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Find Scrap Lumber for Wood Crafts

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If you're into crafts such as tole painting. You might want to become buddies with someone who works at a lumber yard. We know a couple. The husband worked at a lumber yard and was able to take home all the scrap lumber, since it was going to be thrown away, anyway. His wife did tole painting and other crafts. She was able to use all the scrap lumber he brought home. She'd have yard sales, along with craft sales and selling items on Ebay. They do real well doing this. By not having to pay for the wood for projects, she could charge cheaper prices, if she chose to.

By Terri


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By Pauline Werth (Guest Post)09/01/2008

I'm writing as a guest because right now I cannot handle any more newsletters. I'm a great grandmother so this info is not for me. But I'm looking for means for a family member to build with scrap lumber such as picnic tables, benches, etc.

Can you give information about where he can find scrap lumber. I live in Birmingham, Alabama. Person for whom I'm looking lives in Saginaw. He doesn't know I'm looking but needs a job when there is no construction work

By anisa (Guest Post)05/08/2007

well i am thinking of making some craft and dont know how to find free scrap wood in sugar land ,Tx ..if you know about some one please let me know.

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