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Mineral Deposits in a Tea Kettle

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What is the best way to clean lime off of a tea kettle?

Wendy from Apple River, IL



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By Angel (Guest Post)07/27/2007

Just boil with salt and vinegar for approx. five minutes. Works a treat. It softens the lime then just wipe it out. I just tried it and it worked in a jiffy and now the inside of my kettle is beautiful again. GOOD LUCK!

By Holly [349]05/31/2007

Typos! I meant to say, if you have any old lemon juice that you don't want to use, get one last usage by boiling it in the kettle!
Too early in the morning to type! Haven't had my tea yet!

By Holly [349]05/31/2007

If you have any old lemon juice in the fridge that is too to to be used, boil it in the kettle. Or boil vinegar in the kettle. A couple of soakings, boilings and thorough washings will help. Then use filtered water to keep the pot cleaner.

By Andi [1]05/28/2007

Soak with baking soda and vinegar for a bit. Then add rice and swish around.

By stevep05/28/2007

havent tried this but i believe that that putting a small marble (round glass bead) in the kettle (leaving it in all the time) will remove limescale from the inside by basically chipping away at it whilst is boiling. Several people have sworn to me that it works but my wife still uses the commercial de-scalers.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]11/25/2006

Sent in by email:
The vinegar and water boiled in a tea kettle works best. Thanks for the
Cece Frank

By Lewissan [32]11/21/2006

What can you boil in a kettle to remove mineral deposits from tap water?

Elaineb from Trenton Canada


RE: Mineral Deposits in a Tea Kettle

Soak in vinegar or a coffee pot cleaner. Also my grandmother also used one or two marbles in the bottom of her teakettle to prevent this!! Use clean marbles! (07/11/2006)

By Daisy1010

RE: Mineral Deposits in a Tea Kettle

Dito with the vinegar, soak it for about an hour, I turn my kettle on for 'ti it is almost boiling then let it sit for an hour. After that, rinse well, and put in a mixture of water and baking soda, let soak for about 10 minutes and swish and rinse 'til it is gone and that will help to eliminate the odour of the vinegar. (07/14/2006)

By ElectricChameleon

RE: Mineral Deposits in a Tea Kettle

To remove mineral deposits from a tea kettle just add a cut up lemon and leave overnight. In the morning, the kettle will be sparkling clean. I do this with my stainless steel jug and it comes up brand new inside. (07/14/2006)

By paridaul

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