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Blue Wine Bottles

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I have a large collection of empty blue glass wine bottles. I'm looking for design ideas for reusing them. I love the cobalt blues and all the different shapes and sizes. Ideas?

Linda from Cookeville, TN

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By Tracy Schooling06/02/2012

I take the blue and clear or frosted wine bottles, turn upside down, and line my flower beds with them. I take the labels off first.

By Karen H. [10]08/24/2011

Yes -those Bottle Trees are Great! I saw one either in Horticulture Magazine or Organic Gardening a while ago. Some one featured in the mag had one in their yard with All Blue Bottles! They really are pretty, & I really like the idea of putting mini-lights in them for Anytime of year -Inside & Out.They make a good frugal decoration.The Mosaic Idea & the Wind Chime sound good too.I'm gonna make some myself-even if I have to buy the bottles. : )

By nick (Guest Post)02/14/2009

I would re-fill them with home made wine. Who plants bottles in the dirt?

By LIli (Guest Post)09/03/2008

I am doing a spiritual project involving blue glass bottle (cobalt). Please, please if anyone is willing to sell or donate to us. I would be in deep gratitude. I need some in New York and in San Francisco, and Minneapolis.
If you do not have any, but have leads Please share on how to acquire blue glass (cork preferred) , other acceptable as well. Peace and love beyond all understanding .. Lili

By moneypenny (Guest Post)09/08/2007

I use them to edge my garden beds. I just dig a hole, bury them 1/2 way down and upside down. I put Christmas lights behind them. It is beautiful at night!

By KAREN [1]07/29/2007

On the note of melting the glass into blobs in a
kiln, you could also cut the bottles into rings on
a wet tile saw, then melt them in a kiln to form
blobby rings.

Then string them all together for a recycled and
unique wind chime. Visit your favorite search engine


By badwater [242]07/25/2007

There is a bottle house in Rhyolite, NV (a few hours out of Las Vegas). It's a house built with bottles instead of brick or other building supplies. Interesting! Built eons ago, mostly all the bottles were recycled from a saloon or tavern. They have tours there, a few times a year. It's just a thought, I bet you don't have that many, lol.

By Jill (Guest Post)05/12/2007

Hey...I have a great idea for your bottles. Get a "Bottle Tree". Try searching for The Bottle Tree Man. They're beautiful!

By Darlene Boone05/04/2007

We have a bottle tree made from blue bottles in our neigborhood. There are several sizes - wine bottles, the old milk of magnesia bottles and a smaller blue jar that I think Noxema skin cream came in. They are stuck on the ends of a dead small tree that does not get foliage anymore so they are always visible. It is very cool.

By Julie (Guest Post)12/08/2006

You can drill a hole in the back, put a 20-string of Christmas lights through the hole and then decorate the outside with ribbon, wine charm and grapes or whatever you like. We do these and sell them and have been doing pretty well.

By kelly (Guest Post)11/28/2006

Some time ago, my mom took cool bottles ( and the blue wine would have been way cool) and she hand painted "oil" etc on them, put a cork, some raffia sold them for a church fundraiser.
You could turn them into hanging plant starters, take wire and "wrap" adding pretty glass beads. shells and so on. Good luck, sounds fun already!

By (Guest Post)11/25/2006

Here's a few ideas:

I saw the coolest use for cobalt blue wine bottles on HGTV.
---> They made a "Bottle Tree"... which was a long wood (or metal) spike (about 5 or 6 feet tall) with wood dowels sticking out of it. They put the bottles on the dowels that stuck out horizontally and planted IVY or another creeper and wound it around the "tree" in their yard. This looked SO VERY COOL in the sunshine and was weather proof. You could substitute the homemade tree with a small leafless shrub too.
*** I would wind this with clear tiny Christmas lights & leave it up all year in the garden!

---> or use them to make a coat hanger by using a high quality bonding glue to a post or a small beam of wood

---> Set the bottles on a shelf or a window ledge and stuff with mini low volt lights & you have a beautiful conversation piece!

---> Break up the bottles in a brown bag wrapped in a towel using a hammer and use the glass (wear gloves) to do mosaics with. You could make stepping stones that would sparkle in the sun, or cover just about anything with the pieces. just go online to get instructions on how to do mosaics.

--->You can buy a glass cutter, and make other stuff

---> One more idea. Take the bottles to somewhere that they have a kiln and you can melt the glass into blobs.

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