeping Dogs from Jumping Your FenceThis is a page about keeping dogs from jumping your fence. Some dogs just love to jump over the fence, as soon as you turn your back, and head off on an adventure.


A beagle puppy sitting on the grass.

When Can a Puppy Safely Be Outside?Leaving a puppy outside alone, will depend on your yard and how secure and hazard free it is. The age of the pup also is also a factor. This is a page about, "When can a puppy safely be outside?".


Dachshund laying next to bowl not eating.

My Dachshund is Not Eating?This is a page about my Dachshund is not eating. When trips to the vet fail to determine why your pet has stopped eating it is time to take other measures.


Dog brush, scissors, razor, and dog fur

Dog's Hair Isn't Growing Back?This is a page about dog's hair isn't growing back. Some pet owners shave their pets either for health reasons or during hot weather. Fur growth following its removal may be unpredictable and slow.


Determining the Age of a Chihuahua

How to Determine the Age of a Chihuahua?A vet is a good resource for determining the age of your dog. They will typically check the dog's teeth, a method that you too can employ at home. This is a page about how to determine the age of a Chihuahua.


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Keeping Dog's Ears Floppy?My 4 month old Dachshund's ears are folding and sticking out. What can I do about this?


Dog Has Become Aggressive With Owner

Dog Has Become Aggressive With OwnerThis is a page about dog has become aggressive with owner. Determining the cause of sudden dog on owner aggression is the first step in reestablishing a good pet and owner relationship.


A Shar Pei dog under a blanket.

Keeping a Dog Warm at Night?This is a page about keeping a dog warm at night. Many dog owners look for ways to keep their pets warm and cozy at night when the temperatures begin to drop.


Puppy laying by food bowl not eating

My New Puppy Won't EatThere are a variety of reasons a new puppy won't eat. A check with the previous owner or your vet may help eliminate reasons other than just needing to settle in. This is a page about my new puppy won't eat.


Hand holding treat with a Shih Tzu puppy in the background

Shih Tzu Puppy Not EatingThis is a page about Shih Tzu puppy not eating. Puppies can sometimes be very picky eaters causing their people concern.


dog food outside

Keeping Birds Out of Dog's FoodThis is a page about keeping birds out of dog's food. If you feed your dogs outside you may have problems keeping visiting birds out of the kibble.


What Breed Is My Dog? (German Shepherd Mix)

What Breed Is My Dog? (German Shepherd Mix)This is a page about, "What breed is my dog?" (German Shepherd mix). Many pet owners have mixed breed dogs. Knowing the mix is not only interesting, but can be helpful in understanding your dog's behavior and by giving you an insight into potential health issues.


Purebred Dog at Vet

How to Tell if Your Dog is PurebredThe only sure way to determine whether a dog is purebred is DNA testing. This is a page about how to tell if your dog is purebred.


A dog outside playing with a ball.

Dog Won't Come Inside?This is a page about when a dog won't come inside. A frightened or wary dog may refuse to come inside willingly. This situation is frustrating for you and stressful for your pet.


Dog's Eating Patterns Have Changed?I am hoping for some advise, as I just might be worrying. I have a 7-8 month old Husky/Shepherd. He always used to eat on schedule -we'd put down a cup of food in the morning and he'd eat, then afternoon, night, etc.


Chihuahua and skunk touching noses

Is Skunk Spray Harmful To Dogs?In addition to the obvious awful smell, pet owners sometimes wonder if skunk spray is otherwise harmful to their dog. This is a page about "Is skunk spray harmful to dogs?".


Neapolitan Mastiff with a large bone

Feeding a Neapolitan MastiffIt can be difficult to get the right amount of daily feedings with the right proportion of nutrients for this big breed. Get tips on feeding a Neapolitan Mastiff in this page.


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Suggestions for a Large Kibble Dog Food?Can anyone help me? I would like to know the name of a dog food that has large kernels. Every brand I have used has small kernels and they just keep falling out of the jowls of my Great Dane and Great Pyrenees. I sure would appreciate any suggestions.


Dog With Her Puppies

Caring for a Dog and Her PuppiesThis is a page about caring for a dog and her puppies. When your dog has delivered puppies, you want to make sure she has a safe and warm place to nurture them.


Yawning beagle next to man making a yucky face

Puppy With Bad BreathThis is a page about puppy with bad breath. Puppies can have very bad breath when they are quite young.


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Why Does My Dog Rub It's Butt On The Ground?My dog was rubbing his butt on the ground, then he went outside and went number 2. Well it was runny and weird looking. What does that mean?


Dog Pees in the House When Excited

Dog Pees in the House When ExcitedThis is a page about what to do if a dog pees in the house when excited. Some dogs can accidentally pee when they become excited.


Dog in Backyard

Keeping Your Dog in Your YardThis is a page about keeping your dog in your yard. If your canine escape artist is on the wrong side of the fence again, there are some solutions you can try.


Scared Dog

Rehabilitating a Former Bait Dog?This is a page about rehabilitating a former bait dog. A rescued former bait dog has experienced a horrific life prior to coming to your home.


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Tying Up a Spaniel's Ears to Dry Them Out?How do you tie your spaniel ears to help dry them out? Any help would be great.


Dog laying down at night

Dog Needs to Potty in the Middle of the Night?Puppies like children often need to pee or potty in the middle of the night. This need will diminish as your dog gets older. Some foods with a lot of fillers can produce larger or more frequent BMs and drinking water too late at night can be a problem. Also check with a vet for possible urinary tract infections. This is a page about dog needs to potty in the middle of the night.


Dog With Food Allergies

Feeding a Dog With Food AllergiesThis is a page about feeding a dog with food allergies. Many dogs suffer from food allergies.


dog sitting in bed

Dog Pees in Owner's BedThis is a page about dog pees in owner's bed. It is extremely frustrating when your dog pees on the bed. There are a few different reasons that this may occur. Knowing why your dog exhibited this behavior will help to teach her not to do it again in the future, or help you make changes to prevent this from reoccurring.


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Removing Permanent Ink From Pet's Fur?How do I remove permanent ink from my Golden doodle's fur?


What Breed Are My Pit Bulls? - white and grey Pit

What Breed Are My Pit Bulls?I'm trying to find out what breed or bloodline my Pit Bulls are. They just had their first litter and everyone keeps asking me what type of breed or bloodline they are.


Aggressive Dog

Dog is Aggressive Towards Other...This is a page about dog is aggressive towards other resident dogs. Dogs are pack animals that would normally establish a hierarchy of dominance and define a territory as their own. When introducing a new dog(s) into your home with a resident dog, patience and proper introduction techniques can help reduce or eliminate the potential aggressive behavior.


Dog Won't Eat

Dog Won't EatWhen your pet stops eating, determining the cause is the first step in resolving the issue. This is a page about dog won't eat.


A veterinarian holding a dog.

Remedies for Worms in DogsThis is a page about remedies for worms in dogs. Some pet owners prefer to treat worms with products and remedies other than medications from a vet.


vet using a stethoscope on a dog

Shih Tzu Breathing ProblemsShih Tzu dogs are one of the brachycephalic breeds meaning that they have short noses and flat faces. This can, and often does, lead to breathing issues. If you have one of these popular pups check the information in this page about Shih Tzu breathing problems.


scared dog

Dog is Afraid to Go Outside?This is a page about dog is afraid to go outside. Working with a pet that is afraid to go outside requires patience and consistency.


Rawhide dog bone on white background

Flavoring Old Dog BonesThis is a page about flavoring old dog bones. Dogs will often lose interest in their rawhide bones after a time. You can try adding peanut butter in the crevices, boiling them in bouillon, or even tossing them into some of the stored food for a couple of days.


dog with parvo

Information About ParvoThis is a page about information about parvo. Parvo is a deadly canine virus that infects many dogs every year. There is a vaccine and treatments for dogs who have contracted the virus, as well as, instructions for cleaning up a house or yard after an infection.


6 Week Old Puppy

6 Week Old Puppy Won't Eat or Drink?Puppies need to benefit from their mother's milk until they are 8 weeks old. This is a page about 6 week old puppy won't eat or drink.


Sad looking dog wearing white, blue, and brown coat curled up on white chair with head down on TV remote.

Dog That's Afraid of the TV?This is a page about dog that's afraid of TV. Pet owners sometimes have to work with a pet that suddenly exhibits fear of certain sights or sounds.


Feeding a Puppy

Feeding a PuppyThis page is about feeding a puppy. Making sure that your new puppy gets proper nutrition is important.


scared dog with tail between legs

Homemade Thundershirt for DogsThis is a page about homemade Thundershirt for dogs. The Thundershirt is designed to calm an anxious or fearful dog. If you find them too pricey you may want to try making your own.


Dog Won't Let New People in the House?My dog will not let any new person in my house. Is there anything I can do to stop this? It almost seems like no one other than our household is allowed in the house. He even knocked my 8 yr old son over while outside when he was just trying to come in the house and almost attacked his 8 yr old friend.


Dog With Separation Anxiety

Remedies for Dogs With Separation AnxietyThis is a page about remedies for dogs with separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can be very stressful for both dogs and their owners.


German Shepherd

Is My Dog a Pure Bred German Shepherd?Although a genetic test is the best way to accurately define a dog's breed there are physical characteristics that can help distinguish between a pure bred and mixed breed pup. This is a page about, "Is my dog a pure bred German Shepherd?.


A German Shepard and a Jack Russel next to each other.

German Shepherd Jack Russel Mix PhotosWhile not a typical cross, because of the size difference, German Shepherd and Jack Russel terrier mixed puppies are possible. This page contains photos and comments regarding German Shepherd and Jack Russel mix pups.


Scared Chihuahua against a white background

Rescued Dog is Afraid of Everything?This is a page about rescued dog is afraid of everything. Rescued pets have often lived in terrible conditions and have suffered neglect or physical cruelty.


4 Week Old Puppy

Feeding a 4 Week Old Puppy?Very young puppies can be given goat's milk or special puppy formulas available at pet stores. As they mature these liquids can be mixed with puppy kibbles and blended or softened depending on their age. This is a page about feeding a 4 week old puppy.


Dog eating a sock.

My Dog Eats Socks and BrasThis page contains suggestions for when a dog eats socks and bras. Some dogs find certain items that they prefer to chew up. While most times it is a behavior issue, sometimes it is a medical issue too. The obvious first step is to make sure these items are picked up, but here are some other ideas to try if your dog is eating clothing.


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Min Pin Smells Bad?I have a Min Pin and he stinks. I have been bathing him once a week. I know that bathing him that often is not good but lord I can't stand his smell. Anyone have any advice?


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Dog Depressed After Getting a New Puppy?We just got a toy poodle named Butchie, and my 3 year old miniature poodle seems depressed. He will not eat, play with toys, and just lays on the couch all day.


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Dog Wakes Up and Chases Her Butt?Can someone please tell me what makes my mini schnauzer jump up out of a dead sleep and chase her butt, as if something was sticking her? She has no worms, as I keep up to date on all shots, worming etc. The vet has her on an antibiotic for proctitis and her anal glands have been expressed twice within a 7 day period. This is driving the dog crazy. She spends a lot of time looking at her butt.


When Will My Puppy Stop Growing?I have a beautiful Siberian husky/German shepherd mix named Tippy. I was just wondering at what age will she stop growing. She is 9 and a half months old. Thanks.


Disposing of Dog Waste

Disposing of Dog WasteThis page is about disposing of dog waste. Determining the best way to dispose of your dog's waste is important to our environment.


Poodle Terrier Mix

Poodle Terrier Mix PhotosThis is a page about Poodle Terrier mix photos. The Poodle Terrier mix is a popular pet choice. Sometimes this mix is intentionally produced by a breeder and other times by nature herself.


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Owning a Husky/Shepherd Mix in One Bedroom Apartment?I live in a one-bedroom apartment in New Jersey. However, there are a lot of great parks in the neighborhood, not necessarily dog parks, though.


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Can Clothes Effect a Dog's Behavior?I have a female Chihuahua. I haven't really dressed her up until recently. It seems that when she is wearing clothes, she acts more mellow. She doesn't jump up or play as hard. She still eats and poops normally.


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Resident Dog Peeing in the House After Arrival of New Dog?I have a Golden Retriever who is 1 year and 8 months old. He has always been very good about not relieving himself in the house. He hasn't done so since he was about 3 months old until lately.



Is My Rottweiler Full Blooded?Although only a DNA test will answer this question fully, there are often physical characteristics that can help determine if your dog is likely a pure bred. This is a page about, "Is my Rottweiler full blooded?.


Pekingese dog.

My Pekingese is Not Eating?This is a page about my Pekingese is not eating. Encouraging a picky dog to eat can be a challenge. Likewise getting a spoiled dog to eat pet food rather than your food is a process.


Blind Dog

Caring for a Blind Dog?This is a page about caring for a blind dog. With patience and special techniques you can successfully train and care for a blind dog.


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Attaching Wheels to a Dog Kennel?How can I attach wheels to an extra large wire dog kennel? It's too heavy to keep moving around. I am looking for a inexpensive way to do this so I can move it around so I can clean under it. I am not as strong as I used to be.


Dog looking out a window on a rainy day.

Dog is Afraid of Bad Weather?This is a page about when dog is afraid of bad weather. Many dogs are upset by thunder storms.


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Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod Squares - sod in a pool

Dog Potty Spot Made from Sod SquaresWe live in Florida and half of the year we are prepping for hurricanes and my dog may have to stay in for hours or even days during bad weather. I went to my local garden center purchased a couple of pieces of fresh sod(yes you can buy pcs! About $2.50 each) I put the sod in a cheap plastic kiddie pool on my back porch and voila! Outside potty inside!


dog howling

How To Answer "What Breed Is Your Dog?"With so many people asking "What breed is my dog?" on here I thought I'd share a cute, quick answer that anyone can use, any time someone asks what breeds are in your mutt, or "what kind of dog is that?"


A dog sitting on a rug.

Dog Pees on RugsWhen your house trained dog begins to pee inside, determining the cause and retraining are in order. It is a good idea to rule out any medical causes. This page information for when a dog pees on rugs.


Dog Potty Clean Up Station - old wooden box used for poop bag dispenser outside

Dog Potty Clean Up StationI found this wood box at the thrift store and then it set in my garage for 2 years. I knew one day it would come to mind what to use it fo. I am not sure what it was, maybe a box to hold a candle, it has a door that swings open and a hole in one end.


Leave Pets at Home When Traveling

Leave Pets at Home When TravelingRecently, we had a family emergency and had to travel out of state on a moment's notice. We didn't know how long we would need to be gone so we brought our dog, Honey. This turned out to be a mistake.


Dog Playing in Mud

Keeping Dogs from Tracking Mud Inside?Dogs that have access to your yard can frequently track in mud. Other than wiping their feet every time they come in, this page offers some other solutions. This is a page about keeping dogs from tracking mud inside.


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A yoga mat piece lining the inside of a dog crate.

Prevent Blanket Slippage in Dog CratesIf you line your pet's crate with blankets, throws, or towels and find they constantly slide around on the slippery plastic tray that comes with the crate, I have an inexpensive solution. I found an old exercise/yoga mat that I was no longer using, which I cut with scissors to fit the crate's plastic tray. Since my dog is small, I still have enough of the mat left to cut two more pieces, which I can trade out when one needs to be cleaned.


A sad dog lying on a carpeted floor.

Helping a Grieving DogDogs have strong feelings and can experience grief when losing another pet or person in the family. This will pass over time but serious depression or anxiety should be cause for a vet visit.


A Husky/German Shepherd mix in the woods.

Ideal Conditions for a Husky Cross Outside?What do you guys think is the coldest temperature that my Gerberian Shepsky can survive? And what is the hottest temperature that they can survive? (A Gerberian Shespsky is a dog with a Husky and German Shepherd parent.)


Missy (Shih Tzu/Yorkie) - gray dog in grass and clover

Missy (Shih Tzu/Yorkie)When I was 11 she was given to my family as a runt of the pack. She loves to run around and be in someone's lap at all times.


sketch of finished water bucket

Making Pet Drinking BucketsSome pets live outdoors so they need a water supply. The idea I came up with is a reasonable idea and takes less labour to keep water good. We bought a 5 gallon bucket made of plastic, with a lid to keep on at all times. We cut a house shaped hole in the side, this is access of the pet to drink. If you do this you will lessen objects falling in the water and less green forming in the bucket. The size is determined according to the pet you have. We have a large dog in a pen.


A yoga mat piece lining the inside of a dog crate.

Prevent Blanket Slippage in Dog CratesIf you line your pet's crate with blankets, throws, or towels and find they constantly slide around on the slippery plastic tray that comes with the crate, I have an inexpensive solution. I found an old exercise/yoga mat that I was no longer using, which I cut with scissors to fit the crate's plastic tray. Since my dog is small, I still have enough of the mat left to cut two more pieces, which I can trade out when one needs to be cleaned.



A black dog sleeping with a small white and brown dog.

Older Dog Peeing Inside With New Puppy?We have a 18 month old male Giant Schnauzer and recently got a 10 week old female ShihTzu. They get on really well with each other which is what we wanted as the GS had separation anxiety, but occasionally he is peeing in the house. The puppy is really good and goes outside. Have you any advice please?


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Dog With Puppies is Aggressive to Children?My French Bulldog has just had pups. She was absolutely fine, but has become aggressive to one of my children. I'm keeping all the children away from her now as I know this is common with new mums. However, my concern is will she stop this aggressive behaviour and go back to 'normal'? She has never been aggressive before and is the friendliest dog I've ever had, will she go back to this?


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Pitbull Boxer Mix Won't Eat?I have a pitbull boxer mix that refuses to eat his dry food or human food. I have tried hot dogs, I tried various different dog foods as well. My pitbull boxer mix goes after my cat's food but we don't allow him eat it and also snatches food from my one year old. I need advice on how to get my pitbull boxer mix breed to eat.


Is My Dog a Chihuahua? - tri-colored puppy

Is My Dog a Chihuahua?I paid $500 for a Chihuahua pup, but now I'm not so sure she's a Chihuahua. She has floppy, fluffy ears and doesn't show signs of them standing up. She was 3 months old yesterday.


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Dog Grieving Due to Loss Of Sister?I actually had two dogs, a Golden Retriever (female) and German Shepherd (male). They actually really get along well, play together, share foods, sleep together and explored places together with our neighbor's dog. My female dog suddenly got really ill and died. After that, my male dog changed. He used to eat a lot, being playful and energetic which is now completely opposite. He became timid, he sleeps a lot, eat less and doesn't want to play with other dog like he used to do.


A chocolate lab looking at the camera.

My Young Dog Died Suddenly?My 2.5 year old chocolate Lab died suddenly and unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. My family is totally heartbroken and have no answers. I just don't get it and we couldn't bring ourselves to do an autopsy as the situation was traumatizing enough. He was playing and having a good time in the snow with my daughter the day before, all was good. The next morning was unbearable.


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