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Sour Smelling Clothing


I am looking for help with stinky sour clothing.



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By Mattie 1 20 08/01/2008

I have alot of pets and large wet dogs...their blankets and quilts they lay on get stinky...i soak over night in 1/4 cup baking soda and a lil odo ban in hot water...then i drain washer and refill and wash in hot water & detergent then rinse twice, i put 1/4 cup vinegar in the first rinse then dry in the hot helps water seems to set stains but helps stinky stuff,with baking soda it seems to loosen up anything caught in the fabric fibers...i love odo ban...i use alot of is not that expensive,alot cheaper than frebreeze because it is consentrated,a gallon last me nearly a year.. a lil goes a long ways if it helps these doggy blankets maybe it will help your clothes...hope so...

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By Robin (Guest Post) 08/01/2008

Try adding some vinegar to your wash load. Usually helps.

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By redbudtx (Guest Post) 08/01/2008

Wash them with a cup of vinegar added to the washing machine. Vinegar also kills germs.

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By (Guest Post) 08/01/2008

Try drying them outside instead of in the dryer.

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By kathy (Guest Post) 08/03/2008

For any foul smell in any cloth, I soak the piece in hottest water the item can take, and a cup of Dollar store "febreeze". I refuse to buy the regular Febreeze laundry smell remover thats over $5.00 a bottle. If my husband brings home gassy or oil smelling clothes, and this doesn't fully remove the "aroma" I have also soaked the item in the bath tub with about 1 cup of cheap laundry softener and a half cup of salt, with just enough water to cover the item, either method, then wash as usual.

Just another laundry tip from my grandma's days, you can whiten whites or remove smells by soaking in a little detergent and water, rinse, then lay items out on the grass until dry (works best if there is dew). Don't know how this works, but grandma always did it and she had beautiful laundry that smelled great.

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By Debbie 2 3 09/25/2008

Pls help me or I might just lose my job. My clothes smell real bad. I have tried washing them twice each time I visit the laundromat. I followed your instructions regarding vinegar and today when I on the train everyone started sniffing around me. When my fellow employees past my desk they smell themselves. I am desperate and need advice Asap. I sometimes ask people if I smell funny-they say no but it doesn't sound sincere. My sense of smell is poor so I can't even tell if the do smell funny.I used to wash my clothes 2-3 times a week. I cry sometimes because I don't know what to do. I know its not B.O my clothes just smell sour. I am afraid to wear perfume. I am becoming more depressed every day. Today I when straight to the nearest clothing store and purchased an whole outfit and then on my lunch break when out a purchased bras because I notice the smell its real bad.

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By Ninja (Guest Post) 10/17/2008

Here's a few tips that helped me -

- Firstly, check your lint filter regularly to make sure its not blocked and the water is draining properly.
- Dont overload your washing machine.
- To get rid of 'sour-musty' smells, I sometimes do a pre-wash and soak with very hot water and 2 of cups of white vinegar and a big dash of bicarb-soda. Then I drain the water and wash as normal.
- You could also try to keep clothes on a dryer rack in a well ventilated room, rather than in a wardrobe. Or keep the doors open during the day to get some airflow and make sure clothes are not packed too tightly in the wardrobe.
- Use a liquid detergent as it goes to work straight away, whereas powders need time to break down.

Good luck and remember the smells never go away 100%.

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 11/02/2008

This is common in my house (unfortunately)! The sour smell is due to either bacteria growth when wet clothes sit around a while or the over use of detergent. The solution I have found that works for soured wet clothes is to add a little bleach. For the overuse of detergent it is obvious....don't use so much detergent! I haven't tried the vinegar yet, but will definitely try it the next time I have a problem to see if it works.

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By Debbie 2 3 12/29/2008

I have tried all of the above and it hasn't worked as well as I thought it would. When I past or approach people in the street they bend their heads to smell themselves. What can I do-I bathe everyday and even use my bath towels 2x's before getting a new one. I noticed today when I leaned back in my office chair that my clothes don't smell fresh even though I went to the laundry on Sunday more around 2am- When I past by buses there is this horrible smell from the fumes mixed with the smell of my clothes-Any advice is appreciated I am tired of people sniffing at me when I'm in public

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By whozis333 1 12/26/2010

The sour smell is butyric acid; it's water soluble, but some fabrics take a long time to diffuse out the stuff. One wash cycle isn't always enough. Soak the garment (overnight in a bucket of water) and maybe change the water and give it a second day. One pound of clothes, ten pounds of water, means you diminish the odor maybe 90 percent with every change of fluid.

The problem eventually will go away with just regular washing, too (but each wash is fifteen minutes of water contact, versus fifteen hours of contact if you leave it in a bucket overnight).

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