Painting a Leather Sofa


I want to paint my leather sofa green. The color is beige, but it looks too old.

By Rosa


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By Myrna 15 1,062 01/30/2011

Check this site out:
http://www.turtlefeathers.net/text/ ... tml?gclid=CK-fjp7G4qYCFULNKgodM3Gf1g

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Personally I think this is a question to ask a professional upholsterer. If you don't do it correctly you may end up spending a lot of time and oodles of money for something that will look awful in a few short months. Are you willing to simply purchase a fabric sofa cover that is washable instead or dress the sofa up with sofa throw pillow and strategically placed blanket throws?

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 02/01/2011

I think leather, like blue jeans, is supposed to show its age.

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Painting a Leather Sofa
*** How can I paint my beige 3 piece sectional leather sofa? It has a blemishes and the leather is fading.

Carol from Los Angeles, CA

RE: Painting a Leather Sofa

Leather is typically stained, not painted. I would suggest getting some good leather cleaner such as saddle soap and following the directions. It could very well be the thing, I know saddles sure look nice after having saddle soap applied. You should be able to find it at your local hardware or feedstore. Hope this helps,

Tina (08/16/2006)

By trbrown22

RE: Painting a Leather Sofa

I have used the wax type shoe polish on leather belts and pocket books, rub in well and buff well several times so it does not come off on clothing. The faded places may need more than one coat. I used to be an upholsterer and used shoe polish on leather chairs and hassocks. Paint would dry out the leather even more and crack. (08/19/2006)

By Anna from ME

RE: Painting a Leather Sofa

Most furniture grade leather is "finished" (a lot of people use painted to describe this kind) it has a topical finish that protects the leather. Higher grade leathers are often "unfinished" or "full aniline" referring to the type of dye used to color (aniline) these could be called "stained" but really are just dyed. This type of leather has little or no protection and spills will stain quickly. When aged this type of leather can be converted to a "finished" leather with the greater protection by a leather restorer like myself or by using a DIY Kit (much less expensive route) from somewhere like http://www.DIYLeatherSolutions.com. The testimonials there show how anyone can do this and get great results and save a lot of money. Hope this helps. (09/17/2007)

By David

RE: Painting a Leather Sofa

Yes after different techniques trying to get my leather suite back to the time when I first bought it. I finally tried a satin paint. The suites original color was off white. After leaving the leather to dry several days I waxed it over for additional protection. Believe me it looks brand new and the cost was minimal. But depending on your color you may find you have to change it a little. Common sense will tell you its not a good idea trying to paint a black suite to white. (01/16/2009)

By Don

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