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Cleaning Grease Off Wallpaper

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cleaning grease off wallpaper

Cooking, little fingers, and other activities can leave grease spots on your wallpaper. This is a guide about cleaning grease off wallpaper.


Solutions: Cleaning Grease Off Wallpaper

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Tip: Cleaning Grease from Wallpaper

To remove grease spots on wallpaper, hold several white paper towels over the spot and press with a lukewarm iron (hot may set the stain) until the grease is absorbed. If the paper is washable, follow by sponging the area with diluted dishwashing liquid. For non-washable paper, apply a paste spot remover; brush off after it dries to a powder.

By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Grease Off Wallpaper.

Question: Cleaning Grease Off Wallpaper

I recently bought a mobile home and the people who lived there before me never cleaned the walls. I do not wish to paint over the kitchen, but do not know how to take off the grease without ruining the wallpaper. Any Ideas?

Allison from New York


Best Answers

By MikiStewart09/22/2008

It may be way too late for the original questioner, but this may help others who come to this question. I have cleaned greasy wallpaper with cheap white bread. Just rub it with a piece of bread held like an eraser until it has soaked up the grease and dirt. Throw the slice away and start with a fresh piece as often as necessary. If there is a lot of grease, use pads of paper towels and a WARM iron to leach the grease from the paper first.

Best Answers

By Amy11/08/2004

You might also try Murphy's Oil Soap. It works for cleaning the whole house. My parents had the same problem in their trailor behind the stove. It's tough to get out.

Best Answers

By Kathleen Bennett11/05/2004

I have used Greased Lightning with success. I buy it at Wal-Mart but know it's available other places as well. Be sure to try it on an inconspicuous place first as it definitely takes paint off some surfaces, so it may damage your paper.

Good luck,

Question: Cleaning Grease from Textured Wallpaper

We recently bought a flat and the kitchen is papered in quite a thick embossed wallpaper. However, as it's in the kitchen it's smothered in quite a thick layer of grease from years worth of cooking.
We really want to paint over it to make the room brighter, but before we paint we need to get the grease off. Any ideas what we can use? We really don't want to strip it as we're worried about what the walls are like underneath!

Many thanks!

By Talia


Best Answers

By t [2]03/08/2012

If you can't find Awesome cleaner (I noticed you said flat. I suppose you are not in US) Try any degreaser. It will take of the grease. If you have Dawn dish soap, you can use that. Add a bit to some hot water and scrub the walls. Just look for a product that says degreaser.

Best Answers

By t [2]03/08/2012

If there's a walmart near you, try to pick up some Awesome cleaner. It's a yellow liquid and can be used for many things. The dilution is right on the bottle. Mix it up and scrub it clean. It will take off nicotine from walls and grease from surfaces. It has a nice scent too I think (clean)

Question: Removing a Butter Splatter from Wallpaper

Hot butter exploded and went on the wall paper.

By Jack


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Archive: Cleaning Grease from Wallpaper

To remove greasy spots on wallpaper, apply a paste of cornstarch and water. Allow to dry. Then brush or vacuum gently.

For bare spaces in wallpaper; color in with felt tip marker. This works for small spaces or ones that are not visible.

By Anne A. from Fernley, NV