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Using Elmer's Glue To Make Hair Spikes

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I'm going to try elmers glue to put my hair in spikes... does it come out easy!?

mohawk chick


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By dani[amazing] (Guest Post)05/01/2008

I have Elmer's school glue in my hair now. I've been using glue and it keeps my 12" hawk up great for like 2 weeks. I just work in little sections work the glue through it, blow dry it, straighten it, with a straightener. When I wake up in the morning I add hairspray for strength, I've never had a problem with it and when i take it out my hair is still really soft. It doesn't flake and its actually easy to get out if you wear it for awhile. I just re do it when it starts to bend.

By keven (Guest Post)04/25/2008

It works fine but it's hard to wash out. I recommend washing it out every night before bed cuz it will break off your spikes if you don't (it did one of mine)

By JD (Guest Post)04/04/2008

I'm going to try to spike my hair. I bought elemers school glue instead of buying the other kind. I'm going to try to mix it with regular gel. If it doesn't work I'm going to try Knox... btw, Knox is usually used for cooking, right?

By Julie [49]10/24/2007

dollar stores sells a clear hair gel sold for many years now 40 or more that i know called dipidy do, it will have a slight wet look until it sets, then just wash it out when you tire of your look. its what was used in yesteryear days when the large barrel rollers were used to give a firm set curl. its only a dollar.

By (Guest Post)10/24/2007

This doesn't even work! I've been up since 4 in the morning and now it's 8:30 and I'v gone through 12 eggs and a bottle and a half of hair spray!

By Enter your name here. (Guest Post)10/05/2007

I heard that you can use kool aid and gel together but the kool aid dyes your hair. Works really well for all hair types. You must bleach it though to color darker hair!

By al (Guest Post)08/28/2007

Where can I get this Elmer's Glue from?

By al (Guest Post)08/28/2007

I've got thick hair and never ever could spiked it. What should I do?

By eric (Guest Post)08/02/2007

I wanted to make my hair mohawk but i just cant get it straight! it keeps on falling! All i can do is mess up my hair.. i mean guyz? why glue? it sounds weird.

By poopfacewoman (Guest Post)06/21/2007

I am a junior high leader at this one camp and i have really long hair and i have always wanted to do this... but IM SCARED. My hair is like a gazzilion inches long.. AWESOMMEEEEEEE.

By Stefanie (Guest Post)03/04/2007

I have a 10" mohawk and I used to use KNOX, which worked pretty well except for the whole strange silver sheen on my natural brown hair (it looks good on coloured or bleach blonde hair though). I don't use KNOX anymore because I've become a vegan and gelatin is pretty much anti-vegan. in anycase, what works for me is elmer's school glue (yes, the school part is VERY important...that's what ensure's it's washable) and then I aquanet(hairspray) the whole thing when I'm done.
as to keeping your hair up for a few days, with knox it starts to itch (badly)
any questions, email me at hehehe3(at)msn(dot)com

By thomas (Guest Post)02/17/2007

Glue works just fine, you just have to know how to use it. I usually just tease mine and spray the hell out of it with cheap hairspray. I haven't tried knox, but it heard it works like a charm. p.s glue isn't that difficult to get out of your hair, I left it in my liberty spikes for 3 days.. didn't flake, washed out. (you have to shampoo it like 3 times though :[ )

By wisse01/19/2007

using KNox gelatin...will other nonflavoured gelatin's work just aswell as Knox? bcos knox isnt stocked in my country

<b>Editor's Note:</b> Knox gelatin is just a nonflavored one so any non flavored gelatin should work the same.

By elizabeth (Guest Post)05/03/2006

i used a mixture of white elmers glue with regular hair gel. it works pretty well and doesnt leave the white flakes in your hair. plus it makes your hair flexible.

By Jonathan (Guest Post)07/07/2005

I use elmers school glue in my 5" mohawk. it works preety good, but it leaves white flakes in my spikes. make sure you use the clear/blue glue. and you can wash it out with shampoo and a brush

By Kayla (Guest Post)05/25/2005

I have the directions to making Knox gelatin this is the best stuff to use on you hair not only does it last a really long time but its dependable and super easy to wash out if u want some extra tips email me at Casketjr2_555 @ (remove spaces)

By wynter (Guest Post)04/16/2005

oh my god no. i did it lastnight and it was only in my hair for like 30 minuets and i could not get it out i STILL cant iget it out. it hurts so bad. eww....i feel so grody. dont do it.

By leah (Guest Post)04/07/2005

( I used egg whites and after a wile it started to smell weird so I put some purfume on my hair and it looked good and smelt good to.)

By jazzie04/07/2005

omg and remeber if u use egg whites not to rinse ur hair out with hot water it'll scramble the eggs into ur hair

By fwah (Guest Post)04/07/2005

i've used the school glue, it works fine, and is somewhat easy to wash out in hot water, it'll take a while.

Yeah I've raided all my local beauty supply shops and hair salons and everything they had wouldn't hold my hair up and its only at 7" I'll keep an eye out for the Knox stuff though, I know I haven't seen/tried that yet

The key thing with hair spikes is use very little of whatever you're using to start with so it dries quickly, then after it dries you can add more to strengthen it.

By josh (Guest Post)04/02/2005

when you use glue you normally get this white flaky crap everywhere. If you use glue use the gel kind, it doesn't do that. I like using glue because I can keep my hawk up for like a week

By (Guest Post)03/09/2005

I saw a person with 14-16" hair spikes, and asked him what he used in his hair. He told me KNOX gelatin. It washes out easily.

Try it!

By Mary (Guest Post)03/08/2005

DON'T use the glue! Your asking for trouble, because washing it out could be very difficult. Try egg whites instead. In the punk rock 80s that's what they used. Just spike into place and let dry.

By Carla J. Sanders [3]03/08/2005

There's very stiff hair gel for a reason!!!! Please try that first. There's no telling what "Elmer's Glue" has in it for chemicals that could react with your hair. Go see a local hair dresser.

By Shannon03/08/2005

My kids use the DEP brand hair clue. It's consistency is that of Elmer's glue, but it smells MUCH better, only cost $3.64 a bottle, and works just as well as the glue. It also washes out MUCH easier.

By Allison (Guest Post)03/08/2005

You should probably use Elmer's SCHOOL glue, not the regular kind. Or get hair gel, like the first tip.

By (Guest Post)03/08/2005

Try a small bunch first to see what it does. Why not just go to the dollar store and get hair gel designed for that purpose?

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