Making Your Own Evaporated Milk


How do you make evaporated milk?

Rose from Natchez, MS



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By (Guest Post) 04/19/2008

I'm confused about the measurements in that last post. The larger amount of the powder has the lesser amount of water. Was that a mistake? or am I reading and re-reading it wrongly?

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By Harriet Schipper 11 135 04/20/2008

Yes, the second has to be backwards. I think both should read 2/3 c. dry milk (either low fat or whole) with 1 c. milk which will yield slightly over a cup of the equivalent to evaporated milk.

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By Arup Roy Chowdhury (Guest Post) 05/17/2008

Easiest way is if you have a pressure cooker at home, don't fill it over 2/3 and boil under medium heat, three whistles, turn it off and let the pressure go down on its own. You have rich, light red evaporated milk just like the Carnation cans you buy from the grocery.

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By Jennifer (Guest Post) 10/28/2008

Does anyone know how to substitute evaporated milk for powdered dry in a bread recipe?

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Can a person make their own evaporated milk? Jamish from Ransom, Kansas

Re: Making Your Own Evaporated Milk

I didn't know you could make your own evaporated milk! I tried this in a pumpkin pie and was surprised at how well it worked. The filling was not dry, but moist enough to retain that "just made" taste for several days. I won't be buying commercially canned evaporated milk again when this is so easy and SO inexpensive to make.

To make your own evaporated milk:

2/3 cup skim milk powder and 1 cup water OR 1 cup dry whole milk and 2/3 cup water. Mix well and use as directed in recipe.

2/3 cup evaporated milk = one 5 oz. Can.
1-1/2 cups evaporated milk = one 12 oz. can (11/26/2007)

By Ronsan from Southwest Missouri

RE: Making Your Own Evaporated Milk

I got this on this site : Sweetened Condensed Milk: Mix together in your blender:
  • 2 1/4 cups milk powder
  • 1/4 cup warm water
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
Pour into container and leave till cold and thick, equal to one can eagle brand milk (11/30/2007)

By jamish

RE: Making Your Own Evaporated Milk

Jamish requested a recipe for EVAPORATED milk which is entirely different than SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK. I found this out the hard way once when I had to serve a dessert for several women. The condensed milk does not have sweetener, the other does. (12/01/2007)

By Laniegirl

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