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Repairing Particle Board Cabinets

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Can I get a tip on how to repair a wood composite kitchen cabinet? The door and hinge came off the cabinet base and tore a part of the particle board off with it. How can I repair the cabinet to get the hinge to stay in place? The hole is about a quarter inch larger than it should be.

Al from Tampa, FL


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By Gary (Guest Post)02/09/2006

Try Particle Board Repair kit from VTI 877-729-2738

By susan [5]01/02/2006

If the holes are only a little too big, use a toothpick or two.

By SL Edens [1]12/31/2005

Whoa, MamaKay!!!! Great solution and thanx for the tip!!!

By Kay12/29/2005

Get a used golf tee from someone and with a tiny bit of glue put it into the hole where the screw came out. Allow it to dry and cut if off flush with the cabinet. Now you can put another screw back into the hole and it will hold. My hubby is a woodworker and this trick works everytime. Kay

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