How to Prevent Dog From Hiding Under Bed?

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November 19, 2007

A puppy hiding under a bed.New dog likes to hide under a bed. We need to put something under the bed that will keep him from scooting all the way under it.

I was thinking of large rectangular boxes, but cardboard might attract silverfish (we don't want to start having a problem). Sheets of foam might dry out and crumble (or the dog might shred them). We could go out and buy a bunch of plastic containers, but I'd rather be thrifty!



Holly from Richardson, TX


By Rusty (Guest Post)
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I made plywood skirts (1/4" thick) and attached them using hinges. They will swing outward only. My two Border Collies haven't figured out how to raise them, yet.

By Pete (Guest Post)
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Dogs are cave animals from way back in their programming. He is ok there. Better to work from the inside of the animal first, meaning, help and allow the confidence, security, familiarity come to the animal. Find ways to work that, rather than drastically changing the environment. The plywood and preventive measures can come later on, but wait just a bit. Work the behavior first, it will be better for the both of you in the long run. Accept it, but if you can't work the training, block the bottom of the bed and move on to the next place the animal will look to for comfort. Additionally, look at the rest of your environment, other animals, noises, etc. I have seen the most couragous of dogs (farm dogs to chase off a hungry coyote), hide from a squawking bird in a cage. Let the animal enjoy its cave.

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For the people who say let them do it, we are having this problem with our puppy, but he goes under the bed to chew and destroy things. For him it is more of a game, he knows we have trouble getting to him. I don't believe it is entirely safe to just let them go under the bed.


In a week he had torn off all of the backing on our mattress. We have had to shut the bedroom door, but in a 1 bedroom apartment this limits our space. I will use the idea of hinges. Thank you.

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There are hard plastic (under the bed) storage boxes which slide under the bed and serve as a great block for pups who crawl under the bed. You can store anything in them ... photos, shoes, socks, hats - anything!

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I would personally just let him hide under there for a while. It feels safe to him. He'll probably stop when he gets used to your place. However, I have a dog that has enjoyed sleeping under the bed for years.


He just likes it. Maybe try to find him another safe place, such as a box turned on its side or a kennel?


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Get some room spray in smells dogs don't like, such as citrus, and spray it on the floor under your bed.

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We bought that green indoor/outdoor carpeting and put it under our bed to keep our doggie out from under and from peeing/pooing as well - it cut down on things drastically

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I agree that you should let him hide under the bed for awhile. Its his way of feeling safe. The best way for him to stop hiding is for him to feel safe in your home, and that takes time. Cardboard boxes or foam might block him from going under the bed, but solutions like that only deal with the symptom and not your dog's underlying insecurities.


The cure is to make him feel secure, which will take place over time.

By Me (Guest Post)
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I agree. Let him hide there. I don't see the harm. You say he's "new" so it's obvious he just needs to become secure in his new home. People should think like a dog instead of a human. It should be about what the dog physically & mentally needs, not what humans think they need. And I too had a dog who always wanted be under something, table or whatever, long after she was new to my home.

By leila (Guest Post)
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Here is something you might want to try: Measure the length and width of your bed, Then cut plywood to place between the frame and the floor (all around the bed, you can stain the wood before placing it in place). Thus preventing "Rover" from getting under the bed and can serve as a great hiding place for gifts for the holidays and birthdays.

By martha (Guest Post)
August 21, 20081 found this helpful

We have a sheltie and we have tried to figure out how to get her to stay out from under the bed so much. For over a year now she just comes out to get something to eat, check on her chickens and to get hot dogs. We don't want to force her to stay out but then it is hard and makes me and my mom feel bad that she stays under the bed so much.


We show her all kinds of attention when she is out from under the bed and it does not help.


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August 23, 20081 found this helpful

We solved the problem by placing a large, thin rectangular box under the bed. Then the dog grew too big to hide under the bed. Now he 'hides' under the dining room table.

By Lacy (Guest Post)
September 5, 20086 found this helpful

I agree with whoever it was that said dogs are cave animals! We had a problem with our miniature dachshund doing this when I was a kid and my aunt who is a vet reccomended getting the dog a crate. She says that getting a dog a crate full of blankets and covered over with another blanket gives the dog a space of her own in the house, a cave if you would.


Put a couple of chews or treats in there with some comfy blankets and always leave the door may find the dog likes it even better than under the bed! Good luck!

By Nicole (Guest Post)
October 9, 20082 found this helpful

I am familiar with this situation. I have a Chihuahua who likes to take little poops under my bed. I have had to put a bunch of plastic bins under there to keep her from going under there. I really don't know of any other better idea.

By Tim (Guest Post)
December 28, 20082 found this helpful

Well, if you have a 4lb Chihuahua. you don't want them under the bed. Mine likes to poop and urinate underneath there. I'm trying to solve the problem as well. I have a crate with cover,bedding and blanket inside, and skirts so I know its not a din or safety issue. He is very stubborn and doesn't want to potty in his designated area anymore and I take him outside often. He used his spot often when he was younger, but now forget about it.

January 21, 20141 found this helpful

Get some under the bed storage boxes. You gain storage and they loose access.

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My rescue dog is climbing under the bed and ripping apart the box spring bit by bit. I am desperate for a way to stop her from going under the bed and shredding our box spring. I am considering putting four by fours along the edges of the bed and also considering taping cardboard to the bottom of the bed and seeing if she will defeat that or not. I am desperate for some ideas.

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Buy a product called Scat Mat and put it under the bed.

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I do not like it when my dog Max under my bed and I'm trying to find a way to keep him from doing that other than keeping my door shut all the time. Can anybody tell me something I can use to keep him from going under the bed.

August 15, 20150 found this helpful

Shut my Aussie is4 now,almost 5 and he sleeps under the bed. Wish he wouldn't because he has a hard time getting out. Haven't figured out how to stop him yet.

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I have had a female chihuahua for 6 years and every time I put my king bed on the frame she gets under it and poops. =/ She goes outside, but there is something about the bed area that makes her feel she needs to leave little "bombs" all over the place under it. It's really big and heavy, so moving it every day to get to the little gifts is not fun. I think after reading all of the replies, I might just try the idea of making a wooden "skirt" around the frame to keep her from getting under it. It may be harder to do but well worth the result. ;)

January 16, 20163 found this helpful

After reading everyone's similar problems and possible solutions, I'm going to try stapling 5" landscape edging from the inside of the wooden frame of my bed. I think it will leave such a small space underneath, he can't go there anymore. It comes in black, so I don't think it will even show.

February 10, 20161 found this helpful

I'm having the same problem that most of you are having. Mine will go to the bathroom under my bed but she also goes outside to. She also steals my clothes and slippers under my bed along with her toys. And when I have to go out she runs under the bed so it takes me a lot longer to get her

March 30, 20160 found this helpful

I have a pocket beagle and I have the same issue, he runs and hides under my bed, and I can smell the pee, I don't know what to do to get him out, I will try each advise here.

August 19, 20161 found this helpful

So Cute!

August 25, 20160 found this helpful

I am at my wits end, he's always under my bed and now he's tearing my,material from my new box spring. Tried blocking it, spraying deterrent spray but nothing works. My family says just let him go there, but as he gets bigger he's tearing my box spring. I love him so ill keep trying, but im very frustrated because i want my new bed to remain new, least for a little while. Any other suggestions??

November 23, 20160 found this helpful

I have a similar problem. I got a rescue dog about a month ago. He is a Labrador retriever mix. I haven't had any issues with him wanting to hide under the bed until recently. The problem is he can barely fit going in and out under the bed. I don't know what to do and I don't understand why he started doing it. In fear of him injuring himself going in and out I started having him sleep in his crate but i have to lock it because he likes to go through the trash.

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Consider getting plywood cut to the size of your box spring and place it UNDER the box spring, and supported by the frame or rails. The plywood will act as a barrier and protect your dogs head from sticking it up there where his mischievous self does not belong.

April 7, 20173 found this helpful

I have a similar issue with my dad's little dog. We go to leave and he hides under the bed. Only issue is he pees when he's nervous and me trying to get him out makes him nervous. My plan and reason of coming here was to see if anyone has made a wood bed skirt? My thought was frame the gap with wood to keep him out. Simple cuts and screws to hold wood together and could slide out if necessary. I'd only need three sides as head is against wall. Maybe if I'm feeling fancy would use live edge at the top for decoration. Thoughts?

April 15, 20172 found this helpful

I took plastic garden edging and a hook and eye latch into the baseboards.. or you can make a hole and tie them to metal ones. Make it the length of the open area. Bed skirts will cover it;)

July 30, 20170 found this helpful

I have this exact same problem currently. She's been doing it for years. I ended up getting an IKEA bed with drawers that go underneath so she had no access to get in but that bed is gone now and sure enough.. I've been in my new house for TWO days and just looked under to find two poops

August 16, 20171 found this helpful

This sounds like a good idea, but I have those bins and they're a favorite chew toy for my lab mix. The corners have been completely destroyed on three of them, and he tries to eat the plastic once he bites it off. This could be great for some dogs, but those power chewers go right through them! I don't mind my lab mix going under the bed, except when he tries chewing or eating the plastic for obvious reasons!

October 9, 20171 found this helpful

Two things that I know are effective is a Skillcraft broom can get those from Walmart for $8.01

You can get a shock collar from Amazon and I can assure you after about 138 jolts your pet will get the hint.

November 11, 20170 found this helpful

Also, when I allow my pup under the bed (who is also in potty training) that tends to be his favorite spot to go and poop since he's not allowed to use the bathroom in the house. Instead of walking me to the front door outside he goes under the bed and poops thinking I'm not going to find out. Is there a barrier i can buy and put on my bed so he doesn't crawl under ?

December 17, 20171 found this helpful

Yes, my puppy doesn't go underneath my bed cuz she's Scared. She goes underneath there to explore and I'm afraid that she is going to chew stuff or go potty underneath there so I'm trying to find a way to block it off so she can't enter

December 17, 20170 found this helpful

I am making a wood bed skirt for my tiny chuiawa right now and so far it's the best idea I have come up with, if I can get it to stay.

April 13, 20180 found this helpful

How do the connect and to what? Did you also put plywood under mattress and springs. Or did you do hinges on two corners?
Please reply to email address so as to make sure I see t=your answer.

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I just flipped over my sleep number and found the wires chewed also. Quick, cheap, solid fix. Cinder blocks

June 28, 20181 found this helpful

"New" yes but giving in isn't a good idea. There HARM would be the wires from either the bed or the wires from having things plugged into the wall. this person might as well say goodbye to everything under their bed because dogs will chew up everything to feel "Secure." I have a 1 1/2 year old husky and he will chew anything he can get his muzzle on. This answer does not help, nor does it solve the issue when this person is asking for help, not to simply give in.

January 11, 20190 found this helpful

I have a Yorkie that has an ear problem and so when he goes underneath the bed which I can't get them he cries and cries and I can't get them out and I need to block it somehow it's really important otherwise he can scream all night long and he's on medication but it doesn't seem to help so anybody with a suggestion I put cardboard around it and duct taped it but my other dog ate and pulled all the duct tape off so there's a big problem I have

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