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Removing Cigarette Smell on Clothes

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Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is very pervasive, it can cling to your clothing if you either smoke yourself, work or live with a smoker. This is a guide about removing cigarette smell on clothes.



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Question: Quickly Removing Cigarette Smells From Clothing

How do you eliminate cigarette smells from clothes as quickly as possible?



Best Answers

By Kelly [15]03/09/2006

Wash your clothes with Scope (one capful) and it will get heavy smoke out (we went through a fire and had to wash everything) If it needs to be done right away, any fabric refresher would do (clorox makes a great one, just as safe on fabrics as febreez

Best Answers

By (Guest Post)06/18/2005

Add a cup of ammonia to the water when laundering clothes - this really eliminates the stale smoke smell.

Best Answers

By debbie (Guest Post)06/07/2005

You can also put them in the electric clothes dryer if you have access to one with a fabric softener sheet on the no-heat setting (mine says "air fluff").

Best Answers

By Sandra06/07/2005

White clothes, rinse with white vinegar. It also helps whiten and gets rid of excess soap.

Question: Removing Smoke Smell from Clothing

I need to clean a white dress that has been hanging in my closet and has smoke damage from the fireplace. Any suggestions?

By Josephine from Winterville, GA


Best Answers

By Cyinda [214]12/05/2009

We had a house fire and the insurance company sent in the pros in to help us with smoke damage. The first thing they did was hook up a huge ozone machine to remove the smoke smell from the carpeting and furniture. But when it came to clothing and other machine washables, they told us to pour one can of regular Coca-Cola (with sugar, not diet) into the wash with each load and it worked! All of the nasty smoke smell came out of our clothes. This also works with camping clothes and even with clothes from cigarette smokers.

If you can't wash your item in the machine, try Vanilla Febreze. It has a light scent that's not overwhelming. Be sure to spray the front and back then turn the garment inside out & do the front & back again, then hang dry.

If you can get your hands on a good ozone based home air cleaner then that's the ticket! Run the ozone based air cleaner in a small room (like a bath room) with your dress hanging from the shower bar.

Best Answers

By shirley08/29/2007

Try using white vinegar in the laundry. This will take out any residue of smoke in the clothes.

Question: Getting Rid of Cigarette Smell on Clothes

My mom smokes cigarettes and she a heavy smoker, and when I go out in public my clothes smells horrible. I'm fifteen years old. Can anybody tell what I should do?

By Kay

Most Recent Answer

By Drea S.01/10/2015

Tell your mom you love her and want to see her live to meet her grandkids and you don't plan on having kids anytime soon so she needs to get with the program. :) seriously though tell her. She probably doesn't think about it. Tell her you smell like a smoker and you don't want to. Tell her your feelings and ask her to go outside and not smoke in car... Nicotine sticks to anything and can cause major problems for those who don't even smoke.

Question: Eliminating Cigarette Smoke from Clothes

My parents are smokers and every 3 weeks I go to my boyfriend's house and I reek with smoke and he has asthma. We live in an apartment and they don't open the windows or anything. How would I take the scent off of me to where it doesn't trigger his or his mom's asthma?

By Summer from Talalah, OK

Solutions: Removing Cigarette Smell on Clothes

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