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Using Accidentally Frozen Raw Potatoes

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Frozen Raw Potatoes

When raw potatoes have been frozen, they are soft when thawed. They can be cooked right away and used in some dishes. This guide is about using accidentally frozen potatoes.



Here are questions related to Using Accidentally Frozen Raw Potatoes.

Question: Potatoes Stored in Garage Froze

I have yellow potatoes laying out in my garage and we have 3-4 inches of snow on the ground and they are all frozen. I need to know if I can just keep them frozen and put them in bags and into the freezer. I really don't want to waste them. The cold weather kind of just came on faster then I was expecting.

By Stacey from South-West VA


Most Recent Answer

By cckarl01/02/2011

Potatoes frozen one time can be used. After frozen more than once and rethawed they turn mushy grey and taste terrible. Best to cut them up while still semi frozen, blanch if not going to use them right away, dry them quick and freeze loosely on cookie trays as french fries, homefries, etc. Place pieces in bags and freeze right away. Mash and freeze immediately. Don't add anything else to potatoes.

Question: I Accidentally Froze a Bag of Potatoes

I froze a bag of potatoes by mistake. Can I use them?

By Deb from Bismarck, ND


Most Recent Answer


You most certainly can still use them! Cook and mash them and re-freeze in individual containers for future use for potato pancakes, dumplings, seasoned mashers, etc, etc! Here are a couple links that should be of help to you and both links have quite a few good recipes: ... es-for-leftover-mashed-potatoes.html

Question: Using Potatoes That Accidentally Froze

I left a 15# bag of potatoes in the car and they froze. I brought them into the house and they thawed and now are leaking fluids and are spongy. Are they still edible for mashed or frying?

By Dianna E.

Most Recent Answer

By Mina2184 [23]01/17/2014

This happened to me once too. I cut them in large pieces, microwave cooked them with the skins on, drained the excess water then peeled them. I puree'd them and froze several bags, each one enough to use as the base for a creamed soup. Worked fine.

Question: Potatoes Froze Accidentally

My 10-pound bag of potatoes froze on my back porch, then thawed. They are now all squishy. Is there any use for them?

By Roger

Solutions: Using Accidentally Frozen Raw Potatoes

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