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Pattern For Highchair Pad

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Does anyone know where to get patterns for a highchair pad? I bought a chair at a thrift store, and it needs a new pad. I could order one from the company, but they want 3 times what I paid for the chair. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

LeaAnn from Mitchell, SD



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By londa (Guest Post)10/09/2008

If it was me, I'd take any old flat pillow in the house, stuff it in a pillow case and leave it at that. I sew, but only when I have to! Londa

By Julie [49]10/09/2008

take a piece of newspaper , lay it in you seat, cut out around it to get your pattern, then use 2 thick hand towels cut out your pattern, sew up around the 3 edges, turn inside out, fill it with pollyfiber or old rags or socks then sew up the other end. very soft and just toss to wash it when it gets dirty. after he out grows his seat use it as a mat for him sitting in the floor to play inside or outside.

By Melanie (Guest Post)10/08/2008

My little guy used to cry when I put him in his high chair, then I realized that the plastic covered foam seat was cracked and pinching him! With no money to buy a new high chair and not able to find a replacement cover, I tucked a crib comforter around the chair, tucking it in to the handle on the back of the chair and around the arms. The tray can still slide on and off no problem, we just can't use his safety/seat belt any more. Other than that, it works awesome and cleans up so easily - just take it off and throw it in the washer. Chris loves being able to choose what his high chair looks like now, instead of the same old chair all the time :) Wish I was crafty enough to come up with a pattern to market this!

By Lydia [2]10/08/2008

I did some research on my computer because i live in Paris and I found out you americans have a store called Walliemart NO NO NO wait it was Walmart I think???? Well im not sure if you have a "Walmart" but anyway i hear they have a good deal one pattern for $3.00!! I dont know if that is cheap in america i should in know im just a kid!!! Anyway I hope this helps!!!! -Lilly- Paris,France

By Jessi G (Guest Post)10/08/2008

I had the same problem with some booster seats that I purchased at a garage sale for my twins. I just measured the size of the seat, cut a square of foam and some fabric (with extra room to accommodate the width) and sewed the edges together. I purchased some self-stick velcro to use on one edge so that the cover could be removed and washed. Hope this helps! Jessi

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