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Check Online Banking Balance Frequently

Check your online banking frequently! Someone has stolen my debit card and has been taking $75.00 per day from our checking account. I have not used it at any unfamiliar places. They have stolen over $600.00. I noticed on Monday and had the bank cancel our cards but debit card purchases do not always show up until several days after the purchase and the stealing is still happening on Thursday.


The police told us that it's a drop in the bucket for the bank and that they will eat the cost rather than go after the thieves. I feel that someone may have hacked into a local store' data bank because customer service told us that we are not the only ones. They don't want to advertise that there is a problem for fear of losing customers. The bank will eventually pay us back but the stress is awful.

So, go check your online bank account for unauthorized charges!

By Karen from Western, MA, USA

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By guest (Guest Post)
December 9, 20080 found this helpful

I think the biggest problem is that no one is facing the problem. It's time to advertise the problem, get neighbors watching etc, right now. Everyone is keeping it quiet. That is why it continues.

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December 9, 20080 found this helpful

I don't want to be in your personal business, but what bank is this?

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By guest (Guest Post)
December 9, 20080 found this helpful

My son had someone take $500 out of his account. He was told that when you put a pin number in the machine, it is stored there and that's how they can get the pin number for your debit card. Credit union said he should use his debit card as a credit card and that won't happen. Guess I don't understand that as numbers are numbers. I have heard this with gas pumps and your credit card. Good idea to check balances often.

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December 9, 20080 found this helpful

Thank you for the very timely reminder.....we were just notified that my spouse's data had been accessed from a business...and that has me anxious. I read that if that happens you should get a copy of the crime report and file it with the police.

Everyone check yr records often!

Big sis

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December 9, 20080 found this helpful

This is a very timely reminder, and I hate to say it, but I've been there and done that. Ours was a theft of old paper checks, but the concept is similar.

While we did get our money back, I feel hubby and I were both irresponsible. I cringe to think what might've happened if the thief had gotten my debit card! I'm thankful to say her thievery was limited to the small number of checks she could get her hands on, and she was recently convicted on two of the six counts of forgery. She is going to be in prison for another year and more.

May I make two points here? First, if more major stores had surveillance cameras, this thief would have to pay back *all* the involved businesses. She may not have been caught at all if CVS hadn't had their cameras.

Second, and perhaps more important on the personal level, *shred everything with an account number on it.* That includes credit card and banking statements, and of course, any unused checks. If you don't own a shredder, find a way to get one and learn how to use it. It's better to unnecessarily shred paper than risk your financial integrity. And the shredded paper makes great packing material, too!

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December 10, 20080 found this helpful

My sympathies. I had a check to pay the water bill stolen out of my house mailbox (from now on we use the official post office box or pay via internet). Thief got $1,000+ and I bounced checks all over creation until all was figured out. Eventually got it settled, but no one needs to be in that situation!

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December 10, 20080 found this helpful

I had this happen in Springfield MO.

A gas station I had paid inside with card

the person ran it TWICE without my seeing

or knowing about. We had just gassed up on

our way out of state. The bank noticed the

next day a 55CENT charge for candy then

a $2,300.00 charge from a local Best Buy.

The bank called us on cell phone and asked

when we left we told them the day before and they

told us about those two charges!!! Wow!!! We had

talked to a few people at the bank that morning

as we were excited about our trip and someone

saw charges and remembered we were gone.

So we did not suffer but SCARY.

As for you, EVENTUALLY, the bank paid you back?

If that was me, now single I would be out in

the street.

Thank you for the tip. God Bless.

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November 10, 20090 found this helpful

Doesn't matter what bank. They are all the same. A couple of months ago, I took my cat to the vet. I was given the bill and tried to pay with my debit card. It was declined. I had just put over $2000.00 in my account 3 days before, and had checked my account balance right before heading to the vet, so I was sure the money was in my account. The receptionist tried 4 times. I had no cash on me. I called the automated information line at my bank and it said that the money was there. We tried my card again. Still declined. Of course it was Saturday, so the bank was closed. I called the emergency number on the back of my card and got an actual person on the phone. I explained my problem and was told that my card had been canceled because it had been "compromised" at a business I had used it at. She would not tell me the name of the business. Nor would she tell me when my card had been canceled or why no-one had told ME that it had been canceled. She said, "That's up to your branch." to notify me..and they hadn't!

I was furious and extremely embarrassed to be standing there at the vet's office with no money to pay for my cat and all the other clients and staff standing around listening. And the vet. wanted their money before I could leave with my cat! I had to phone nine different people and ask to borrow money from them. It took that many to find the total that I needed, because none of my friends, relatives, and neighbors had more than $20 to $40 each! We are not wealthy people! Can you imagine the embarrassment? I even had to phone my neighbors!

And after all this, I didn't even get an apology from the bank! The bank manager told me that I should always carry enough cash to cover my charges in case my debit card didn't work! And I'm paying for this? This was Scotiabank! I used to deal with Bank of Montreal, until they started depositing MY paycheque in to someone else's account "by mistake" and bouncing all my cheques, and charging me for N.S.F.! Then I switched to a credit union until they closed my account and started to return all my deposits and cheques to me. They said I had phoned them and told them to do this? Wasn't me! I'm running out of banks. Like I said, they are all the same. Now I use cash for everything; cash my paycheque, take out the cash, and pay my bills in's a hassle, and I hate carrying cash, but I don't trust any of them any more!

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November 10, 20090 found this helpful

Excellent reminder. Frequently checking my balance meant the person who stole and cashed a small number of old checks got caught and is now serving prison time. The bank had me close the compromised account and open a new one, new debit card and all. They didn't forcefully say to report to the police immediately, though - wish they had.

The good thing was, we have very few people entering our home and I knew immediately who the culprit was. Eventually the local police uncovered a security video that meant they could take the case to court and win.

I'm a credit union member now, and have always used my debit card like a credit card. That way there's a paper trail in case of any fraudulent charges. We're also personally known at our local branch, so I'd like to think if we had a bad situation, they'd call us. Shame on your bank for pulling such a dirty trick on you!

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November 10, 20090 found this helpful

I was told a debit card did not have the same protection as a regular credit card if it's lost, or stolen. Seems like you are on your own until you notify the bank there is a problem. We have a separate account for the debit card, and keep a small amt of money in it. This is not tied to our regular checking account. If we know we are going to make a large purchase we will put the required money in to cover it. My husband read where one person traveling across the Country used his debit card at a lot of Krogers.

When he got home he discovered the amounts deducted did not match his purchases. It sounded like he was still fighting to get his money back. What if this was all his money (debit card) to get back home on? Lucky he didn't get stranded! Today you can't be too careful. The regular credit card companies rob you with their high interest, now they are going to increase the amt you need to repay each month, and the late fees are going out of sight. So you get a debit card to use and you still get robbed! How sad. I also don't do on line banking either.

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November 10, 20090 found this helpful

My question is how did they get the pin number for the card if it was stolen. The last time I checked you can't get squat out of an ATM without the correct pin number. If the pin number was kept with the card than shame on them. Also why the heck didn't they go and file a police report? The bank shouldn't have to tell you that this should be done.

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November 10, 20090 found this helpful

When given a choice of "debit or credit" at the checkout counter - choose credit, because not only does it delay the withdrawal a bit, but you have the protection of the credit card - for illegal charges, which you would not have with simply debit.

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November 11, 20090 found this helpful

I too had someone recently take 600.00 from my account. I do check my account on a daily basis, making certain checks have cleared etc. I was shocked to see such a large amount and the detail was very vague, I reported it right away and my bank was great at responding. It was a debit check card that only I had and the purchases were done using only my number, no signature. I asked the bank how this can happen, they said it happens a lot, at some restaurants (a dishonest employee) sell the info.

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November 11, 20091 found this helpful

Debit card protection is not protected the same as a credit card. 2 different actions from the bank.

I don't use a debit card, my online banking is my own passwords from home. When paying online, I pop money into Paypal so I know the source of my purchases, have a paper trail to follow if I need. If needing money to dine out, if they don't take a check, I make sure I get cash from the bank, not ATM. The less cards out there in my name, the less security clean up needs to be done.

Also do you know your utility companies, cable, internet ALL have your social security number? They have to purge it from their files and send you a letter in writing if you request it. I have. They also understand they will be the first names listed if I have ID fraud happening.

It is your right to be secure. Don't give out information they don't need. Even ordering pizza, standing and waiting for it, they want your phone #, name,. I don't give my phone #, and just call me Grandma.

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