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Getting Rid of a Boil

I had a boil and it was huge. I had tried everything, finally I used the black salve and it made it start draining. The core has still not come out. It still hurts a little, but not as bad as it did. What do I need to do now to get the core out and make it start healing?

By snipemom from MS

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To recommend a tried remedy, use honey to like a topic salve. It will draw the boil to head. As for the boil that has drained and the core has not come out, I would definitely see a doctor.

Preventive remedy; take a teaspoon of honey and a garlic tablet a day. Both are a natural antibiotic food, this is a tried cure by acquaintances. The more natural the honey the better the effect. As for the hot towels, we were taught heat draws infection to the surface and ice scatters inflammation.

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Maybe see a doctor. Just a thought.

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I have a friend who almost died from a boil. He lanced & drained it himself. It filled up again & was larger than before, so he went to the Dr. & the Dr. lanced it, well, it filled up again & was even larger. The man ended up in Intensive Care, full of blood poisening, & he had to have skin grafting done, and came very close to having his testicals removed, as the boil was in his groin area. So, please, go to the Dr.

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This works with most boils. Make a cup of tea. regular tea like lipton. NOT an herbal tea. Now after the tea steeps remove the bag squeeze it out so it is not dripping and place over the boil. Take it on and off as it maybe be a little too hot at first. When I do this on boils. It feels warm on regular skin and intense heat on the boil. I also start to feel a tingling in the boil area.

I use the same tea bag again later in the day and make a fresh one for the next day. It some how heals the boil. It also works for a sty by your eye. My sister learned this from eastern medicine and cures. She loves her tea remedies. Give it a try and be attentive to what is happening in the area. If it doesn't look right go to the doctor. It is always better to safe then sorry. Good Luck.

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How do I get rid of a boil?

By Lynn G

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Put a washcloth soaked in hot water, as hot as you can stand it, and continue until the boil has opened up and drained. Then clean it with rubbing alcohol.

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A boil is a staph infection. If you cannot afford to go to a doctor, try googling some sites that have medical/first aid advice. Some provinces in Canada have phone in lines where you can talk to a nurse who can give advice on minor matters such as this, and advise you if it is necessary to see a doctor or nurse practitioner. Perhaps there is something similar in your area. I do not have faith in home remedies.

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Please see a Dr. A boil can lead to a staph infection and it must be treated with antibiotics.

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I've never had a boil so I'm not saying whether or not to go to the doctor.

That being said I have a lot more faith in home remedies for a lot of things that I do in most prescription drugs. I retired from the medical field after working in a hospital pharmacy and boy was that a lesson. I'm a senior and (knock on Wood) don't have to take any drugs other than an Advil or Tylenol ever now and then for arthritis. Just had to put in my 2 cents worth.

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Please, please, please go to a doctor and have them put you on antibiotics!

I had a boil earlier this year (twice in the same spot) & I'm not going to lie, the antibiotic is expensive ($75 for 10 days) but, it did work. Do not cover it - in my case, it just seemed to make the inflammation even worse.

But under no circumstances do NOT drain it/lance it/touch it! I have an ugly purplish/blue scar (I'm very fair skinned) on my upper thigh from when it drained because I "forced" it to drain too early by taking a warm Epsom salt bath.

And make sure you do NOT share anything that has touched the boil! Wash your towels and linens in HOT water to kill the staph.

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I have a very painful boil in my armpit. It has been about 4 days since I have had it. I bought some draw out salve and boil ease. Which should I use?

Mya from Rochester, NY


Getting Rid of a Boil

You need to see a dermatologist or at least a general practitioner. Boils should not be treated at home. (11/16/2007)

By SusannL

Getting Rid of a Boil

I've always had success using heat. If you can, take a nice, leisurely soak in a tub of hot water. If you can't, put some hot water in a hot water bottle, put the bottle in your armpit, lie down and rest for about 10 minutes. Do this several times a day. Heat will take away the pain and make the boil shrink in a few days. Fill the bottle only halfway so it won't leak when you put it in your armpit. (11/16/2007)

By perfume and powder

Getting Rid of a Boil

Boil Ease used to be good, however they have changed it in the past few years. I would go with the hot bath idea or hot wet wash cloth several times a day. At night you could use Prid. (a drawing salve) and tape some gauze over it in case it does open. Once open make sure you keep it clean with peroxide (several times a day also). This is what the doctor has recommended for my husband. The first time he had the doctor draw it out. It was very painful. Good luck. (11/18/2007)

By Linda

Getting Rid of a Boil

I agree with Susan. You should not try to treat this yourself. You have glands in your armpit and your painful boil may well be a swollen gland which may be indicative of a serious infection. Go see your physician and let him/her take a look at it. (11/19/2007)

By sheilamay

Getting Rid of a Boil

Please go see a doctor. My step-sister is in the hospital, her organs are failing, brain has swelled, it is inoperable, so we are just waiting for her to pass. It all started with a cyst under her arm. The doctor 'let it go' which led to blood poisoning and now her dying. (11/19/2007)

By Cindy

Getting Rid of a Boil

I agree with seeing a Dr. first. I have had these before and they suggested antibiotics. They didn't seem to take them away for me, I finally tried a remedy I saw here. Take a bandage and put some tomato sauce (it has to be tomato sauce) on the bandage and apply to the boil. You might have to do this twice, but it goes away and feels better. However, you should see a Dr. first. (11/19/2007)

By Michele

Getting Rid of a Boil

After having these boils myself and several family members also having them, my daughter took one of her daughters to the ER for treatment. The ER doc informed her that it is MRSA, the Medicine Resistant Staph. Aureus. This disease can be fatal and should not be played around with. Get professional treatment. When treating MRSA, you must wash bedding, towels, washcloths, etc. in HOT water and IF you touch the boil, make certain you wash your hands with very hot soapy water! It is highly contagious.

God Bless,
Sheila in Titusville, FL (11/19/2007)

By GrammySheila

Getting Rid of a Boil

Our family has had much success with egg. Crack the egg and use the thin skin lining to lay on the boil. It works like a drawing salve. This of course is not a replacement for the Dr. (11/20/2007)

By Tracy in AR

Getting Rid of a Boil

Don't pick at it or squeeze it. By squeezing it will drive the infection deeper into your skin and then you will have a huge problem to deal with. Apply a hot washcloth over it. The heat will cause it to come to a head and it will open up on it's own. Use peroxide to clean it out several times a day. Good luck to you. (11/20/2007)

By ajhelmick

Getting Rid of a Boil

Ok, I'm not necessarily saying not to go to the doctor, but there's a lot of times when the doctor doesn't do much except charge a fortune and accomplish nothing. So check out the site "" and look at the section on boils. There is lots of practical information on there about natural cures. A boil or blemish is (as near as I can tell from my research and my own humble opinion) a body's way of fast tracking a particularly nasty toxin out of the body--the skin being an emergency exit. Funny how so many blemishes are "right in your face!", almost like they're trying to tell you that the bottom line is that you're sick. Herbs such as turmeric and dandelion root can cleanse the toxins out of the body, it's worth checking out at least. Sometimes the simplest cure is right in front of you and the doctor's and drug companies don't make a dime off of it. (11/22/2007)

By Gina J.

Getting Rid of a Boil

I had a painful boil starting Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. I went to urgent care on Friday same week. They lanced it and took a culture. I had MRSA too. OTC products didn't help at all. After the doc drained it I felt immediate relief. (12/12/2007)

By Gmama

Getting Rid of a Boil

I would go with the towel idea. I'm 14 and it's very scary to me. I have a boil on my face around my cheek. Good luck. (05/22/2008)

By bri

Getting Rid of a Boil

I have a response to an earlier post about "medicine resistent staph aureus". I am a medical transcriptionist and MRSA is Methicillin resistent Staphylococcus aureus. MRSA is a very serious infection but can be treated. Your physician can do a culture and sensitivity of drainage from your boil and can prescribe the correct medication according to what it is resistant and sensitive to. I have had boils my entire life and they can be so painful! My doctor advised me to use a hot wet compress on mine and they always spontaneously drain and immediately feel better. I wonder if your dermatologist ran a culture on your boil? You should call his office, as many times when a physician goes on vacation, his office staff will be available to guide his patients on where to receive care, etc. while he is out of town. Best of luck to you! (07/08/2008)

By binkylou

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